What Is Ethernity Crypto (ERN) Ethernity Chain Price Prediction 2022-2031

What Is Ethernity Crypto (ERN)? | Ethernity Chain Price Prediction 2022-2031


Ethernity Chain is an NFT marketplace that makes limited edition authenticated NFTs (aNFTs) and trading cards developed by artists and substantial figures on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

ERN is an ERC-20 utility token that allows holders to bid on and purchase rare aNFTs and physical collectibles and stake and participate in virtual and real-world experiences and events.

What Is Ethernity (ERN)?

Ethernity is a blockchain-based platform that lets users take benefit of the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The designers set it as a decentralized finance (DeFi) crossover project with established NFTs. In the Ethernity ecosystem, all NFTs can be purchased and traded on-chain.

Ethernity was invested in the Polkastarter platform, where its populace sale appeared on March 8, 2021. The project tries to produce favorable situations for all active community partners to increase the worth of its ERN token.

Before establishing ERN, Ethernity experienced a contest of strategic assets backed by Black Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Woodstock Spark Digital Capital, and Genesis Block Ventures.

Ethernity Chain Overview

Coin NameEthernity Chain
Coin SymbolERN
USD Price$ 6.15
Marketcap$ 82,677,004
24h Volume$ 24,144,803
Total Supply30,000,000
Ethernity Chain Overview

History of Ethernity Chain (ERN)

Nick Rose Ntertsas is the CEO of Ethernity Chain, and Mac Pholea is the chief engineer. The ultimate total supply of ERN tokens is 30,000,000 ERN.

Where can Ethernity Chain be traded?

You can exchange Ethernity Chain on Coinbase Exchange, Binance, and Uniswap (v2). Popular trading teams for Ethernity Chain in the market have ERN/AUD, ERN/GBP, ERN/INR, ERN/USD, ERN/CAD, and ERN/PHP.

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that makes limited edition established NFTs and trading cards produced by your favorite artists and approved by substantial figures. Built on the Ethereum Network, it desires to make the most expansive A-NFT library, reward its developers and raise budgets for charitable reasons eternally. Its amazing DEFI applications allow ERN token holders to plant rare A-NFTs and vote on propositions that will amend the Ethernity Chain ecosystem.

How Does Ethernity Chain (ERN) Work?

Ethernity Chain is a unique Ethereum-based blockchain project presenting a digital art marketplace explicitly created for non-fungible tokens or NFTs. A growing group approves the project of entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, and others.

The platform was created to help artists and other groups deal with NFT collections and digital artwork, popularize it, and help to support reasons along the way. At the same time, by having celebrities boost their collections, the platform also expects to present new people to the world of digital collectibles and cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, it is also allowing artists and content creators by giving them a possession to display their work and achieve the direction they need to develop.

In the end, the NFT sector has unique traits and great potential, and Ethernity Chain wishes to use that not only to help people profit from their work. But also to do some good in the world using its available tools.

Ethernity Chain (ERN) Price Prediction 2022-2031.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2022

In the first week of January 2022, Ethernity reached $11.69 when it dropped below $4.16 for the first time since January 2021. According to the investors and market exports, Ethernity is on its way to passing the $3.12 mark by the end of this year. Before $3.12, it may break its pattern of $74.13 and reach. According to the investors, exporters, and market leaders, Ethernity will break its previous all-time high of $74.13 and hold between $2.79 and $3.12 soon. On November 1, 2022, Ethernity is trading at $2.53, and its 24-hour trading volume is around 18.61M, making it the number 419 currency in the whole crypto world.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2023

There is a possibility that Ethernity can break through the $4.59 border and have the market by the end of 2023. The lowest Ethernity price will be between $3.76 to $4.59, and the most likely Ethernity price will be steady at around $4.23 by the end of 2023. Despite Ethernity’s wild swings in value and the controversy around its environmentally unfriendly energy use, billionaire experience capitalist Tim Draper is sticking to his forecast that Ethernity will earn $4.59 by the end of 2023 or early 2023.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2024

By 2024, market analysts and experts predict ERN will start the year at $4.98 and trade around $5.88. According to their forecasts, this would be too high compared to last year. This is an acceptable jump in Bitcoin.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2025

There is a good option that Ethernity 2025 Price Prediction will double in price, but it is also possible that it may not get its expected highest $7.12 level. Ethernity is forecasted to get an all-time high of $6.65 or $7.12 in 2025, which could be the year of Ethernity.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2026

Ethernity Price Prediction, or ERN, will experience tremendous development in 2026 as it has the prospect of earning new highs in terms of price points and market cap. Ethernity’s price is expected to surpass $7.57 in 2026. They have predicted that Ethernity will reach the maximum price of $7.57, and we expected the minimum price to be around $6.61 in the next five years from 2026.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2027

Market analysts and experts predict that Ethernity Price Prediction and technical analysis, Ethernity, is expected to exceed $7.97 in 2027. Meanwhile, Ethernity is expected to reach a minimum price of $7.51 this year. The maximum price may reach $8.45.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2028

By the beginning of 2028, the Ethernity Price Prediction and technical investigation expect that the cost of Ethernity will reach $9.37, and the price of ERN should reach $9.37 by the end of the year. In addition, ERN can reach up to $8.87 in price. From 2024 to 2028 time gap will bring significant years for Ethernity growth.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, they expect Ethernity Price Prediction to cross the $11.32 average price level, according to Ethernity’s forecast and technical analysis. By the end of 2029, Ethernity’s minimum price is expected to be $10.84. ERN can reach a maximum price level of $11.83. At the end of 2029, Ethernity will have an average price of $11.83. The crypto market expects a significant price shift.

Ethernity Price Prediction 2030

Ethernity price is estimated to reach $13.49 by 2030, at a minimum. With an average trading price of $14.00 throughout 2030, Ethernity’s value could come to $14.52 at its highest. The specialists expect the maximum price to be trading around $14.00.

Ethernity (ERN) Price Prediction 2031

In 2031, Ethernity will try to reach the lowest level of $16.89. It may try to get the maximum and next top tier of $17.96 with the average forecast price of $17.40. It may break the earlier high and go ahead to its next level. If everything goes smoothly, we expect it to reach its next level. But, it may dump also.


  1. Is ERN coin a good investment?

    ERN can be a high-risk 1-year investment selection if you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns. Ethernity Chain price equals 2.006 USD on 2022-10-29, but your current investment may devalue in the future.

  2. Will ERN go up?

    According to the Ethernity Chain Price Prediction model, ERN’s price in 2023 would be $14.23. However, this price would range from $17.07 to $11.38.

  3. When was the ERN coin launched?

    ERN first came onto the open market in early March 2021 when it was worth about $11.

  4. How high will Ethernity Chain go?

    Our forecasting model sees the Ethernity Chain price crashing and dropping to near 0 in the distant future.

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