Finblox Review 3 Easy Ways To Earn Crypto Passively
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Finblox Review: 3 Easy Ways To Earn Crypto Passively


Finblox is a versatile crypto trading platform that offers various avenues to earn crypto rewards beyond traditional trading. With similarities to platforms like, Finblox focuses on providing earning opportunities through methods like yield rewards, weekly raffles termed as “Pool Party,” and a referral program.

What is Finblox?

Finblox is basically a crypto trading platform that will allow you to earn crypto in several ways. It is similar to in several ways.

To be clear though, this review will focus on ways to earn crypto from the platform that are not related to trading, nor will it discuss the trading features it offers.

Finblox: your way to Earn Crypto Passively.

To determine if you should use it to earn free crypto, you first need to understand how it works. And the best way to do this is to check out the earning opportunities it offers.

How To Make Money From Finblox?

So, here is how to earn from finblox.

1. Make Money By Yield Rewards From Finblox

Finblox offers a reward yield as one avenue to earn rewards. This opportunity is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is deposit money into your account, and every 24 hours, you’ll earn a reward depending on the amount you’ve invested.

1. Make Money By Yield Rewards From Finblox

For example, if you invest $5 into your Finblox account (this process is called top-up) at 8am today, you will receive a reward by 8am tomorrow. The reward you get will depend on the amount, but based on my experience, it won’t be much because this method of earning requires very little effort.

That being said, it’s still a great way to earn because you don’t really have to do anything to earn. Just top up into your account and let them remain idle to passively earn rewards. You don’t even have to invest money. You can only do it once.

However, before you participate in this earning opportunity, you must ensure that your account is verified first. To verify your account, you need to submit a photo of any ID like passport, driver’s license, residence permit, etc.

Once your account is verified, your daily and monthly withdrawal limits will also be increased (refer image above). The minimum amount you need to top up to get rewards is only $1, so it is very possible.

Of course, you have to remember that the more money you top up, the more rewards you get. Ultimately, the potential earnings from this opportunity depend on the amount you’re willing to invest.

The good thing about this opportunity though is that you can convert the money you invest into different cryptocurrencies. As I mentioned earlier, Finblox is a crypto trading platform, so you can use your invested money to trade different cryptos.

As long as you have money or crypto in your account, you will continue to earn rewards.

2. Make Money By Pool Party From Finblox

Pool Party is Finblox’s word for its weekly raffle. Deposit a minimum of $1 into your Finblox account.

2. Make Money By Pool Party From Finblox

Then, once the raffle is over, a winner will be drawn. Your likelihood of winning the weekly raffle will be determined by the sum you’ve deposited into your Finblox account. The higher the amount, the higher the probability of winning.

Apart from that, the time of entry is also important. The sooner you enter the weekly raffle, the more likely you are to win. And finally, if you can get referrals during the week, your chances of winning will also increase.

The prize you win will depend on the funds deposited by all members participating in the raffle.The weekly raffle prize will always be indicated on the Pool Party page, so you can check it to see what prize you could win. As for the reward, it will always be FBS (Fate Blazing Stars) tokens which is Finblox’s digital currency.

3. Make Money By Referral Program From Finblox

Finally, you can also earn rewards through Finblox’s referral program. If you are not familiar with referral programs, the idea behind this type of earning opportunity is to invite people to join the platform and earn rewards at the same time.

To invite a person, you just need to share your invite link. Once the person you invite clicks the link and signs up as a Finblox member, they become your referral. But before getting referral reward, few conditions have to be fulfilled.

3. Make Money By Referral Program From Finblox

Account for at least 30 days. Once they meet these conditions, both you and your referral will receive referral rewards, which will be as USDC tokens.

The quantity of USDC Tokens you receive will be contingent upon the accumulation of funds by your referrals. The photo above shows the rewards you will receive. The maximum amount you will earn from a referral is 250 USDC, which is a significant amount.

However, as you can see, in order to receive such a reward, your referral must deposit at least $100,000 in their Finblox account, which is a very tough ask. The $100 requirement is already deemed a significant sum.

How Do You Get Paid From Finblox?

As explained earlier, Finblox is a crypto trading platform, so it has all the features of crypto trading platforms such as Binance and This implies that you can transfer all your crypto assets from Finblox to any crypto wallet of your choice. This is how you will receive payment.

How Do You How Do You Get Paid From Finblox?Get Paid From Finblox?

As long as you have an existing crypto wallet, you can transfer all of your earnings to Finblox without reaching a certain threshold. The only sum you will need to track is the amount you can withdraw.

there are both monthly and daily withdrawal limits. Therefore, ensure that your withdrawal falls within these limits when you’re taking out your earnings.

As for the types of crypto you can withdraw, Finblox supports a number of tokens and coins. The above photo shows some cryptos supported. To withdraw, select the crypto you want and input all the required fields.

Ensure that you accurately copy the wallet address, as withdrawals cannot be reversed in case of errors. When withdrawing your crypto, you need to make sure you select the correct network. For example, if you want to withdraw Ethereum, you need to set the network to ERC20.

Before you make any withdrawals, if you have no idea which network a particular cryptocurrency belongs to, I suggest you do your research first and find the right network to use. This is extremely important when withdrawing any cryptocurrency.

How To Join Finblox?

Finblox is available worldwide, so you can sign up as a member no matter where you are if crypto is allowed in your country.To join, you must be at least 18 years of age.

How To Join Finblox?

All you need to do to sign up is fill the registration form. Finblox will then email you a confirmation code. Just input the code if needed. To complete the registration, you need to create a PIN.

It will be a 6-digit combination, and you will be asked to provide this PIN every time you make a transaction on the platform, so don’t forget to keep a copy of it. After completing your registration process, you can now log into the platform and start earning.

But as I explained earlier, if you want to avail yourself of all the features, you need to verify your account. To do this, simply log in to the Member Dashboard and go to your Account Settings and tap on “Identity Verification”.

Follow all the instructions given to complete it. Once you are done, you can begin the earning process.

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