Apperwall Review Earn Rewards by Reviewing Mobile Apps

Apperwall Review: Earn Rewards by Reviewing Mobile Apps


Apperwall offers an enticing opportunity for users to earn rewards simply by sharing their opinions on various mobile applications. This platform provides a seamless way to explore new apps while earning rewards in return for honest reviews. From discovering hidden gems to providing valuable feedback, Apperwall’s user-friendly interface and convenient payment options make it an appealing choice for those looking to monetize their app experiences. Joining is easy, and with a low payout threshold and a multi-tiered referral program, Apperwall presents an exciting avenue for both casual users and dedicated earners alike.

What is Apperwall?

Apperwall is a GPT site that will pay you to write mobile app reviews. It’s a pretty easy way to earn. Also, you can actually try out different mobile apps and who knows, you might discover apps that will work for you.

Apperwall: Your Gateway to Earn Rewards by Reviewing Mobile Apps

Now, to understand the earning potential of this site and how to earn from it, we need to check the earning opportunities it offers. So, here’s how you can earn from Apperwall.

Make Money By Mobile App Review From Apperwall

Apperwall requests users to provide reviews of mobile apps for rewards. You can log into the site and see if there are apps you can review.

When an offer is available, you just need to download the app from its respective app store (Google Play or iOS App Store). Try the app for a few minutes and leave a review about it on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Before you start working on the offers though, I would suggest you read the instructions for each offer.

Because from time to time, there will be offers that ask you not to write a unique review, instead, copy and paste what the offer asks you to write in the review.

Make Money By Mobile App Review From Apperwall

Personally, I don’t like reviews like this because it’s obviously manipulating star ratings to get more people to join and I hate fake reviews because people can waste a lot of time following their advice.

So I would stay away from such reviews–while writing a review, it should always be an honest one and not decided by the company behind it.

After you finish writing a review of the app, you need to send some proof (usually a screenshot) to Apperwall that you really did the review.

Now, the app review offer will not be available all the time. So, you should check the member dashboard regularly to see if there are available apps that you can review.

Or, you can set up a notification bot called Telegram Bot to notify you when new app review offers are available. When you log into the site, you will immediately see the link to install Telegram bot. Just follow the instructions provided.

Once it’s set up, you don’t need to log in to the site to check for new app review offers. You can log in when the bot tells you there are new offers This is a much more convenient process, so I recommend you take advantage of it.

Make Money By Referral Program From Apperwall

Apperwall also has a referral program that you can participate in so you can earn additional rewards. Their referral program has 3 levels.

When you invite a person to join the site, they become your Level 1 referral. If your Level 1 referral invites another person to the site and they sign up, that person becomes your Level 2 referral.

Then finally, if your Level 2 referral invites a person and they sign up, that person becomes your Level 3 referral. A multi-tiered referral program can be a very profitable referral program as you will have plenty of opportunities to earn passive income.

Make Money By Referral Program From Apperwall

First, they must register on the site using your referral link. After that, they have to complete the app review offers and actually withdraw their earnings, which means they have to reach the payout threshold (I’ll talk about this in the next section).

So, the only people you should invite are those who are interested in working on the site. What you get for your referral bonus, for level 1 referrals, you get 50% commission of the amount they withdraw. For level 2, it will be 30%, and for level 3, it will be 20%.

It’s actually a pretty good deal. But your referrals need to be active on the site to earn the said rewards.

How Do You Get Paid From Apperwall?

Each app you review will earn you a certain amount, which will be stored in your Apperwall account balance. Once you reach their threshold of $9, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal. This is the only payment option available. But it is a convenient payment option, anyway.

They state on their site that gift cards will be available in the future, but at the time of writing this review, gift cards are not yet available. I appreciate their convenient payment option as well. Also, the threshold is relatively low, which will not be impossible to reach.

If you’re interested in more sites with low payout thresholds, I recommend you check out Fastest Paying Sites as well.

How To Join Apperwall?

Apperwall doesn’t say exactly who can join. In theory, you can sign up as a member no matter where you are.

However, after doing a lot of research, I came to know that it is not supported in some countries, which means you will not get any earning opportunities there.

The problem is that they do not specify which countries are eligible to join. So, if you are interested after reading this review, you just need to go to your country and check it out.

They don’t mention it on their site, but technically, you have to be at least 18 years or older to join because they use PayPal as their payment method and 18 is the minimum age to have a PayPal account.

To sign up as a member, you may use your Facebook or Google account. They don’t have an option where you can provide your login details, which I think is quite weird. But overall, the sign-up process is very easy, so you won’t have any issue becoming a member. Don’t forget to add your PayPal address once you log in to the site.

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