Adidas Product Testing Earn By Test Product In 2024

Adidas Product Testing: Earn By Test Product In 2024


If you’re a big Adidas enthusiast seeking exclusive perks from the brand, consider signing up for the Adidas Product Testing platform. This platform offers the opportunity to become a product tester, allowing you to try out their latest releases, often before they hit the market. Plus, you can earn rewards for your feedback and participation.

What is Adidas Product Testing?

As the name suggests, Adidas Product Testing is a testing platform for the popular brand Adidas. So, you should not worry about its legitimacy. As the brand itself manages this platform Well, this is the best way to get valuable feedback about the products.

What is Adidas Product Testing?

They are planning to release or have already released But for you to fully understand how their testing platform works.

Earning Process With Product Testing.

First, let me say it right away.Unlike certain product testing platforms, the Adidas Product Testing Platform does not offer any monetary rewards or earning opportunities. However, it provides the chance to test out Adidas products and offer valuable feedback on them. You will not earn any cash reward from it. You only get to try their products for free.

But if you like their products, it can also be great and worth a lot.

Earning Process With Product Testing.

The first step in their testing process is to apply to be a product tester. I will explain this part later. But for now, let’s skip that part and assume you’ve been accepted as a tester. When you become a tester, you receive an email inviting you to participate in product testing.

If you decide to participate, Adidas will send the product directly to your mailing address for testing. Then you have to wait for the product to be delivered by mail (this usually takes about two weeks or more). Once you receive the product, you will be asked to test the product for the required amount of hours/mileage each week for the test period.

The normal testing period will be approximately two to four weeks. During the testing period, you are free to use the product as you wish, allowing you to provide comprehensive feedback based on your experience. Once the trial period is over, you’ll be asked to send the product back to them (yes, you read that right. You can’t keep it).

The good thing is you don’t actually have to spend any money to send it back to them because when they mail the product to you, Adidas will provide a return label. Use the label to send it back to adidas and you won’t have to spend a dime.

While you are testing the product, you should ensure that you keep a detailed log of your daily activities while using the product. Then, once you send the product back to Adidas, you just need to answer an online questionnaire to complete the process. You can do it on your computer or even on your mobile device.

While the process of becoming an Adidas Product Testing tester is relatively simple, one downside is that testers rarely get to keep the products they test. However, the opportunity to try out new Adidas products before they’re released and provide valuable feedback can be rewarding for enthusiasts.

At least you can use it for a month, and you will also find out if the product is worth buying after it is released.

It’s important to note that while you’re testing the product, you must adhere to the confidentiality agreement. This means refraining from sharing any information about the product on social media, private messaging, or any other form of communication. Respecting this confidentiality ensures the integrity of the testing process and the confidentiality of Adidas Product Testing’ unreleased products.

The types of products you can check out range from Adidas apparel and shoes. So, there are many types of products that you can possibly test.

How Do You Get Paid Form Adidas Product Testing?

I just want to make it clear that you do not get paid to be an Adidas Product Testing product tester.Adidas explicitly clarifies on their product testing platform, sometimes through pop-ups, that testers are not compensated monetarily. Despite claims on social media, Adidas does not pay individuals to be testers. This ensures transparency and sets the right expectations for those interested in participating in their testing program.

How Do You Get Paid Form Adidas Product Testing?

So don’t believe any such claims. If you want to make money testing products, this testing program is not for you.

How To Join Adidas Product Testing?

Adidas Product Testing is available in the United States and most European countries. They don’t tell you exactly which European countries it’s available in, so the best way to find out is to try and apply to be a tester.

The minimum age to be an examiner is 18 years. So, if you are not at least 18 years old then you are not eligible to join. You must not be a member of a competitor’s product testing platform (such as Nike or Under Armour, to name a few).

How Do You Get Paid Form Adidas Product Testing?

To become an Adidas Product Testing tester, you first need to answer some kind of survey. The survey will ask you to provide your personal information along with your size details. Also, you will be asked which category of products you are interested in.

Adidas will use all information you provide in this survey to determine whether you qualify to become a product tester. If you are accepted, they will use the information to determine the type of product to send your way.

So, while answering this survey, I would recommend you to answer honestly. There is no timetable for how long you will have to wait before hearing back from them. But if it’s been more than a month since you applied and you still haven’t heard from them, don’t expect to be accepted.

Their application process is fairly simple, but becoming a tester is really tough as you will be competing for a slot with thousands of other interested people.

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