Review Get 100% Easiest & Passive Income From Your Connection
in Review: Get 100% Easiest & Passive Income From Your Connection


Welcome to, a groundbreaking platform that empowers individuals worldwide to convert their unused internet bandwidth into a profitable source of income. In a digital age where connectivity is king, pioneers a new approach, allowing users from different corners of the world to monetize their idle internet resources seamlessly and inclusively.

Unlike traditional platforms, is a new entrant in the growing landscape of earning opportunities through internet sharing. This innovative platform recognizes the value of your unused bandwidth, allowing you to contribute to a shared network while enjoying financial rewards.

What is is a platform where you can get paid to share your internet bandwidth or your unused internet resources, as they call it. There are several platforms like this, but this is brand new. You can join from more or less all countries. How it works with platforms where you can earn by sharing your unused internet bandwidth.

Make money by Sharing Unused Internet Bandwidth.

So let’s now talk about how it works so you can find out if it is for you. So it works: you go to the website and can download GetGrass, but you need to sign up for an account here.   Once you do that, you can log into the dashboard and download Grass because Grass is an extension for a Chrome browser.

Make money by Sharing Unused Internet Bandwidth.

So it’s a bit different compared to many similar ones because it works like this Chrome extension, which means it’s also straightforward to install. Because once you’re registered on the website, you can install it. And extension there, and then you use the same login detail as you use there to sign up on the website.

And then you can log in, and it will start going here in the background, and then you can see it says it’s connected. And the network quality, you know, that will depend on your network, the country, everything like that. That is how it works. You can see how it is connected, meaning you earn right now. So it is quite easy.

 It will just run in the background, and you will always earn in the background. You can also see your balance grow all the time.

Make money by Referral Program From

Another way to earn from GetGrass is through its referral program. All you need to do is share your referral link with anyone you want to invite, and when they click the link and sign up as a member, they will become your referral.

Make money by Referral Program From

Its referral program is three levels deep, so if your referral invites other people to join, you’ll still get a 10% commission from your referral’s referral. The last level will only reward you 5%, but it is still a nice way to earn passively. Of course, the referrals will be active. Payout options.  

So, when it comes to earning potential, as mentioned earlier, it can vary depending on your connection and the country you live in. They clearly say in the FAQ section that your rewards will be credited to your account.

I also share how my earnings are constantly building up there, and they’re exploring payment methods such as cryptocurrency through Network ownership, like gift cards and PayPal. But they mustn’t offer any payout options. It’s quite normal with a newer site. Sometimes they say you earn some points and then at some point, you take them out, you know, sometimes you then end up doing it, and you get a lot of benefits because you joined early. Other times, that’s not quite how it turns out.

How to join is available more or less worldwide. However, to register as a member, you need a referral code, and you can get it by joining their Discord channel.

How to join

Once you have the referral code, you can register as a member by filling out the registration form. When you complete this step, you must install the browser extension. After installing the browser extension, you must input your login details to start the setup.

When the browser extension is completely set up, you can start earning.

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