BzzAgent Review Earn By Testing Products & 100% Easy Survey
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BzzAgent Review: Earn By Testing Products & 100% Easy Survey


Is BzzAgent a great way to get free stuff, or is it a waste of time? Today, I explained all about BzzAgent so that you can decide whether this is the right opportunity for you.

How To Join At Bzzagent?

How To Join At Bzzagent?

Let’s start by reviewing who can join because this needs to be clarified. When you go to the website, you can theoretically join and sign up no matter the country you’re from. But from what I’ve found out, it is actually only available if you live in the US, UK, or Canada. And it does not make sense to try to cheat or fake your country. In general, I do not recommend you do that with any online earning platform because you will get banned, and it’s just profoundly unethical, in my opinion.

But for BzzAgent, how they will ship products to you doesn’t make sense. You can get free products by testing them, and they need to send them to a physical address. And you also need to share that physical address during the sign-up process. So that’s something you need to feel comfortable about. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your address, this is not for you because they need that already when you sign up. Because if not, they cannot send any products to you if you qualify for them.

How Does Bzzagent Work?

So, BzzAgent, you can see on the website that you can get products from your favourite brands, share your opinion and spread the word about your experience.

How Does Bzzagent Work?

So, BzzAgent not your typical survey site where you share your opinion and get paid. BzzAgent is more of a product testing site. You can see, you can get Bzz kits here with the different products. You need to test them. And then you will have to do some tasks. So, if we jump down, you can see how it works. They explain it themselves there.

How Does Bzzagent Work?

You will first apply. You can sign up for free, and then you need to look for these campaigns. Not only that, but you will get the email invitations. Furthermore, you can also log in. Then, it would help if you answered some questions for each of these campaigns. And then, if you qualify, they will send products that will be shipped to you with all the details about what you need to do. It’s not enough to get the products. You also need to do something in return. You can see you need to share your experiences. Likewise, you need to try the products, and then you need to follow these posting instructions.

They tell you exactly how to do it because this can vary from campaign to campaign, and then they say to spread the buzz. So once you test it, you submit a review, and then you can share your experiences with your friends, followers, and other consumers. And again, exactly what that means can vary from campaign to campaign.

How Does Bzzagent Work?

So, I would say before accepting any movement, always make sure you read the instructions carefully. Is this something you feel comfortable about? Would you feel comfortable sharing this if you ask to share it somewhere? Is that something you think is okay to do all these things? If you don’t, then don’t accept the campaign. Because if you don’t do it, you will not qualify for further campaigns if you don’t follow the instructions. You can see that you will get to keep that product there if you do everything here that they explain in the posting instructions. 

How To Become A BzzAgent Tester?

So, BzzAgent the platform is fundamental. It’s straightforward to find your way around once you log in. You can see the current campaigns here, including the ones you can apply for. But they also will send them via email.   Be aware that there will not always be campaigns available. So, it can take some patience. But there are some things you can do to get more. Firstly, you need to keep your profile updated. You can see it in the menu; you can keep it updated. They also write them themselves there.

How To Become A BzzAgent Tester?

But they also say that when you see an invitation, you need to apply fast because the sooner you use it, the more likely you will be selected. But there are, of course, also other criteria for each campaign you need to live up to. But the sooner you apply, the higher their chance because they usually have limited spots.

And if you live up to all the requirements and use it quickly, you know there’s a bigger chance. So be aware of that. Also, as they say here, you must ensure you follow all the guidelines and provide your honest review within the time indicated. So, you should not expect more if you don’t actually do that. And they also say that the more active you are, the better your chances of getting further invitations.

How Do You Get Paid From Bzzagent?

But let’s talk more about what you get out of this. So, I want to make one very clear because there can be some confusion about this regarding BzzAgent. You are not getting paid for testing these products. Your reward is to get the products for free. And you can see they have some leading brands on the website.

How Do You Get Paid From Bzzagent?

So these are some brands. Not all of them that you can expect to get products from. You can also see some examples here. These are examples of the type of products and the type of brands that you might be asked to test, review, and do a campaign that you will then get to keep for free. And some of them can be pretty valuable. But others are not worth a lot. But as mentioned earlier, you can always see the campaigns before you accept them or decide to apply,

so you don’t have to use them for everything. You don’t have to take everything. But if you do apply and get accepted, you need to fulfill it because if you do not do all the tasks and live up to all the requirements, you will not be invited for further review. So think about it before applying for any campaigns. That is something you want to do. If not, then leave it and then wait for another one to keep getting a chance of getting invited. But it’s essential to understand this: you don’t get paid with the so-called payment.

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