Coinfola Review 4 Legit Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins
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Coinfola Review: 4 Legit Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins


Welcome to Coinfola, a paid-to-click (PTC) platform offering users the opportunity to earn free bitcoins through various engagement avenues. As a legitimate site, Coinfola provides earning opportunities such as shortlink solving, Bitcoin Faucet, Offerwall tasks, and a revenue-sharing option. However, the suitability of this platform hinges on a clear understanding of its workings and the time and effort required for income generation. Join us as we delve into the diverse earning opportunities, payment processes, and considerations for those looking to navigate the crypto-centric landscape of Coinfola.

What is Coinfola?

Coinfola operates as a paid-to-click (PTC) site, enabling users to earn by viewing ads and participating in other earning opportunities. And yes, this is a legitimate site since you can really earn free bitcoins from it.

What is Coinfola?

However, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s worth your time. To find out if you should sign up for this site, you first need to understand how it works. The best way to do this is to take a close look at the earning opportunities it offers so that you get a clear idea of the time and effort required to generate income from the platform.

1. Earn by Shortlink From Coinfola

Solving shortlinks is another avenue for earning on Coinfola. This is a captcha-solving process.

1. Earn by Shortlink From Coinfola

The way this feature works is that when you click a shortlink, it will open a new browser tab that will show you the content of the shortlink. But apart from that, you will also see a lot of ads, then you have to navigate through those ads to find the “Claim” button to get rewarded for the shortlink.

After you click on the claim button, you will receive the reward, which will be as Satoshis (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin). The reward will be quite low, which is why I personally don’t like this kind of earning opportunity. It pays very little and you have to wade through a lot of spammy ads.

2. Earn by Bitcoin Faucet From Coinfola

You also have the option to earn from Coinfola through its Bitcoin Faucet. If you are not familiar with this opportunity, the way it works is that you can claim free bitcoins after a certain period.

2. Earn by Bitcoin Faucet From Coinfola

With Coinfola, you can collect 5 free Satoshis every 10 minutes. The only annoying thing about this opportunity is that the page will display a lot of ads again. If you accidentally click on an ad, it will open another browser tab and you need to close it.

This is a decent way to earn free bitcoins but you have to check every 10 minutes to claim it, which can be quite a hassle. That’s why I’d still say it’s not a great opportunity to earn a decent amount of free bitcoins.

3. Earn by Offerwall From Coinfola

You can also win additional rewards by working on Offerwall. If you don’t know what Offerwall is, it’s an in-site advertising platform that promotes websites and mobile apps through paid offers (hence the name Offerwall).

3. Earn by Offerwall From Coinfola

So, to earn from this opportunity, you need to choose an offerwall that you want to work on and click on it. Coinfowler has a decent number of offerwalls available and each offerwall has a good number of offers to work with.

Each offer typically asks you to answer a survey or quiz, download a mobile app, sign up to a website, or watch a video to receive a reward. When you see an offer you’re interested in, click through to see the complete instructions you need to follow to complete the offer.

Make sure to note the instructions because if you miss even one step, you cannot complete the offer and you will not receive the reward. Once you complete the offer, you will get the reward, which will be as satoshis.

There are a lot of offers available, but the only problem is that the rewards are quite low compared to other sites offering similar opportunities.

4. Earn By Revenue Share From Coinfola

Lastly, you can earn passively through the revenue share option featured in Coinfola. For this opportunity, you need to “invest” a certain amount of bitcoins on the site.

4. Earn By Revenue Share From Coinfola

You must stay on the site for at least 90 days to earn the amount of bitcoins you invest. It says on the site that you will earn 144% of the amount you invest, which I find a bit unrealistic.

You can fund this opportunity using your earnings from the site, or you can also deposit bitcoins into it, which is a bit risky. This is why I would recommend you invest what you can afford to lose in this opportunity.

How Do You Get Paid From Coinfola?

Since the site mainly deals in Bitcoin, you must have a Bitcoin wallet to withdraw your earnings. You can use the site’s recommended platform, which is FaucetPay, or you can just use your own crypto wallet.

How Do You Get Paid From Coinfola?

Technically, the site has no payout threshold as you can withdraw any amount you want. However, each withdrawal involves a service fee. If you use your own crypto wallet, the fee will be 5,000 Satoshis (more or less $2), which is too much.

So, even though the site does not have a payout threshold. It will still take you quite some time to withdraw your earnings as you need to earn a significant amount to cover the service fee when you withdraw your earnings.

Overall, Coinfola’s payment system is relatively easy if you are used to crypto transactions. If you are new to crypto, you need to get used to transferring crypto first before trying to withdraw your earnings.

How To Join Coinfola?

The site doesn’t tell you exactly which countries it’s available in, but as far as I can tell, it’s more or less available worldwide. So, you can sign up as a member wherever you are.

How To Join Coinfola?

In order to sign up, you must provide your login details and your crypto wallet address. I found this a bit strange because this is the first time I’ve encountered a site that will ask you for your crypto wallet address right from the start.

You will be asked for this piece of information when you become a member. It’s a bit risky because you never know what the site will use it for. It would have been better if you could provide your crypto wallet address after logging into the dashboard and figuring out how the site works. This way, you won’t expose your crypto wallet information unnecessarily.

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