AdsRepay Review Earn money by watching videos

AdsRepay Review | Earn money by watching videos


Naturally, people like joining Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. Because this type of site presents plenty of earning possibilities, it all depends on whether the GPT site you join is right or wrong.

Adsrepay is a get-paid website where you can make money by completing different tasks. They established this website in 2020, so it’s not ancient and doesn’t have such a significant reputation, but as far as you can tell from the online reviews, it looks like Adsrepay is legit.

What is, and what does it offer?

Let me reveal that is a legit site that will pay you for completing the short tasks offered on their site.

As mentioned above, it is a GPT site. So, you can expect plenty of ways to earn from it.

Now, whether these earning chances are the right way for you to make extra cash stays to be seen. So, let’s inspect this site’s earning options to gauge how well you can earn from it.

How can you earn money on Adsrepay?

You can earn money by completing the following tasks: watch videos, complete surveys and completely different studies provided by partners, download and try out new games and apps, and click on other links offered by partners to visit their websites.

How to make money by watching videos on Adsrepay?

You can make extra rewards by watching videos. There are two platforms that AdsRePay offers videos RepayTV and HyprMX.

HyprMX is only open for members who live in the US, while RepayTV is for international members. To earn, pick the right platform and select a video you like to watch.

For ReplayTV, choose a category of the video you want to watch. Don’t be surprised if some types don’t have videos available. It is because the videos you can manage will come from members of RepayTV. If no videos are in the specific type, that means there are no videos now uploaded by members.

To provide a background of what RepayTV is, it is a platform where users can upload videos they have created, and other members can watch them and make small bonuses.

To make money from watching RepayTV videos, you’ll have to answer a verification inquiry at the end of the video.

So, suppose you want to earn from watching a video on RepayTV. In that case, pay attention to the video because the verification question will typically be about what the video is all about.

The verification inquiry will be in a multiple-choice layout, and you only have two chances to answer the question correctly. If you cannot answer the question after two attempts, you won’t achieve the bonus for it. So, pay attention to the video you are watching.

It is more involved than many other sites where you can earn by watching videos, as you often only have to watch them and do not have to pay attention or answer questions.

How Do You Get Paid?

One of the critical benefits of AdsRepay over most reward sites is the low payout threshold. You can withdraw your cash of $1 via PayPal or Amazon Gift cards as soon as you collect 125 points.

However, redeeming 125 for $1 means you will lose $0.25! The motive is that you can save 500 points for $5.

How much money can you make?

GPT sites rarely lack making options. It is the main advantage of online rewards site. So, the earning potential of a GPT site is mainly determined by how well the site pays.

And in AdsRePay’s case, I would say they don’t pay that well. Most surveys you can answer will only reward you around $0.1 to $0.5. Plus, think you won’t ever qualify for the surveys.

As for their paid offers, you usually earn around $0.1 to $1. However, the more rewarding suggestions where you can make $1 or more typically take a lot of time to complete because these offers will usually ask you to play a game and get a specific level before earning the reward.

And that takes a bit of time. So, regarding the time-to-money ratio, isn’t one of the best sites to consider.

That’s why I would say their earning potential is pretty low. Pay a ton of time to make a decent amount.


AdsRepay is a legit and profitable GPT site that lets you cash out quickly via PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

The site provides one of the most extensive selections of survey routers and suggests walls, so you never run out of tasks.

Still, you may work to collect points depending on your nation due to a shortage of surveys and offers.


  1. Who can join

    AdsRePay is available in most countries. However, the offers available to you will periodically depend on your place. Most requests will be available to US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe users.

  2. Can you use it on mobile? doesn’t have a mobile app you can download. But, you can access their site from a mobile gadget using a web browser.

  3. How to Earn Points?

    There are many ways you can achieve points at AdsRepay.The dashboard has three major categories where you can see several third-party platforms.
    Offers, Tasks & Games
    Rewarded videos

  4. How Much Are Points Worth?

    AdsRepay runs a point-based method where 100 points = 1 USD for those who cash out a minimum of $5.
    If you want to cash out $1, you will require 125 points, meaning you will lose $0.25 per transaction.

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