BrandBee Survey App With Rewards & Cashback Offers In 2024
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BrandBee: Survey App With Rewards & Cashback Offers In 2024


BrandBee is a mobile app that offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by sharing their opinions through surveys. This legitimate survey app also provides additional earning avenues, such as daily points collection through background data usage and participating in cashback offers from popular online retailers. In this brief overview, we’ll explore how users can engage with BrandBee, including answering surveys, enabling daily points, taking advantage of cashback offers, and the redemption process for gift cards. As with any app that involves data sharing and rewards, it’s essential to approach BrandBee with caution, ensuring a clear understanding of privacy implications and legitimacy.

What is BrandBee?

BrandBee is a mobile app that claims you can earn rewards by sharing your opinions. And it is a survey app that will reward you for answering surveys. It’s called Mobile Performance Meter and yes, it’s actually a legit app because you can actually earn rewards from it.

Make Money By Answering Survey From BrandBee

One way to earn from BrandBee is by answering surveys. This opportunity was also available in the older version but only as a secondary earning option. But with the latest version, it has become a more basic way to earn from the app. If you’ve engaged with a survey app before, this opportunity will look very familiar to you as it works exactly like most surveys you may find. Other survey apps. Select the survey you want to answer and click on it.

Make Money By Answering Survey From BrandBee

Then, you answer some qualifying questions so that BrandBee knows if you belong to the group for which the survey is conducted. If you are eligible, you will receive actual survey answers. If you are not eligible, you simply move on to the next available survey. After completing a survey you will get a certain number of coins but there were not a lot of surveys available (about 5 to 6 surveys per day), so take advantage of this opportunity regularly.

Make Money By Daily Points From Brandbee

This option will let you earn passively. To do this, you need to enable the app’s accessibility option in your device’s settings. When you enable this option, the app will run in the background and collect data about how you use your mobile device.

The data collected will include your location, the apps you use, and more. This may seem a bit invasive, but the app guarantees that it will not collect any sensitive information like your passwords, account information, etc. Enabling this option will also allow the app to send you location-based surveys, which can help you earn. More than survey answers.

Once this is enabled, you will earn a certain number of points per day. The downside is that it will drain your device’s battery very fast. So, if you decide to enable it, you need to keep this in mind.

Make Money By Cashback Offer From Brandbee

Another way to earn from BrandBee is its cashback offer. If you’re not familiar with this opportunity, let me explain how it works.

Make Money By Cashback Offer From Brandbee

The idea is to buy goods from a store that is offering cashback. To get started, simply log in to the app, go to the cashback section, and see if there are any offers that interest you. When I tested the app, there were cashback offers from popular online retailers like Macy’s, Amazon, Best Buy, and others.

So, you cannot earn much from this opportunity. Before availing the offer, do not forget to read the conditions that you need to fulfill to claim the prize.

After completing the purchase and following all the instructions, you will be eligible to get cashback reward. However, it will not be immediately credited to your BrandBee account balance.

This is because the store will have to wait until the refund period ends before BrandB can give any cashback. So, this opportunity is not something that you can make money from immediately.

How Will You Be Paid From Brandbee?

BrandBee offers earning opportunities that reward you with coins. Now, the question is, what can you do with the coins you earn? You can use yourcoins to redeem various gift cards.

How Will You Be Paid From Brandbee?

You can redeem gift cards for Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, and others. The number of coins required to redeem a gift card will depend on the type of gift card you redeem. Some gift cards only require you to earn 300 coins. This price is $3. Other gift cards require more coins (about 1,000 to 2,500 coins).

The conversion rate is 100 coins equal to $1, so it is very easy to find out how much you have earned. Overall, BrandBee’s payment system is relatively straightforward. However, it does not offer cash prizes.

Who Can Join Brandbee?

BrandBee doesn’t tell you exactly which countries it’s available in, but as far as I can see, it’s only available in a few countries like the US and possibly Canada. The best way to find out if it’s available in your country is to search for it on Google Play.

If you can find it in the results, it means it’s available in your country. To sign up, you need to install the app first. Then, when you open the app it will ask you how you want to log in. You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up.

Now, if you are a Mobile Performance member, unfortunately you will need to sign up again as your old account will not be carried over to the new BrandBee platform.

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