20+ Highest Paying Apps That Pay You Daily $325

20+ Highest Paying Apps That Pay You Daily $325?


Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a fantastic day today. The great news is that you can begin making money right now because, in this article, I’m covering over 20 of the Highest Paying Apps on the market that you can use to make money with your phone. Now, I will start with some of the lower-paying categories of apps and gradually work up to higher and higher-paying apps. Some of the apps in this blog pay you hundreds of dollars in free money with just a few minutes of effort, and they can help you build real wealth. So you want to read this one. Kill the end. Let’s get to the apps.

20+ Highest Paying Apps.

Mystery Shopping Highest Paying Apps

The first category of the Highest Paying Apps I want to discuss is mystery shopping apps. The idea here is simple: Companies want honest, real-time feedback from shoppers. So they pay people through mystery shopping apps for things like taking photos of store displays rating stores buying certain products. And even just walking into stores, let me share a few examples of some of the top mystery shopping apps you can use to begin making money.

So first off, there’s Field Agent. This is one of the most popular Highest Paying Apps in the space.

It has a lot of fast jobs like taking photos of product displays or store displays or just rating stores, and it usually pays about $3 to $12 per task.

Gigwalk is another app similar to FieldAgent, so if you download it, you can find mystery shopping opportunities in your city.

Some of them are weird, like taking photos of buildings or confirming the price of different products, but they can pay anywhere from $3 to $100 per task, according to the Gigwalk website.

Another mystery shopping app you can check out is called Premise.

And this one’s cool. It has many quick mystery shopping gigs, some of which pay around $5 to $8 or more. You can find some Highest Paying Apps if you get lucky.

I like mystery shopping apps because they often pay you through PayPal cash or even to your bank account. And ones like Premise even let you cash out with Bitcoin, which was cool, so again, you can download these apps and get paid to explore different stores in your city, even just for walking around.

Cash Gaming Highest Paying Apps

The second category of Highest Paying Apps I want to cover is the cash gaming app. This blog covers gaming reward apps or ways to play games for money. It’s one of the funniest, more fun side hustles. I like it, and this is a bit different because, in this section, I want to talk about cash gaming apps where you deposit your money to compete in competitive tournaments for larger cash prizes. And so this has been a really popular space that’s growing, and there are so many apps out there where you can deposit money, pay a few dollars, and enter these tournaments. Some pay from five bucks to $75 or more to the tournament winners.

So, some of the most popular Highest Paying Apps cash gaming apps include Pool Payday. This one pays you to win pool games on your phone against other people.

There is Cookie Cash, which is a competitive puzzle game.

Bingo cash, so you’re playing in Bingo tournaments against other players.

And solitaire cash, so again, playing solitary games against other players.

So, with these cash gaming apps, you’re depositing money you own into these apps and then paying to compete in tournaments. Hence, this differs from the best side; it’s a hustle for everyone if you like Comp. Iftive Gaming might be for you, and again, some of the tournament games are paying out $50, $75, or even more to W,inne, rs.

Sharing Economy Highest Paying Apps

Number three on this list of Highest Paying Apps, the category I want to talk about is these sharing economy apps. So, the gig economy has been growing year-over-year, and it’s an incredible way to make money in your spare time. One cool subsection of the gig economy is the sharing economy, which is much more passive and lucrative. And so the idea here is also quite simple: a growing number of apps out there let you take an asset you own and rent it out or share it with other people to earn income.

Airbnb is the best example of this, and it’s a massive Highest Paying Apps company. People use Airbnb all over the world.

But many smaller Highest Paying Apps apps out there let you take an asset you have and monetize it by renting it to people in your city.

Some of the coolest apps in this space include Neighbor.

This is Airbnb but for storage space, so you can rent out your basement, your attic, or even just your driveway to people to make money every month.

Turo is another one. You know there’s Turo to get around hiring a car, and this kind of company lets you rent out your vehicle to other people to earn a passive income.

SpotHero was another cool one I found, and this lets you rent out parking spaces if you live in a busy City or even a town.

If you don’t have a car but a driveway or some parking space, you can make 50-100 bucks or even more monthly by renting it out on Spot Hero. You manage everything through the website or app.

Odd Job Highest Paying Apps

The next category of Highest Paying Apps is odd job apps. That lets you find odd jobs in your neighborhood or city that you can complete to get some quick cash. I’ve tested out lots of these apps over the years, and I’ve used them during college, and I think they’re a pretty cool way to find a same-day pay kind of hustle that, you know, lets you pad your pockets a little bit, and so I want to cover three pretty cool apps in the space that you might not have heard of.

The first is pizza, a new gig that pays you to deliver flyers in your city.

