Unique Rewards – 10 Ways You Can Make Money from Home.
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Unique Rewards – 10 Ways You Can Make Money from Home.


There are tons of reward websites online where you can make money. UniqueRewards is one such site paying you for online tasks. Unique Rewards offers natural ways to earn extra cash online and has suitable payout methods. UniqueRewards is a site that pays you for performing small tasks, such as taking surveys, entering a captcha, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc.

What is Unique Rewards?

UniqueRewards is a get-paid-to site that rewards members when they complete exact tasks. The company was founded in the UK and was launched back in 2003. It has a good reputation online and offers different earning options to make money.

How to Make Money from Unique Rewards.?

1. Make money by taking surveys from Unique Rewards.

Participating in their various surveys is one of the easiest and most rewarding activities. They call them Unique Rewards surveys, but surveys from third-party providers are also available on many other platforms.

1. Make money by taking surveys from Unique Rewards.

They cooperate with several providers, which means you will get access to a decent number of surveys. The rewards for the time spent are average compared to other survey sites.

Just be aware that you will only qualify for some of their surveys. You will likely only qualify for some of them.

But with some patience, it can be a way to earn some extra cash by sharing your opinions. However, the rewards you get for the surveys on Unique Rewards are low compared to those you get for the same surveys on many other survey sites.

2. Make money by completing offers from Unique Rewards.

You can find offers on your dashboard with cash rewards attached. These include deals on products and usefulness under financial services, dating, health and beauty, entertainment, and more.

2. Make money by completing offers from Unique Rewards.

If affected by an offer, click on it and follow the instructions. Some example, they would ask you to use your credit card or cash in a certain amount but be mindful that you should only click links or not be redirected to a different website. Doing such can reward you up to $20.

3. Make money by joining a bonus from Unique Rewards.

By signing up and creating a Unique Rewards account, you can instantly get $5 added to your credit.

3. Make money by joining a bonus from Unique Rewards.

Or more or less instantly – first, you will be presented with a few offers where you must choose one.

These are offers from some of Unique Rewards’ members, and they earn to boost them. Nothing bad about that. We’re all for legit sites that enable you to sign up for free.

4. Make money by Reading emails from Unique Rewards.

Making money to read emails sounds too good, to be honest. Well, it isn’t! That display only wishes to make a little money.

Get about 1 to 3 emails daily with unique offers and discounts. Open up the email and confirm you’ve read it. You can gain even more money when you finish the offer from an advertiser.

Pay varies from $.25 to $50 plus, depending on the offer payout.

5. Make money by Click ads from Unique Rewards.

There is a section on Unique Rewards where you can earn click ads. It differs from most other PTC options (paid-to-click) that some GPT sites offer.

What makes it different is that it is linked to their advertisers’ offers. So it is very similar to what you find on the offer walls. The difference is that you get paid to click on the site and do not have to do anything else.

Of course, Unique Rewards hopes you will take some offers to earn them commissions, but you do not have to get your click reward.

Clicking each ad will earn you $0.01. However, you must wait at least thirty seconds before clicking the next ad.

6. Make money by Invite Friends from UniqueRewards.

Unique Rewards has an innovative referral program. You’ll acquire $1 when your referral completes their first task. You’ll receive $5 when their account is active with $20+ and 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Unlike many other survey sites, there is no limitation to how many friends and family members you refer to the platform.

7. Make money by Radio Offer from Unique Rewards.

This task affects entering captcha codes on radio websites. When a capture code is open, when you submit it, you’ll get $0.03. However, if you live in the UK or Canada, this task is only worth $0.01.

8. Make Money by Watch Videos from Unique Rewards.

There are 30-second advertisements on the site every day. You’ll earn $0.01 for each video that you watch.

8. Make Money by Watch Videos from Unique Rewards.

This is a low-aying task, but up to 20 videos are available daily. No interaction is necessary, so you can play the videos in the background while doing other tasks.

9. Make money by Play Games with Unique Rewards.

If you enjoy playing games, Unique Rewards has many of them to offer. The earning potential on games is meager, between $0.001 and $0.01 for each game.

10. Make money by Online Shopping from UniqueRewards.

If you plan to buy some specific products, you can save up to 35% with Unique Rewards cashback offers. It allows you to save money on your daily shopping.

How do you get paid from UniqueRewards?

You have to earn $20 to get a payout on Unique Rewards. It is a bit high threshold, but still ok. Once you reach this threshold, you can get your earnings through PayPal or check. Payments will be sent out every Monday evening. But be aware that Unique Rewards might delay payments if they suspect that the advertiser might reverse the completed offers/surveys.


  1. Can you use it on mobile?

    Using a GPT and survey site on mobile is great for earning on the go. You can use Unique Rewards on mobile.

  2. Is Unique Rewards free?

    Yes, but if you sign up for an offer, you may require to provide your credit card details.

  3. Is Unique Rewards legit?

    Unique Rewards offer legit ways to make money and legit payout methods.

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