5 Best House Sitting Platforms Earn by Becoming A House Sitter

5 Best House Sitting Platforms: Earn by Becoming A House Sitter


Are you looking for real House Sitting jobs? Then this article is for you. One option I came across was to become a house sitter. And yes, you can get some great benefits from that. In this article, I will share the five best, houses-sitting platforms and explain exactly what you need to do. How much you can earn? And all the details so you can find out if this is the right opportunity.

What Do You Need To Do To Become A House Sitter?

So next, let’s talk about what you need to do as a house sitter. And first, you need to stay at the house, which doesn’t mean you can never go out. You can find house-sitting jobs when you travel, and then, of course, you can still go outside to see. But you need to stay in the house so someone is living there when you have agreed with the house owners. 

Also, you need to take care of their pets if there are any. Very often, there will be house sitting jobs like that and, of course, also taking care of plants or basic housekeeping, meaning keeping the house clean, treating it like you would treat your own house. It can also be to empty the mailbox or other things. Of course, the exact things you must do can vary slightly depending on your agreement with the owners. But these are the most common things. So it’s not super complicated or anything like that. But you, of course, must take care and do a proper job.

Types Of House Sitting Jobs.

So, one more thing we need to discuss before going over the platforms is that there are two types of house-sitting jobs in general. There are paid jobs and non-paid jobs. But the non-paid, in one sense, are paid anyway. Because they usually give free accommodation, and sometimes you can even find free accommodation while traveling in grand mansions, houses, and apartments where you would usually pay a lot of money to stay. But then you can stay there for free. So we pay them anyway.

But of course, that depends on your needs and where you are looking for house-sitting jobs. And then there can be paid house-sitting jobs, and sometimes that will be where you get a room or maybe a tiny house in a more significant place where you stay. And then you get paid while you are doing your housekeeping duties. Of course, many people are looking for those, but they are also more challenging to find and experience by doing a lot of online research.

How Much Can You Earn as a House Sitter?

Let’s also talk about some examples of how much you can earn before we go. According to Salary.com, there are different average salaries for other jobs. You can make a house sitter salary in the US, with an average annual pay of around $32,000.

How Much Can You Earn as a House Sitter?

So, it’s lovely, pay to be a house sitter. Of course, knowing this is only for some jobs is essential. This is for the US. I do not guarantee that you will get that, and in most cases, it will be these unpaid jobs; they are the easiest to find. Where you can earn this much here will be very hard to find, and it is more like applying for an actual job.

The 5 Best House Sitting Platforms.

Let’s go over these five House Sitting platforms where you can quickly get started as a house sitter. It’s not a prioritized list because which of the best options depends on your preferences.

1. House Sitting Platforms is TrustedHouseSitters

So, the first House Sitting Platforms I want to discuss is TrustedHouseSitters, one of the more popular house-sitting platforms. And you can find, you know, a house to sit there in basically, you know, anywhere in the world. They have some excellent accommodation in bigger cities where you might pay hundreds of dollars per night. Yes, they have a yearly membership here to get access to applying, but it’s around $120. So, in most cases, for a year’s membership here, it’s less than you would pay for a lovely night in a hotel in many of these places.

1. House Sitting Platforms is TrustedHouseSitters

And I’ve looked around here, and you can find some great places in cities that are usually very expensive, some lovely homes. But be aware that you also need to take care of a pet in many cases because people leave their pets at home. So that is, in general, how it is here. But if you are travelling and would like to have great places to stay without substantial accommodation costs, then TrustedHouseSitters is a good option.

2. House Sitting Platforms is HouseCarers.com

Next, House Sitting Platforms we have HouseCarers.com. As you can see here, you can search by location. It is also in many different countries. Of course, exactly how many options you can find will depend on the country you live in or the country you do not necessarily live in but where you’re looking for house-sitting jobs. 

2. House Sitting Platforms is HouseCarers.com

You can search here and see most of the information for free. But if you want to be able to apply, then you need to pay a yearly fee of around $50 or so. And that’s how it is with many of these platforms because that’s how they make money and can provide these services to us. After all, they charge a fee.

3. House Sitting Platforms is Nomador

The next House Sitting platform is called Nomad or, and this is also an international site. So you can find house sitting jobs in many different countries. You can go to the website there, and then again, you can sign up for free. But you do need a paid account to be able to apply for these jobs on this platform. I believe it’s around $100 per year.

3. House Sitting Platforms is Nomador

So, of course, you can’t join all these platforms, but you could potentially because that will increase your chances of finding housing jobs. But of course, you need to think about it also because most of them have these extra fees. But as mentioned earlier, often the costs are way less than you would spend on one night in a hotel anyway. But you can go there and become a house sitter and sign up for free. It’s usually aimed at people traveling, and then you can take care of the house.

In some cases, also, the pets while they are travelling. And since it’s international, you can travel cheaply because you can stay for free wherever you go. And they have these great ways of exploring. You can see if you want to go to the countryside, maybe you want to go to the beach. This can also be an exciting way to plan where you want to go if you just like travelling and want to see places you may haven’t considered visiting. You can search for the beach, and then you can find different options. You can choose the date and things like this and then have a look and see what options are there.

4. House Sitting Platforms is HouseSitter.com

Next, House Sitting Platforms, we have HouseSitter.com. Another place where you can go and find different house-sitting jobs. You can see here that it can also be a way where you need to keep an eye on plants and things like that. That’s how they advertise the platform. You can also go when you go and see the opportunities here. Often, they are paid. You can see what people pay for per hour. There are different options here for what people get paid for this.

4. House Sitting Platforms is HouseSitter.com

So there are some good hourly rates here for jobs in this one. You can also check the top cities. You can see this is mainly for the US and Canada. So this is a little bit different from some of the other options in this Article. Also, be aware that this also does have a fee. You can join monthly, and it’s around $26 for a month, or you can pay yearly, and that’s only like $90. So, if you regularly want to do something, it can be worth considering there. But as you can see here, you get a pretty good salary, so that can quickly cover the fee if you decide to do this.

5. House Sitting Platforms is PawShake

So the next House Sitting Platforms is PawShake, and you can see the countries in which it’s available here. So, if we try one of them here, you can see this is aimed towards pet sitting. But they also offer a house where you, for example, come and take care of their pet in their home if the pet prefers to stay at home. And you can see what some sitters are charging here.

5. House Sitting Platforms is PawShake

But of course, it depends on the exact job you want to do and the country. As I told you at first, there are platforms in many countries. But this can also be a great way to earn a little extra if you are.


As we said, there are some great options for becoming a house-sitter. Exactly which House Sitting Platforms are the right for you depends on your preferences and how you want to earn.  The primary goal of getting free recommendations while traveling the world or staying in your local area and finding a job? So all these options gave you ideas, so you have a good idea about how to get started.

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