What is Fantom (FTM) Crypto Fantom Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031

What is Fantom (FTM) Crypto? | Fantom Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031


Fantom Crypto is the native cryptocurrency of a smart contract blockchain network by the same name that rivals Solana, Avalanche, and incumbent market manager Ethereum. It’s known for its high rates and low fees.

What is Fantom (FTM)?

Fantom (FTM) is one of the best-performing native crypto tokens in the cryptocurrency market. It is the governance token of an executed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract platform, famous for eliminating the problems related to smart contract agreements.

The platform provides a higher transaction rate, with a better-dedicated infrastructure supporting the platform. Fantom Crypto was projected in 2018, but the mainnet OPERA of the platform arrived in December 2018. The platform’s designer is Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, but Michael Kong is its present CEO.

The Fantom team supplies improved scalability, decentralization, and security and specializes in full-stack blockchain growth. Fantom crypto is a quick, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps operating a new scratch-built consensus tool.

The Lachesis mechanism is a remarkable quality of Fantom’s Mainnet, which is accountable for 2-second trade finalization and gets several advancements to the current proof-of-stake agreement.

The native token of the Fantom blockchain (FTM) wants to “give compatibility between all transaction bodies nearly the world.”

History of Fantom Crypto

The Fantom Foundation created the platform, and Michael Kong is the CEO/CIO. Further, the team includes 21 other partners, including David Richardson (director), Samuel Hardcourt (director), Andre Cronje (DeFi architect), Simone Pomposi (CMO), and others.

The token was established in 2018. Further, the highest total collection of the token is 3.175 billion.

How Are Fantom FTM Tokens Earned?

Token holders can stake their coins and make FTM tokens as a reward. Staking can carry out directly by using a phone or a PC. There’s no minimum staking; users can stake one token and earn rewards. Further, the platform has a liquid staking example in which stakers can choose a lock-in period between 0 and 365 days. The higher the lock-in period, the higher the reward percentage.

How does Fantom Crypto work?

Fantom Crypto is a smart contract blockchain developed to be quicker and more affordable than alternatives like Ethereum. Unlike Ethereum, Fantom acts through a directed acyclic graph (DAG), like Hedera Hashgraph. With DAGs, they describe transaction records as graphs of blockchain hashes.
Also, unlike the case with Ethereum, Fantom’s proof-of-stake consensus tool, Lachesis, is leaderless. It means that it can execute transactions independently, rather than taking collections of trades as they come in.
Like Binance and Avalanche Smart Chain, Fantom is also consistent with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning that creators can quickly progress their tasks over to Ethereum. Popular platforms have Fantom Finance, Geist Finance, and SpookySwap.

Fantom (FTM) Crypto Coin Live Price, Market Cap, Volume, Supply.

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Fantom (FTM) Crypto Price Prediction.

Let’s now look at some fantom FTM price forecasts being made as of 30 September 2022. It is necessary to recognize that price predictions are often incorrect, particularly for something as potentially explosive as cryptocurrency. Also, many long-term crypto price forecasts are made using an algorithm, meaning they can switch at a moment’s notification. 

The short-term price research from CoinCodex was bearish as of 30 September. 29 technical arrows were giving bearish movements reached, with one hand offering bullish signs. It indicated that the site was bearish in its fantom Crypto price forecast for 2022, showing it could exchange at $0.213101 on 5 October and $0.188911 on 30 October.

The fantom crypto price forecast from algorithm-based forecasting site WalletInvestor calculated that there could be dark times earlier for the coin, with it dropping to just $0.0279 by the end of September 2023. 

The long-term FTM price projection from DigitalCoinPrice made a fantom crypto price prediction for 2030 of $3.15. 

Meanwhile, the fantom coin price forecast from PricePrediction.net indicated the crypto could average $0.27 towards the end of this year. In 2023, the site predicted a potential yearly standard of $0.38 and $0.53 in 2024. The site then created a fantom price projection for 2025 of $0.75. The site then thought that FTM could bounce to $4.98 by 2030. 

When considering an FTM coin price prediction, it’s essential to remember that cryptocurrency markets remain highly volatile, making it difficult to accurately predict a coin or token’s price in a few hours and even harder to give long-term estimates. Analysts and algorithm-based predictors can bring their predictions incorrect.

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency tokens, we suggest you consistently do your analysis. Look at the latest market movements, news, technical and basic research, and expert views before making any investment decision. 

Fantom (FTM) Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)
Fantom (FTM) Price Prediction

How to buy Fantom Crypto FTM?

You can buy FTM on all main cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange with the most importance and lowest slippage are Binance. You can buy FTM using BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB.


  1. Is the FTM coin a good investment?

    It is challenging to declare. A lot will depend on how FTM replies to market events and how the market behaves.

  2. How does Fantom gain significance in the market?

    It is nothing but the confidence of investors that has created an upward trend in the present price of FTM. Proving its value against opponents, FTM has defied the test of duration and is worth investors’ hard-earned money.

  3. When will Fantom reach $100?

    According to the Fantom FTM price forecast, Fantom may earn $100 in the following few years.

  4. How many Fantom coins are present?

    There are 2,545,006,273 circulating supplies of Fantom coins and a max. collection of 3,175,000,000 Fantom coins.

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