What is Coin98 Crypto (C98) Coin98 Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2033

What is Coin98 Crypto (C98)? | Coin98 Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2033


C98 is an Ethereum-based token that powers Coin98 Crypto, a DeFi platform for trading tokens, staking, lending, and more. C98 is used to pay for trades on Coin98, can be staked to incentivize liquidity, and can vote on the platform’s future.

What is Coin98 Crypto (C98)?

Coin98 is a protocol providing an ecosystem of DeFi products that is more accessible to Defi users. Projects built on the protocol have decentralized exchanges, on-chain governance (via Snapshot), blockchain-based games, and so on.

Especially, Coin98 authorizes multi-chain movements and performs itself as the unique and suitable protocol – which DeFi users do not have to have in-depth blockchain knowledge to join.

Where Can You Buy Coin98 Crypto (C98)?

C98 is available on multiple exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, AscendEX, FTX, PancakeSwap, Crypto.com, and SushiSwap.

There are currently no known fiat trading pairs for C98, but you may purchase Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat and then sell it for C98 on Binance.

How Many Coin98 Crypto (C98) Coins Are There in Circulation?

C98, the token on the Coin98 network, is a governance or utility token. The circulating collection is 185.00 million, the same as the entire supply. The maximum collection of C98 is 1,000,000,000.

Coin98 Crypto (C98) overview

Cryptocurrency SymbolC98
Market Cap$86,585,182
Circulating Supply185,000,000 C98
Total Supply1,000,000,000
All Time High$6.42
All Time Low$0.391
Official Websitec98
Coin98 (C98) overview

How to store C98 Token

Users can hold their tokens at Coin98 Super App–the wallet allows users to hold, transfer, and manage crypto investments on multiple blockchains.

It has built the token on 3 blockchains: Ethereum and BSC Vas Solana. Therefore, a multichain wallet like Coin98 Wallet is a perfect option to operate Coin98 Token.

Coin98 (C98) Crypto Coin Live Price, Market Cap, Volume, Supply.

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Coin98 Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2033.

Below, we have collected the most reliable price predictions for Coin98 (C98) from popular prediction platforms.

YearsAvg PriceLowest PriceHighest Price
Coin98 Price Prediction

Coin98 Crypto (C98) price prediction

While the C98 coin price forecast was available, there appeared to be a bullish consensus among predictors.

AMB Crypto suggested the token could reach $1.35 this year and rise past $2 in 2026. Its bright Coin98 price prediction for 2030 gave the highest price mark of $7.94.

TechNewsLeader showed the coin could earn $0.90 in a year, but its Coin98 price forecast for 2025 estimated a $1.89 price target. As of August 8, they predicted the token to rocket past $10 to $11.67 by the beginning of the next decade.

The forecast from PricePrediction was along the same lines, with a maximum price target of $0.67 expected for this year. The C98 token price prediction suggested it could average $5.54 in 2028 and $11.14 in 2030.

Finally, the CaptainAltcoin Coin98 price forecast for 2022 declared the token could drop to over $0.30 in October. They predicted the rate to increase, and they estimated that C98 to climb back to $3.23 in 2030.

When considering a Coin98 coin price prediction, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrency markets remain highly volatile, making it difficult to accurately predict a coin’s price in a few hours and even harder to give long-term estimates. Analysts and algorithm-based predictors can get their forecasts wrong.

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency tokens, we recommend that you always do your research. Look at the latest market trends, news, technical and fundamental analysis, and expert opinions before making any trading decision. Keep in mind that the past version is no promise of future returns. And never deal money that you cannot afford to lose.


  1. Is Coin98 a good investment?

    That is unclear. Some market view is harmful, while other projections present some long-term gains that are achievable. Further independent analysis should undertake before producing any asset.

  2. Will Coin98 go up?

    No, according to some predictors’ C98 coin price forecasts. Yes, according to others.
    With mixed coverage, they advise potential investors to consult an independent financial adviser before laying down any money.

  3. Should I invest in Coin98?

    They must approve any asset decision with an independent investigation and professional financial suggestion.

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