GameChampions Review Get Paid To Play 100% Easy Games
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GameChampions Review: Get Paid To Play 100% Easy Games


GameChampions is an online platform for e-sports enthusiasts seeking to engage in competitive gaming and vie for monetary rewards and valuable prizes. It is a credible website, providing genuine opportunities to win actual money.

To determine whether or not you should become a member of this site. It is crucial to comprehend its operational mechanisms. It can be achieved by assessing the various avenues through which earnings can be generated, thereby gauging the time and dedication required to accrue profits.

How to make money from GameChampions?

Make money by One-on-One Challenges.

Earn from GameChampions by engaging in one-on-one challenges with fellow site members. These challenges are specifically for sports games such as FC 24 or FIFA 23 and require a game console like Xbox or PS4.

Make money by One-on-One Challenges.

To participate, you must create a challenge within the member dashboard of GameChampions. Specify the game, console, and game mode you wish to play. Additionally, choose an amount to bet from options like $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $100, and $200.

To fund your bet, you can deposit real money into your GameChampions account or utilize your winnings from another earning opportunity, which will be discussed in the next section. It is essential to link your Game ID to your GameChampions account for tracking purposes.

Once your challenge is active, you wait for someone to accept it. Upon acceptance, play the game until a winner is determined based on the challenge’s rules. Alternatively, you can also accept challenges from other members.

It is crucial to note that this opportunity is not free, and there is a potential risk of losing money. Therefore, exercise caution when issuing or accepting challenges.

If you emerge victorious, your winnings will be credited to your GameChampions account balance. Later, we will explore withdrawing your earnings. Conversely, if you lose, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your balance.

Make money by Tournaments.

There is another way to earn money from GameChampions potentially, and that is by participating in tournaments. These tournaments can either be free or require a payment to enter. Currently, the available games for tournaments are Fortnite and League of Legends.

Make money by Tournaments.

While testing the site, I noticed options for Valorant and Warzone 2 tournaments, but they were inactive then. These options may be available by the time you read this review.

For free tournaments, all you need to do is join, and if you perform well and rank among the top players, you will receive a prize. The specific prize structure will vary depending on the tournament, but this information is usually found on the details page.

As for pay-to-enter tournaments, the process is similar to the challenge option. You will need to pay a certain amount to participate in the tournament. The tournament prizes are usually higher since you are investing money to join.

Many members typically start by participating in free tournaments to earn enough money to cover the entry fees for pay-to-enter tournaments, with greater potential winnings. This approach allows them to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses.

A good number of tournaments are available at any time, so you should be able to find one to join. If you are successful and win a tournament, the prize money will be credited to your GameChampions account.

How do you get paid From GameChampions?

Now, let’s discuss how you can get paid for your earnings.

How do you get paid From GameChampions?

When you make money from GameChampions, it will be credited to your account balance. From there, you have different opportunities to withdraw your revenues.

You can withdraw your revenues through PayPal or a prepaid Visa card. Alternatively, you can convert your payments into different gift cards. There are no costs associated with these options. Additionally, you can withdraw your revenues directly to your bank account; two methods are available.

You can opt for a SWIFT transfer, but this method incurs a €7 fee. The other option is an EU SEPA transfer, which involves a €2 fee. Each payment option has a specific threshold that must be met to proceed with the withdrawal.

How to join GameChampions?

To become a member of GameChampions, you must complete the registration form. Upon signing up, you must furnish details about the games you play. Once this step is finished, you will gain access to the member dashboard, where you can begin making rewards.

How to join GameChampions?

Before you can start earning, linking your game ID to your GameChampions account is essential. The website will show you through the process of doing this. Once your account is successfully connected, you will receive a bonus of $1. From that moment, you can start making rewards through GameChampions.

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