Bizdustry Review 3 Easy Ways To Money Making By Forum Posting

Bizdustry Review: 3 Easy Ways To Money Making By Forum Posting


Bizdustry offers a unique opportunity to earn rewards by participating in their forums, completing offers on their offerwall, and referring others to join the platform. To join Bizdustry, simply fill out their registration form and activate your account through the email link sent to you. It’s essential to follow their guidelines and terms of service to maintain your membership and earnings. Take time to familiarize yourself with the platform’s rules to avoid account bans.

What is Bizdustry?

At its core, Bizdustry is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that will pay you to post on their forums. But unlike most GPT sites where you can earn rewards in various ways, Bizdustry offers an earning method that you don’t find on many platforms.

Bizdustry: Your Pathway to money making through Forum Posting.

Now, to truly understand how this site works, we need to examine the earning opportunities it offers. This will give you an idea of how much you can earn from this site and whether it will be worth your time.

1. Make Money By Forum Posting From Bizdustry

One way to earn from Bizdustry is by posting on their forums. But let me be specific. You can’t actually post new threads on their forum. Only VIP members and moderators can do so. Instead, what you’ll basically do to earn is, you’ll answer threads on their forums.

1. Make Money By Forum Posting From Bizdustry

Once you become a member of Bizdustry, you can log into their site and see all the forums you can reply to. However, you actually have to go through a sort of trial process before you can start earning from answering their threads.

You must first reply to the thread 10 times. This will serve as your evaluation period. Moderators will check your posts to see if you are capable of delivering quality posts So basically, you can’t just spam replies in the first 10 threads to speed up this process.

You must ensure that your answers make sense. You can read a guide on how to post and it will be shown to you when you become a member. I suggest you read and understand it before you start answering.

Once you make your 10 quality posts, the moderator approves your membership and you need to make 15 more replies before you start earning. That means, you will start earning from the 26th answer you post (provided your answers pass their quality check).

For every answer you post that gets approved, you’ll earn 20 BizNotes. Remember that you can only earn from 3 answers in an hour. You can of course post more answers within an hour but you will only be credited for 3 answers. That means you can earn a maximum of 60 BizNotes in an hour.

As you can see, earning from this site can definitely take time. And you can’t just spam your reply. Each answer must provide value and be meaningful. Otherwise, the moderators won’t approve your earnings and you’ll basically be wasting your time.

2. Make Money By Offerwall From Bizdustry

Another way you can earn from Bizdustry is by completing the offers available on their offerwall. To access their offerwalls, you need to log into the site and click on the “Offerwall” section.

2. Make Money By Offerwall From Bizdustry

When you click on the “Offerwall” link, it will actually ask you to register again. So, you will have to go through another sign-up process, but I would suggest you to use the same login details to make it a bit easier to remember.

Once you are registered for the Offerwall page, you can log in and start working on the offers available there.

Each offer will reward you with a specified number of points. As you can do with these points.

Note that each offer will have a set of instructions you need to follow in order to complete it. So, make sure you note down what you need to do to complete the offer because if you miss even a step, you won’t be able to complete it and you won’t earn the reward.

Once you complete an offer, it will be credited to your OfferWall account balance, not to your Bizdustry Forum account. This is another important difference that you need to keep in mind.

3. Make Money By Referral Program From Bizdustry

Lastly, you can also earn extra rewards by inviting other people to join Bizdustry. If you have previously been a member of another GPT site, you may know this as a referral program

To earn from their referral program, you need to share your invite link with whoever you want to invite, once they register on Bizdustry using your invite link, they will be listed as your referral.

However, before you can earn from your referrals, they must meet certain conditions (refer to the image above). They must make a minimum of 25 approved posts and all their posts must adhere to the guidelines and terms of service.

Also, your referral should not belong to the same family as you. Meaning, they should not use the same IP address as you. Once the conditions are met, you will receive 1,000 BizNotes (equivalent to $1).

The reward is quite decent, but considering the conditions that must be met to receive the reward, it will take some time for you to earn from their referral program. You also need to make sure that the people you invite are really serious about participating in Bizdustry Forum.

How To Join Bizdustry?

Bizdustry is available worldwide. So, you can register as a member no matter where you live. All you have to do is fill their registration form. And once you complete the sign-up form, you can complete the registration by clicking on the activation link that will be sent to you via email.

How To Join Bizdustry?

Just be aware that the site actually has quite a few guidelines that you have to follow, and if you keep breaking the rules (so to speak), your account will be banned and you’ll lose all your earnings.

So, once you become a member, I would suggest you read their guidelines and their terms of service and familiarize yourself with what you need to do to remain a member of their forum.

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