The gigs are about 3 hours long, and you earn about $65 per shift, so the hourly pay is decent. What’s also cool is you can earn bonuses if people sign up for the services on the Flyers. So it can pay more.

TaskRabbit is another prime example. I’m sure you’ve heard of this one before. It lets you make money by offering all kinds of services.

you know, cleaning, handyman work, running errands for people, grocery shopping, even just standing in line. I saw this cool Business Insider article about someone making $100,000 a year on Task Rabbit by helping people move.

So there’s a lot of income potential with this kind of gig, and again, some task rabbit gigs pay $50 to $75 per hour or even more, so it is a high-paying app.

The third one I wanted to mention in this category is Rover.

And this connects pet owners with people who can help them with, you know, things like dog walking or pet sitting when they’re out of town or if they need a helping hand. Rover workers make about $15 to $25 per hour, which is solid. I saw a cool CNBC article where one guy made $3,750 monthly with Rover. So it was his nice side gig that he used in addition to his main job’s solid income.

Delivery Highest Paying Apps

All right, guys, the fifth category of the Highest Paying Apps I want to cover is delivery apps. Again, this is a very kind of tried and true side Hustle, and I’m mentioning it because it works and does pay quite well. So, these delivery apps are especially lucrative if you live in a decently sized town or city with many people, and what’s nice about them? You don’t need a vehicle to do them because many companies let you deliver by scooter, bike, or even on foot in some markets.

After college, one of my best friends did this with doorDash and Uber Eats. Hence, he had a bike. He lived in downtown Toronto, delivered for both of these companies and was making about $15 to $22 per hour before tips were given during lunch and dinner rushes, so for not spending money on gas was getting to bike and exercise. He was making, you know, 20 bucks an hour at the same time.

So again, that’s Door Dash Uber to work for GR Hub. You can work for companies like Instacart or Shipped. There are tons of different Highest Paying Apps delivery apps out there, all of which pay, you know, $15 to $20 per hour. If you work during the busiest times and are in a decent Market, gigs like Amazon Flex are also very nice because Amazon Flex has you schedule blocks and then pays you up to $25 per hour. Hence, it’s more scheduled, but the pay is decent.

One more quick delivery gig you might have yet to hear of is CitizenShipper.

And this is a pretty cool company because it pays you to make long-distance deliveries so people on citizens shipper can ask people, hey if you’re swinging by, you know the city in Texas or the city in Florida, can you deliver this package for me and so people on citizens shipper as the drivers can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars by providing things like pets or Furniture. Different things you know across the United States. so it’s a very weird kind of Niche platform, but there are some pretty high-paying gigs. And if you’re going on a road trip or you drive a lot for work, you can find some decent deliveries along your route.

Investing Highest Paying Apps

All right, guys, the final category of Highest Paying Apps I wanted to discuss in this blog is investment apps. The idea I wanted to share here is this strategy to get some quick cash now and then to put it towards your long-term future. Many Highest Paying Apps investment apps will pay you to sign-up bonuses or give you free stocks if you open an account with them. so, for a little bit of work and shuffling some money around, you can make some pretty decent money with much effort or even much-starting cash.

Some popular stock Brokers paying bonuses right now in the United States include moomoo, a new broker that pays up to 16 free stocks.

Public, which pays you a free share worth anywhere from $3 to $300.

STASH gives you a nice $5 bonus when you open an account.

Webull pays you up to 12 free stocks when you open an account.

Then, brokers like M1 Finance pay you anywhere from $75 to $110, depending on your initial deposit.

So again, a lot of these Highest Paying Apps say we’ll give you some free stocks when you sign up. It’s a lottery system. If you open an account with these Brokers, you’re only making three, four, or five $10. But over time, you can shuffle between them, find the ones you like and those you don’t like, and earn some free stock or cash. People always do this with Banks and credit card bonuses, and they’ll churn through them. This is popular in the United States. If you live outside the US, you might have to look for other opportunities.

But it’s a cool way to get, you know, tens or hundreds of dollars for free throughout the year. You can then put that money to work in either a savings account or investments and make that money work for you in the long run.


Doing it for some Highest Paying Apps is a cool idea. There are many ways to make money with your smartphone. It blows my mind, and it’s cool because side hustles don’t have to be inaccessible. As long as you can get an internet connection and you have a phone, you can find a way to start boosting your monthly income.

Sure, many apps will only replace your day job if you’re working full-time for Uber Eats or Door Dash; you’ll probably not make thousands of dollars a month. Still, you can probably make some grocery or beer money on the side with this combination of apps or pick a few of them. It takes little effort, especially if you stick with some of the passive ones I mentioned in this blog.

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