Cutie Garden Review Can You Make $100 Playing Easy Games

Cutie Garden Review: Can You Make $100 Playing Easy Games?


There are numerous ways to make money online through websites and apps that pay you to do various things. For example, you can get paid to do tasks like transcribing audios and tagging images on remotetask websites or there are apps like Coin Pop that are good for some quick cash.

Likewise, there’s an app called Cutie Garden that pays you to play games and combine animals to create more rare and exclusive animals. But you are wondering if Cutie Garden is really paying and if you can earn up to $100 just by playing games.

Before investing time or money into such applications, it’s advisable to read reviews, check user experiences, and verify the legitimacy of the platform. If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it’s crucial to approach it with skepticism and prioritize your online safety and privacy.

What is Cutie Garden?

Cutie Garden is a game available for Android and iOS where you have to combine similar animals to create a new, stronger creature. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and has recently been recognized as one of the most addictive games.

Cutie Garden APP Review

The purpose of creating a new creature is that you will receive a virtual cash reward in your game wallet that can be withdrawn from your PayPal account if you ever reach the $100 threshold.

You can get other freebies like gift cards, coupons, and even a Versace watch. The annoying part of the game is the constant advertising in the game client.

These ads are basically designed to make people believe that you can earn money online, but these ads are basically fraudulent so don’t install or sign up for anything.

How to Get Started on Cutie Garden?

To start the game, you first need to download the game from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. After installing the Cutie Garden game it asks some permission. The game allows you to call, send SMS and record videos or cameras. You should press the Deny button on the option.

The game also asks for your location, in which case you should reject it as these things are not required to activate the game. After the permission, the Cutie Garden game starts and you have to match the same level creatures to upgrade them.

For example, two koalas will merge into one squirrel. If the player collects his animals and upgrades his level, he will earn a virtual currency. The higher the level of the animal, the more coins the player will win. Once you reach $100 you can withdraw your earnings into your registered PayPal account.

How to make money from Cutie Garden App?

This game is very easy to play for. You are just a beast miller game toy. You can earn money when a bar comes up on your Janwa. After you download the game, there will be a tutorial on how to play. Leave a comment if you can save your animal and improve your level.

Knowing how to win the level will increase, the player learns more and wins. For example, as a game pioneer, you will be bought from the ‘Shop’ and the beasts. For example: When you meet two koalas, you get a giltehree. When you meet two squirrels, you have a panda and so on.

Given by squirrels, sika will grow larger than sika given by koalas. You will also get mysterious gifts in the game. The gifts usually consisted of animals. The game also states that collecting certain amounts such as the Rainbow Rhino is rare and will earn you some big rewards.

But you will not get the money when the money has to be paid. At the beginning you have to enter the monetary value after seconment may change. The app will automatically propagate the basic price. It will go anywhere on your mobile device. You can also claim various prizes from Bubble of Puzzle and Lucky Spin. You should definitely watch the video.

How does Cutie Garden App Pay?

According to the game makers the process is really simple. You play the game; you combine creatures; you level up your creatures; you earn money. The more you level up your animals, the more money you earn.

And once you reach $100 you can withdraw your money. But the fact is that there is no possibility of earning $100. The truth is that there seems to be no chance of earning a single penny. You can’t upgrade your animals all the time, and it becomes impossible to earn later in the game.

The game also says they will pay up to $200 in dividends for collecting rare and exclusive animals like the Rainbow Unicorn, but when it comes time to pay out, they just say the person who collected wants more. The iPhone prize they claim is also a fraud, and they have not given anything to anyone.

There are no other ways to earn like viewing ads, writing reviews etc. and you can’t earn, or even if you earn, you can’t cash out your earnings.

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