Terra LUNA Classic comes back over 2,400%

By: Wearemoneymaker September 5, 2022 

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Terra LUNA Classic


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In spite of promises to revitalize the business and entice investors back, Terra LUNA Classic (LUNC) is still rising.

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Since August 26, LUNC has increased by more than 2,400%, reaching a high of $0.00031131................

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Following the UST de-peg in May, the Terra ecosystem died. During the panic, the stablecoin fell as low as $0.006.

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Despite efforts to re-establish its peg price, UST is presently trading at $0.03458, far below the $1 mark.

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A generous staking system, which went live on August 27, is at the heart of this resurrection. At debut, the staking ratio was 2.6% of the total supply.

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The staking ratio, however, keeps increasing. @LuncStaking Bot reports that the current ratio, which is 7.5%, has virtually quadrupled in less than two weeks.