ShareParty Review 2 Easy Ways To Unlock Rewards
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ShareParty Review: 2 Easy Ways To Unlock Rewards


ShareParty Your Gateway to Earn Rewards through Surveys and Video Research. Are you looking for a way to turn your spare time into valuable rewards? Enter ShareParty, a survey app that presents you with the opportunity to earn points by participating in survey missions and video research. Designed to be a platform where users can seamlessly engage in income-generating activities, ShareParty promises a legitimate avenue to accumulate points that can later be redeemed for various gift cards.

What is ShareParty?

ShareParty is a survey app that rewards you for taking surveys and participating in other income opportunities. This is a legit app because you can actually earn rewards with it. However, that doesn’t mean ShareParty is worth using.

To know if you should install ShareParty, you first need to understand how it works. The best way to do this is to check out the income opportunities. This way, you will get a clear idea of how much time and effort it takes to earn money from it.

1. Make Money By Survey Mission From ShareParty

One way to earn money with ShareParty is to participate in survey missions. These missions will only ask you to answer surveys using the app.

1. Make Money By Survey Mission From ShareParty

To view all available survey missions, simply log into the app and go to the Missions section. Then you will see something like the image above. To start earning, simply choose a survey and press it The first set of questions you need to answer is the qualifying question.

These questions are designed to help you determine which group the survey is designed for. If you pass the qualification process, you can participate in the actual survey. If you are not eligible, just go to the next available survey (if there is one).

After completing a survey, you will get a certain amount of points as a reward. Once you’ve accumulated points the platform rewards your efforts by allowing you to redeem these points for a variety of gift cards.

2. Make Money By Video Research From ShareParty

I’m not sure why ShareParty calls this opportunity Video Research because it doesn’t actually have anything to do with video. But the way this video research works is that it allows you to earn passively by allowing the app to run in the background.

2. Make Money By Video Research From ShareParty

What it does is try to understand how you use your mobile phone by recording your information like web/app online behavior, mobile phone model number/IP address, etc. It will not record any of your personal, confidential or sensitive information. Data and will continue until it is stopped or deleted.

To enable this opportunity, you must answer the video habit survey, which can be found within the app. After completing the survey, the system will email you so that you can participate after confirmation. If you return to the app, it will guide you through the tracking setup process.

Once set up, you can let ShareParty run in the background and you’ll earn 10 points per day and a maximum of 300 points per month. It’s not much, but it’s a passive way to make money.

How Do ShareParty Pay You?

Once you’ve accumulated points through ShareParty’s engaging survey missions and video research opportunities, the platform rewards your efforts by allowing you to redeem these points for a variety of gift cards.

How Do ShareParty Pay You?

The gift cards you can redeem will depend on the country you live in, but the most common option is Amazon gift cards. The threshold you need to meet to redeem a reward will depend on the gift card you want to redeem and the country you live in.

But most of the time, The redemption options usually start at a minimum of $1, providing users with the flexibility to enjoy rewards even with a modest accumulation of points. On the higher end, users can aim for more substantial gift cards, with the maximum redemption value capped at $10. . The only problem with ShareParty is that it’s quite difficult to determine the value of your earned points because gift cards of the same value sometimes require a different number of points to redeem.

How To Join ShareParty?

Neither the app nor its website specify which countries it is actually available in, but it is available in most Asian countries. If you live elsewhere, it may not be available to you.

How To Join ShareParty?

To register as a member, you must first install the app. Then, when you open the app you have to go to the registration process. You have to provide your mobile number while registering, so if you don’t like to share your mobile number, than this app is not for you. After registration, you will log into the app and start earning.

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