Betabound Review 2 Easy Ways To Earn By Beta Testing

Betabound Review: 2 Easy Ways To Earn By Beta Testing


Betabound, formerly known as OnlineBeta, is a platform owned by Centrecode that offers opportunities to participate in beta testing for various programs and technology products, including hardware. By joining Betabound, users can engage in experimental projects where they test technology products based on their set-up test platform profiles. These profiles help qualify participants for testing programs. Additionally, Betabound features an Ambassador Program where members can receive rewards for recruiting new testers. While Betabound does not directly compensate for testing, some companies may offer rewards upon completion of tests. Despite this, Betabound provides a comprehensive list of beta testing opportunities and is available worldwide, with a straightforward sign-up process.

What is Betabound?

Betabound was called OnlineBeta. But since the name change, they have improved a lot about their site. It is owned by a company called Centrecode.

What this site offers is the opportunity for you to participate in beta testing of certain programs and even technology products like hardware. And yes, it is indeed a legit site as you can really earn from the opportunities it presents.

What is Betabound?

Now, to understand how well you can earn from this site, we need to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Make Money By Experimental Project From Betabound

BetaBound’s main scope is experimental projects. This is where you can test technology products.

When you join the site, don’t expect to join an experimental project right away. There is a proper process on how to start it.

All you need to do is set up your test platform profiles. Think of these as the basis for which betabound tests will be sent your way.

Make money by Experimental project From Betabound

You must first add a test platform profile. When you do this, you will be asked to select a category. There are lots of technology categories that you can choose from and you will create a profile for them.

But I advise you to refrain from doing this. It is recommended that you create an experimental platform profile for the technology you already own. For example, you can create a profile for gaming.

Make money by Experimental project From Betabound

When you choose To game, you will be redirected to a profiling survey page You must answer all the questions to create your profile. The information you provide in this profile will be used by BetaBound to qualify you for the testing program.

Once you’re done setting up your exam platform profile, all you have to do is wait for an opportunity to participate.

You will see these exam opportunities when you log into their site .

But you just need to be aware that finding projects you can participate in on BetaBound may require some patience. Also, you need to be aware that it’s not BitBound itself that handles the tests.

In fact, they state in their FAQ section that this is a website dedicated to listing all available beta testing opportunities out there.

So that means this is only a list of beta tests. You won’t take them to Betabound and they won’t be responsible for testing, how many accesses you get, etc. It will just be a list.

And you can actually go to their website and see most of the beta test links available without signing up. So if you want to test the beta but don’t feel comfortable signing up for BetaBound, you can just check that list.

Each project you participate in will have a set of instructions you must follow.

Make Money By Ambassador Program From Betabound

The Ambassador Program is a special opt-in group that you can join to receive rewards. All you need to do is help recruit new testers for specific opportunities. This is similar to the referral program you usually find on survey and GPT sites.

You need to reach out to your local or network or your friends, family and colleagues and let them know about the testing opportunities. You will be directly rewarded based on how many qualified candidates you find who actively attend and participate in that exam.

Once you join the Ambassador Program, you will receive instructions on how to invite people.

You apply to be an ambassador by filling out what is called an extended profile where you have to give your address, phone number and more.

How Do You Get Paid From Betabound?

Usually, when you join user testing sites where you can test and give feedback, you will be paid – often with quite high rewards.

Here, BetaBound differs, however, as they claim that rewarding feedback will make it unreliable.

If you have to spend an hour or more to beta test, you definitely want to be compensated for it. That doesn’t mean you don’t give the right opinion.

There are hundreds of sites you can join where you get paid to give feedback.

But I understand why BetaBound says this – it seems because they just provide links and maybe pay members to take tests.

But they have no cost without giving any reward themselves. So, of course, it’s good business not to pay for them.

I understand their argument about it being more reliable. But I don’t think it’s right. And I don’t think it should be a long beta test without compensating for it.

They mention that some companies will give you some kind of reward after completing the test. But there are no guarantees, and BetaBound has nothing to do with this prize.

How To Join Betabound?

One good thing about BitBound is that it is available worldwide. This means you can sign up as a member of the site no matter where you are.

How to join Betabound?

Their sign-up process is also very easy. You can simply fill out their sign-up form or you can log into their dashboard using your Google account.

Once you’ve done either of the two registration options, you’ll still need to verify your account. So, don’t forget to check your email inbox for the verification link.

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