Up-4ever Review-Make Money Just by Enjoying listening to Music
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Up-4ever Review-Make Money Just by Enjoying listening to Music


Just imagine what it would feel like to earn money to listen to music. Listen to just one song, and you will earn five dollars. If it’s two songs, you will make about ten dollars. Listen to ten songs, you get paid fifty dollars repeatedly, and you can make thousands of dollars on this Up-4ever.

Download and enjoy listening to music.

How to do the first thing you will need to do is to go to pixabay.com, and on their website, could you find their music tab? If you cannot find it, type in pixabay.com/music on this page. You see that they have royalty-free music tracks that are available for anyone to download and enjoy listening to.

Download and enjoy listening to music.

As you can see from the search box here, you can search for an artist, a song, a genre, or music to listen to if you are in a certain mood. If you scroll down here, you can see that this website has all these music tracks that you can download onto any device. You won’t have to pay for these, and there are no limits to the number of songs you can freely download.

Select the best songs to download.

We will not be more than just listening and downloading songs on this website. Here is an interesting trick you can use on this website. And you will make earnings daily basis. Repeatedly, even if you are a beginner and have made none money online, you can do this, so be sure you have your smartphone or your laptop to follow along.

So on this page, there are hundreds and thousands of songs that you will see. We will not download any songs we see here. I will tell you some special tips that you can use to help you make even more money.

Let’s go on to the left-hand side of this page. We are going to find all this music listed under different genres.

Select the best songs to download.

We have electronic, upbeat beats, beautiful plays, alternative, hip hop, main title music, ambient and many other genres that will show here. There are many songs you can find here on pixabay music, and each of these songs can make you approximately five dollars for each song repeatedly.

How to select the best songs?

So what you are going to do is to come here and then press this play button. The song is going to play. You can listen to this song until the end if you like it. If you think other people will enjoy it, then you can move on to the next step of this method. Still, if you dislike it and other people might not like it too, then leave it and try to find other songs. You will play this song for a few seconds and see if it is a good song, and you might enjoy listening to it repeatedly. Next, click the download button and then download this song onto your computer.

The next step remembers here that the more songs that you listen to and the more songs you download, the more money you are going to be making, so I advise you to spend a bit more time on this step listening to these songs and downloading the ones that you like the most.

Upload your music on up-4ever.com to make money.

Upload your music on up-4ever.com to make money.

The next step is to go to this website here called www.upload-4ever.com. Up-4ever is a free website that will pay us money to share our music files.

How to upload your music on Up-4ever?

To set this up, go to the left side here, and you can see all the features you have in your dashboard. Click here where it says upload files and on the next page.

How to upload your music?

Click on choose file and upload one of those songs you downloaded from Pixabay. You can write the song’s description here and then make sure that it is set to public. After that, click on start upload to upload your files. After your files have been uploaded, click on this pencil icon.

How to upload your music?

To set your desired price. The song I will learn about that amount repeat this process for as many songs you want to upload, making sure that you first listen to these music tracks.

How does Up-4ever work?

Now, I know you might ask yourself, but what if many people download and upload the same song onto this website? How are we going to get paid? Well, the good thing about putting your work on the internet is that you have no limitations on your traffic. Millions of people worldwide are looking for tracks like these. We will not be getting traffic from different sources than everyone.

As it says right here on their home page, we can upload our files safely, and we then withdraw the profits from various payment methods, or you can choose to convert these profits into products. This system works because when someone downloads the file you uploaded onto their website, they will show some ads that they can skip or watch. And this platform is sharing that ad revenue with you, and that’s how you and this platform will be making money.

How to sign up for free at Up-4ever?

The Up-4ever sign-up process is very simple and will take you less than a minute to complete.

How to sign up for free at Up-4ever?

You only need to provide basic information about yourself to log into your account. Enter your login details here and then log in. you can click here where it says to make money to see how this works. As you can see, they will give you the best pricing around the world.

How much money can you make from Up-4ever?

How much it will pay you depending on where most of your downloads will come from. For example, you will get paid three dollars if most of your downloads come from tier-four countries. If you have downloaded from tier two and tier three countries, you will earn four dollars; if you get downloads from tier one country, you will get paid seven dollars.

Up-4ever Payment methods.

Here are all the different ways you can withdraw your earnings on this Up-4ever. You can use Paypal, payer, WebMoney, perfect money, pay sera, or advcash, or you can select from any of these other payment methods.

Up-4ever Payment methods.

Up-4ever Minimum payout threshold.

The Up-4ever minimum on these are just one dollar. This one is also a $1. This one is a payment platform. So as soon as you reach their minimum threshold, you can withdraw any amount you have earned.


  1. How long is the payment period?

    Less than 24 hours of the payment request sometimes exceeds the specified period due to many factors, including the borders of the means of payment or many payment requests.

  2. What formulas are allowed to raise on site?

    Support all file formats.

  3. Can I log in to two accounts on the same device?

    You can log in to different accounts within 48 hours on each login requirement. Other than this is the contrary.

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