PTCShare Review Earn money online in just a few minutes

PTCshare Review | Earn Easy Money Online in 2024


Hello there, and welcome to this new way to make money watching videos online at PTCShare. The crazy thing is that you need nothing to do this. You only require two simple things: your smartphone and internet connection, and that is all. And you can start making online money by watching videos. It is a rough idea of how much you can create using this method.

If you watch five videos, you will get paid 7.5 dollars 20 videos make you 30, and 50 videos are worth 75 us dollars, and the best thing about it is that it’s a hundred percent free. You don’t need any upfront investment of any sort, and it works worldwide, so no matter whether you are in, you can use this method and make money watching videos.

How To Make Money By Watching Videos From PTCshare?

So, the website we will use to make money watching videos is

How to make money by watching videos?

Let’s go to the home page, and here you can see that it says to interact with advertisers to earn up to one dollar plus per ads view, so basically, all you have to do is click on ads. You will make up to one dollar per interaction, but interacting with us isn’t the only way you can make money using this website.

As you can see here, this website will pay you for clicking on banner ads and for just viewing ads, which is why many people use this PTCShare website to make extra money every day. It is because they are very secure and sustainable. So you can always work on this website. You can always make money no matter where you are, you will never block or be out of videos to watch, and that is great.

How To Create An Account At

Now let’s sign in, so we have the register button up here. I was hoping you could click on that, which will lead you to this page to create an account.

So it’s straightforward. You need to put in a username, a password, and an email, and you are good to go. Be careful to put your actual email address because they will send you a verification link to validate your account, so don’t put a random email when signing up.

How Many People Register On This PTCShare Website Every Day?

Before we go any further, I want you to see how many people register to this website every day. Look at this.

How many people register on this PTCShare every day?

Hundreds and hundreds of new registrations every single day. That’s crazy. Right, this means that people are making money, and they trust this website, which I showed you earlier. They are very secure, and they pay so well, and here you can see how many people were active daily, how many people came to this website to make money every single day in the last month look at this 80 000
busy people every day now, this is proof that this website is worth it.

Make Money By Clicking On Banner Ads At PTCshare.

Okay, so you can make money by clicking on banner ads or watching ads. Let me give you a quick example of banner ads.

Make money by clicking on banner ads.

So here is a banner ad, and this is also a banner ad. You can make money just clicking on these using PTCShare. So basically, you click on it just like this, and then all you have to do is wait five seconds and then close the page. So when clicking the banner, you wait five seconds and close the page, and you will get your payment on the website, and the other way is to view video ads.

Make Money By Viewing Ads At PTCShare.

So let’s go to the view ads, and here we have all the ads we can view. So, let’s click to view paid ads.

You prove you are not a robot. You resolve the captcha confirm. And then all you have to do is wait five seconds and then close the window.

Make Money Through Video Ads At PTCShare.

Now in this example, we were on a website, but most of the time, you will have video Ads to watch, and that’s how you will earn money. When you click on an ad and watch it, you can keep watching multiple ads simultaneously. That means that you will binge-watch ads and make way more money.


  1. Is PTCShare legit?

    PTCshare is brought to you by the exact team after, one of the highest PTCs that has been paying for nearly five years! We have taken many useful lessons from PaidVerts’ unique idea and used them with PTC Share to perfect the system—making it easier to use for both earners and advertisers—and provide both with better results and more potential earnings!

  2. How can I withdraw my earnings?

    Your payments will hold in the ‘Earning Balance.’ To request a withdrawal, you must transfer your accounts from the ‘Earning Balance’ to the selected payment method at the cashier.
    Then, click ‘cash out’ in the table below next to the connection method. An email will send to verify your withdrawal.
    Cashouts are processed within seven days. Usually the same/next day.

  3. How to stay active on the PTCShare site?

    Every activation ad will add seven more active days, up to a maximum of 21 working days.
    So, you only have to watch three activation ads every 21 days if you want to remain active.

  4. How does the referral commission work?

    PTCshare referral program provides you with incredible earning opportunities. You will receive a 7% commission on all of your referrals’ ad purchases (Bulk Ads, Pure Ads, Login Ads, Fixed Ads) and a 3% commission on the value of all cash ads they view.
    Your referrals are yours for life and can not be changed. We also have no silly limits on the number of Direct Referrals you can have and earn from—you worked for it, and you deserve any commissions you get!

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