GreenPanthera Review Earn Extra & Easy Cash in 2024

GreenPanthera Review: Earn Extra & Easy Cash in 2024


Is GreenPanthera a great way to earn extra money online for free, or is it a waste of time? I would review all the details and how long it takes to earn so you can quickly determine if this is the right opportunity.

What is GreenPanthera?

GreenPanthera is a GPT website operated by A & K International Inc. In GreenPanthera, you can earn money by providing surveys, making offers, receiving cash back by shopping online, and winning coupons. The site is straightforward to work on.

How to join?

So let’s start by reviewing who can join, and you can join from many countries. You can click at the top of the button and see there is even an international option. So there are many countries, even if you’re not here, that you can join from. But there are also some of these platforms. You can see these specific countries where you can choose the language. But they also have the international option to join from other countries. But these are the ones with the most options, and it is free to sign up.

How to join?

And as you can see here on the front page, it also says you get a $2  registration bonus. So, by signing up, you get $2. It used to be $5, but they lowered that, unfortunately. But still, it’s a nice joining bonus compared to many other survey sites.

Make money by GreenPanthera surveys.

Once you’re inside, it is easy to use. You can see the surveys and then see what you will get here. This is up to so that is usually also what you would get. And then you can click it, and you’ll be taken to it. It’s a survey router. It has different partners that get it surveys. So you’ll be taken to an on-the-side. When you complete it, you’ll return here and add it to your balance. But you don’t have to log in to get the surveys because they send many email invitations.

Make money by GreenPanthera surveys.

In my experience, I do like service sites that send survey invitations because it can be convenient that you don’t have to log in, but GreenPanthera does send a lot. You will get a lot of email invitations. And even when you click it right away, there will still be many surveys you do not qualify for. It’s still tough to qualify, or even when you click right away, sometimes they have filled up.

So that’s just how it is in general. The ones you do qualify for pay decently. I would say they pay average, a bit above average per survey compared to many other survey sites. But there are other ways to earn here. So let’s go over those also.

Make money by offerwall.

As you can see, GreenPanthera also has an offerwall section. They only have two offerwalls, and I would say this is not something  I use on this platform because there are just many other Get-Paid-To sites where you find many more offers.

Make money by offerwall.

So I prefer using all the options for that, honestly. But you can find them here. It can be a way to earn. They have some decent offers, just not as many as you can find on many other websites where they have offer walls. But you can also find one more way to earn here.

Make Money by Online shopping.

So when you’re inside GreenPanthera, you can’t see this last option. That’s what’s a little bit confusing. But you can scroll down, and then you can see shops and coupons at the bottom. And if you click that, then there is a popup.

Make Money by Online shopping.

And they do have some cashback options. They do not have much, and it’s very well hidden, as you can see. But cashback means if you click here, you go to a shop, and if you buy something, you will get a percentage back into your account here.

Make money with Coupons.

You can do the same with coupons and see if you need any. But in my opinion and experience, surveys are the best option, and that’s what I use GreenPanthera for, but I don’t use them for the other options. But they are there, and I want to make you aware also. So, there can be a way to reach the payout threshold slightly faster.

Make money by using the Referral program.

You can also invite friends, and you will then earn a percentage when they earn. They will earn the same. It will not affect their earnings, but GreenPanthera will pay that to thank you for inviting others. And that would be 10%.

So, it’s not an excellent referral program. It’s decent, but just not one of the top ones. So if you like inviting friends in general, what I recommend is if that’s a way you want to earn, they always only recommend what you genuinely think is recommending. Don’t just recommend based on what you can earn because that’s just unethical, in my opinion. But it can be a way. If you like it, you can invite others. You can earn a little bit extra like that.

How does Green Panthera pay?

When you take a survey or an offer on, you earn dollars that you can get through PayPal, which is a great and easy way to get paid.

How does Green Panthera pay?

Most surveys pay $0.75-$1; surveys take 5–15 minutes on average. When you complete a survey, know you may wait to see the money in your Green Panther account. They write that you can see the money after 1–2 days. However, it usually takes 3–5 days.

In some cases, surveys may take longer to be approved, so you must be patient if you don’t see the money in your account within a few days.
When you ask for a payment to your PayPal account, it can take up to two weeks before the money is in your account, but it usually happens faster.

You can only cash out once you reach $30, a higher payout threshold than many other sites. There are many PayPal survey sites with lower thresholds, and at Green Panther, getting to the threshold can take some patience. But it’s certainly possible, and I’ve done it myself several times.

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