Terra LUNA Classic Price Prediction 2025-2030

By: Wearemoneymaker September 5, 2022 

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Terra LUNA Classic


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LUNC's price fluctuated between $0.2 and $1.3 from the time of its 2019 debut until April 2021.

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Midway through 2021, the crypto market began to take off, and its price started to rise. By the end of the year, it was almost $100.

Terra  LUNA Classic [LUNC] Price Prediction 2025

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According to Telegaon, the price of LUNC will range from $0.0089 to $0.028, respectively, in 2025.

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Other analysts forecast that LUNC's average price in the aforementioned year will be $0.015, based on an examination of the company's past performance.

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In 2025, it projects that the price of LUNC will fluctuate between $0.002846 and $0.001094. The average cost will be $0.001776 throughout the specified year.

Terra  LUNA Classic [LUNC] Price Prediction 2030

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Telegaon continues to be upbeat about the prospects for LUNC in 2030. In 2030, it was expected that LUNC will sell for as much as $5.23 and as little as $1.93, with an average price of $3.11.

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In contrast, Bitcoin Wisdom forecast that in 2030, the price of LUNC would continue to fluctuate between $0.002603 and $0.002834.

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According to the forecast, it will cost $0.002719 on average throughout the specified year.