Battle Infinity (IBAT) Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2025

Battle Infinity (IBAT) Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2025


After the launch of Battle Infinity’s unique staking protocol, the new play-to-earn cryptocurrency platform has received over $4 million worth of staked tokens. With the potential to earn up to 25% APY by betting Battle Infinity’s IBAT, this new token expects to continue increasing in price in 2022. 

What is Battle Infinity?

As a P2E game, Battle Infinity players will also be able to interact with each other, watch, perform, and explore within the immersive metaverse and various Battle Arena virtual spaces.

The project’s official website is Battle Infinity desires to ‘revolutionize the standard gaming world’ and get more traditional gamers into the metaverse and blockchain space. For an utterly decentralized experience that gives users and creators direct ownership of their in-game items in an entirely transparent and tamper-proof ecosystem.

Battle Infinity, The Fastest Growing Crypto

With that level of premature investor attraction, the IBAT token price could rise by a high ratio after the presale ends, and it recorded IBAT on crypto sales–the first of which will be PancakeSwap DEX.

The IBAT presale price is 1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT, or 0.000006 BNB = 1 IBAT with a 10 billion maximum supply.

IBAT is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. It can bring via the official Battle Infinity project website––using Binance Coin and either a MetaMask wallet or a Trust Wallet.

While many crypto assets are trading sideways, all coins’ total crypto market cap has been merging around $800 billion to $1.05 trillion for the last six weeks. New crypto presales are still curious as they serve well after launch, still of market requirements.

What is it typed the fastest rising cryptocurrency into Google hundreds of times a month according to Ahrefs keyword data–which may be the wrong question to ask. or the correct answer to it may be a crypto coin that hasn’t launched yet and grown.

It achieved the fastest growth rate early on for the initial investors in new crypto projects that enter at presale or ICO–. In contrast, retail investors buy the top of bull cycles on an altcoin that has already achieved over a billion dollar market capitalization.

Battle Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2025.

A decentralized cryptocurrency platform, Battle Infinity includes metaverse, NFT and several individual components. By leveraging its native token – IBAT. After the hit of the IBAT presale, the token will be open to buying on popular cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022.

The sections below briefly summarise the possible IBAT price from 2022 to 2025. 

End of 2022: By the end of 2022, IBAT may get a price of $0.006. Since they have recently released the token on LBank (a widespread crypto exchange for low-cap altcoins), investors can expect growth in trading volume in the forthcoming months.

End of 2023: As the metaverse, cryptos, and the important altcoins look to recover from the extensive price modifications in 2022, IBAT could sell more increased in 2023. An average price of $0.009 is expected for Battle Infinity by the end of 2023.

End of 2025: because of the platform’s multiple use points, we hoped IBAT to be a bullish investment in the long term. The P2E and utility coin could earn the $0.06 range by this period.

Potential Battle Infinity Price 2022 – 2025.

The table below summarizes the potential Battle Infinity (IBAT) price prediction from 2022 to 2025. 

Price Forecast YearPotential HighPotential LowAverage Predicted Price
Potential Battle Infinity Price 2022 – 2025 

Battle Infinity, the Best Cryptocurrency in 2022.

After exploring the use issues and parts of Battle Infinity (IBAT), we suggest this project as one of the best cryptocurrency investments to buy in 2022. 

Unlike other recent meme tokens or altcoins, Battle Infinity aims to provide multiple use cases that cater to GameFi (gaming finance) audiences, long-term cryptocurrency investors and the web 3.0 market. 

More than just an investment as that IBAT has to present. To encourage long-term holding, we can stake IBAT to gain attraction. Investors can buy the asset through the Battle Swap and even swap IBAT with other cryptocurrencies

Another important aspect of this ecosystem is NFTs. More than a collectable, NFTs are used as ticket access to take part in competitions, distributed as rewards to winners, and integral to the Battle Arena metaverse. 

Finally, the successful presale will suggest new investors deal with IBAT tokens. Already swapping higher than the initial presale price of $0.0015, IBAT has the prospect of becoming one of the most beneficial tokens in 2022 and beyond. 


In conclusion, this article gave an in-depth price estimate for Battle Infinity, including all elements that could affect the token’s valuation in the years to come.

If you want to bring your hands to Battle Infinity right now, you can do so during the project’s presale period. The Battle Infinity website handles the entire investing procedure, so all you need is some Binance Coin (BNB) and a crypto wallet.


  1. What is the price of Battle Infinity?

    Now, Battle Infinity is dealing at $0.003 – $0.0035 per token with a live market cap of $10 million and FDV of over $30 million.

  2. How much will Battle Infinity be worth in 2025?

    We expect that Battle Infinity (IBAT) could go a high of $0.06 by the end of 2025 – a 20x price growth from present levels.

  3. What are the main features of Battle Infinity?

    Battle Infinity leverages its native token – IBAT, to guide its whole cryptocurrency platform. Players can take part in NFT-based sports fantasy companies and stake cryptocurrencies on a staking platform. And access a metaverse arena built using NFT protocols.

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