Product Report Card Review 5 Easy Ways To Earn Money

Product Report Card Review: 5 Easy Ways To Earn Money


Product Report Card is a unique platform in the realm of market research, where members are rewarded for sharing their insights through paid surveys and product reviews. While the site stands out for its distinctive survey offerings not commonly found elsewhere, it does require a bit more patience during the profile setup process. To earn rewards, participants must qualify for either paid surveys or product reviews, adding an interactive and rewarding dimension to the user experience.

What Is The Product Report Card?

Product Report Card operates as a market research company, offering rewards to members who share their opinions through surveys or research panels.
At first glance, you won’t really know what it has to offer as there is no about page But it is possible to see that it is a company based in USA.

What Is The Product Report Card?

1. Make Money By Paid Surveys From Product Report Card

Paid surveys are where you’ll often find ways to earn rewards on product report cards

To start taking surveys to earn, you need to complete your profile. This is where it starts to get a bit tedious.

Because you need to fill out your profile to get started

1. Make Money By Paid Surveys From Product Report Card

Filling out your profile is important on any paid survey sites, as it is a way for them to send you the right surveys. But with Product Report Cards, setting up your profile takes a little more patience than many other survey panels.

You will need to complete this process as the frequency of surveys sent to you will depend on the information provided in your profile.

But the Product Report Card has a lot of profile questions and you don’t get rewarded for taking profile surveys like you do on some other survey sites.

Keep in mind, though, that the surveys they usually provide tend to be quite long.

So besides it being a very long setup process, the earning mode is very long compared to other survey sites.

However, you do, can earn more than you can on other survey sites, but more on the full earning potential later.

Plus, the surveys you find on Product Report Cards are often surveys you won’t find on other survey sites, which is great.

2. Make Money By Product Reviews From Product Report Card.

Another way to earn rewards on the Product Report Card is through product reviews.

This is an option I haven’t seen on other survey sites like this, so at first it seemed pretty interesting.

2. Make Money By Product Reviews From Product Report Card.

To start reviewing products, you need to complete your profile again. Once you’ve done this, you can qualify for product reviews.

This is a problem with Product Reports–that it’s difficult to find information about how the various options work, and The site’s navigation isn’t as user-friendly as many others, making it somewhat challenging to find your way around. I had to scour the internet for some information on the rewards you get for doing product reviews.

The general consensus is that you will get about $0.5 per review. It’s pretty decent because you don’t really have to spend a lot of time reviewing.

3. Make Money By Product Testing From Product Report Card

As a Product Report Card member, you also get access to participating in product testing.

This means that if you are eligible, you can test the products for free and share your opinion about them

Sometimes you will receive the product as a payment, and other times you may pay besides receiving the product.

Navigating the site can be a bit challenging as it lacks the user-friendly features found on many other websites.
Product Report Card says it has an average of 32 free product tests per month.

4. Make Money By Studying From Product Report Card

Studying is a way to share your opinion in the interview. It often has to be performed at a specific time, so it doesn’t have the flexibility of paid surveys.

4. Make Money By Studying From Product Report Card

However, studies pay quite well and sometimes you can earn hundreds of dollars for just one study.

Of course, it will also take some time and effort, but it’s definitely one of the highest paying options on Product Report Card, so it’s worth checking out if you decide to join after reading this review.

5. Make Money By Product Research From Product Report Card

Another way to earn rewards is by doing product research.

This section allows you to earn rewards by researching any product listed in their system.

You can then input the price of the product, the location from which you can buy it, and other relevant information.

Basically, you are helping people make an informed decision about the product and where to get the best deal for it.

An interesting feature, but again, there isn’t much information on the site about what you get for it, and it’s not that easy to get started.

So while it’s an interesting concept, the overall lack of usability and options on the site is not something I’m impressed with.

How Do You Get Paid From Product Report Card?

For product report cards, to earn rewards, you must qualify for either their paid survey or product review.

How Do You Get Paid From Product Report Card?

To qualify for paid surveys and product reviews, you must complete your profile. Remember that the more details you input, the better your chances of getting more surveys.

Each review or survey that you complete and qualify for will reward you as dollars.

When you access your rewards redemption page, you will see the total rewards and the pending ones.

Note that you must reach a minimum threshold of $25 before you can start redeeming your rewards.

This is a bit of a high payout threshold compared to the fastest paying survey sites, where some of them already offer to pay you when you earn $1. But $25 is still an acceptable threshold.

Now, this is the important part.

How you get paid depends on the earning method you use. Whatever you earn will be added to your account balance. This can then be redeemed as an Amazon gift card code.

After requesting the payout, you will usually receive it within 3 days.

But some studies, product tests, interviews, and shop-a-long studies that pay more will pay you with a Visa gift card or check.

Product Report Cards offer to reward you with real cash or gift cards.

So overall, the payment options are decent, and you can definitely find some rewards that are useful.

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