TubePay Earn By Watching Videos & Completing 100% Easy Tasks
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TubePay: Earn By Watching Videos & Completing 100% Easy Tasks


TubePay is a GPT app rewarding users for tasks like watching videos. With a convenient PayPal payout option, it offers accessible earning opportunities worldwide.

What is TubePay?

TubePay is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that will reward you for watching videos, completing tasks and more. And yes, it is valid because you can really reap rewards from it.

What is TubePay?

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll use it to earn. If you want to determine if it’s worth your time, the first step is to understand how it works. The best way to do this is to check out the earning opportunities it offers so that you have a good idea of how well you can earn from it and how much time you need to earn.

Make Money By Watching Videos From Tubepay

One way to earn from TubePay, as mentioned, is by watching videos. You must be logged into the app to earn this opportunity. To start watching, go to the video section of the app and choose the video you want to watch.

Make Money By Watching Videos From Tubepay

When you start watching a video, you will see a progress bar with an image of a TP coin. When the bar is full, it will change to a gift icon. Press the gift to get your reward. When you click on the gift icon, a video ad will pop up.

To claim the reward, you need to complete watching the video advertisement. It’s a bit annoying because the ad will interrupt the video you’re watching. After claiming the reward, a new progress bar will start loading even if the video you were watching is paused (which happens when an app pops up).

When you claim rewards, you will receive a random amount of TP Coins (usually around 20 to 50 TP Coins), and they will be credited to your TubePay Coins balance.

Make Money By Daily Task From Tubepay

You can earn more rewards by completing daily tasks. When you log into the app, the first thing you’ll see is the daily tasks you can do to earn TP coins.

Make Money By Daily Task From Tubepay

Most tasks involve doing something in the app like watching videos, sharing on social media pages, etc. These tasks are quite easy to do and when you complete one, you will earn a certain amount of TP coins as a reward.

You can use the daily tasks as your checklist for what you need to do in the app. Most tasks will reward you with 100 TP Coins, so they are the most rewarding earning opportunities TubePay offers.

How Do You Get Paid From Tubepay?

As explained above, you will earn TP Coins from TubePay offers. you can convert them to cash through PayPal. The threshold you need to hit to withdraw your earnings is 2,000 TP Coins, which is equivalent to $0.4. This is a very small amount to withdraw, so I suggest you wait until you earn at least $5, which will require 250,000 TP coins.

How Do You Get Paid From Tubepay?

You can use TP coins to redeem various gift cards for Google Play and Amazon. The threshold for these rewards is 50,000 TP coins, which will be worth $1. There are also options to convert your TP coins into various in-game items/currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Overall, TubePay’s payout system is relatively straightforward.I appreciate that it provides a convenient payment option such as PayPal.. However, the number of TP coins you need to earn to redeem a significant amount is quite high. So, it will take some time before you can do it.

How To Join Tubepay?

There is no information inside the app or its website about which countries it is available in. But as far as I can tell, it’s available worldwide.

To sign up, you need to install the app first. Then, when you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to log in using your Google or Facebook account. You can log in using a username and password.

After you choose which sign-up option to go for, you can immediately log in and start earning.

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