Cheelee App 2 Easy Way To Make Money By Watching Videos

Cheelee App: 2 Easy Way To Make Money By Watching Videos


Cheelee App, a mobile app offering rewards for watching videos and referring friends. While it sounds promising, there are complexities to consider before diving in. Let’s explore how it works and whether it’s a viable earning opportunity.

What is Cheelee App?

Cheelee App, as mentioned above, is a mobile app that allows you to earn rewards by watching videos. There are a few things you need to know about it before deciding whether you should install it.

What is Cheelee App?

And the best way to understand if you should install it is to understand how it works. The only way to do this is to look at the earning opportunities it offers. This way, you will have a better idea of how well you can earn and how much time you need to invest.

1. Make Money By Watching Videos From Cheelee App

The main way to earn rewards from Cheelee App is through watching videos. You must be logged into the app to do this. Once you’re inside the app, you’ll be immediately taken to the Watch section, where you can start watching reels (short videos).

These videos are from other members of the Cheelee App. However, before you can earn from watching videos, you must equip a Chili Spectacle (go to the Specs section of the app and press the Equip button under the Spectacle). This is an NFT that allows the Cheelee App users to earn by watching videos. You can decorate as many chili glasses as you like.

1. Make Money By Watching Videos From Cheelee App

Now, each pair of glasses has a rare type and the rarer the glasses are, the more you earn. At the start, you will be given a chili glasses worth $5. You can use it to start earning by watching videos. Now, one more thing you need to know is that you can set the earning strategy for each pair of your glasses.

There are three strategies to choose from – Stability, Mix and Lucky.

Stability strategy will allow you to earn regularly but in small amounts. Lucky tricks will allow you to earn up to three times the normal prize but less frequently.

Mix strategy, which combines default setting, stability and lucky. Glasses also have durability, and when they lose durability, you can no longer use them. You must purchase a new one from the app’s marketplace.

The cheapest one I found when I tested the Cheelee App was around $6. Some glasses cost over $200 and are rare types. They also offer maximum rewards.

You see, if you want to continue earning from Chile, you must spend money. Free specs will let you earn a small amount. Think of it as a free taste of what you can get from the app.

The problem with this system is that there is a high probability that you will lose money instead of earning because you cannot earn from every video/reel. There seems to be an element of chance to this earning opportunity.

Apart from that, you also need to focus on your “clock time”. Depending on the glasses you equip, you will have a set of “clock times”. If you use up your watch time, you have to let it regenerate. So, you basically can’t watch videos all day long.

Cheelee App: Your Way To Make Money By Watching Videos promises you can get back what you spend on your Cheelee App: Your Way To Make Money By Watching Videos glasses, but based on what I’ve experienced while testing them, there’s a high chance you’ll lose money instead. There are just too many factors to consider (spectacular rarity, durability, viewing time and technique), which in my opinion make this a poor earning opportunity.

2. Make Money By Referral Program From Cheelee App

Another earning opportunity it offers is its referral program. The idea is to invite people to install and register the app. To do this, you must share your invite link with whoever you want to invite.

2. Make Money By Referral Program From Cheelee App

Then, when they click the link and install the app, they must complete the registration process (more on this later). Once they do this, they become your referral. However, in order to earn from your referral, they must purchase a Chili Specs from the market.

As you can see in the photo above, once your referral buys a pair of Cheelee glasses you will earn a certain amount as a reward. The minimum amount you can earn is $1 and that’s if your referral buys a normal chili glasses. The maximum amount you will earn if your referral buys a Legendary Chili Glasses is $100.

So, in my opinion, it is quite difficult to earn from this opportunity, because you must make sure that the people you invite are willing to spend money on it. Personally, this is not something I would recommend to my friends and you will understand why later.

How Do You Get Paid From Cheelee App?

When you earn rewards from Cheelee App, you will receive LEE tokens. It is its own digital currency. Now, the question is, can you convert it into cash?

Yes, the Cheelee App allows you to convert your LEE tokens to cash through its platform.

How Do You Get Paid From Cheelee App?

In the photo above, you can see the app is using KZT as its currency, which is the currency of Kazakhstan.

Then, as shown in the photo, the only way you can withdraw your earnings is directly to any Kazakhstan bank.

The app offers a way to withdraw your earnings if this happens. You can transfer your LEE tokens to any crypto wallet that Binance supports.

The issue lies in the app’s lack of guidance regarding this matter. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you might struggle to navigate through the process without proper instructions.

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