Wynter Surveys Review Earn Easy Money Up To $100 Per Tasks
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Wynter Surveys Review: Earn Easy Money Up To $100 Per Tasks


How can you potentially earn up to $100 per task with Wynter? Wynter is a website you can join where you can get paid to participate in studies and share your feedback. In this Wynter review, I’ll give you an inside look so you can decide for yourself whether this is the right opportunity for you or not.

What is Wynter?

Wynter is a market research site that offers you an opportunity to earn money by participating in research studies. This is actually a legitimate site since you will actually be paid to participate in this study.

However, this does not mean that the site is valuable or even suitable for you. To find out if you should join this site, you first need to understand how it works so that you have a good grasp on what you need to do to earn.

Who Can Join At Wynter?

Let’s talk about who can join Wynter because this is somewhat confusing. Because if you go to the FAQ section, you can see what it says.

Who Can Join At Wynter?

It is accepting members currently anyways from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. However, during the signup process, you can choose different countries. For example, you can choose to share your phone number if you want to, and there, you can basically choose all countries. 

So it seems that at least sometimes they might have actually accepted other members or members from other countries because they do have those options during the sign-up process. There are some extra things you need to consider when signing up because the sign-up process is a little bit different from most other platforms where you can join and earn money for free like this.

How To Get Started at Wynter?

So, let’s also talk a little bit about that before taking an inside look. So Wynter is free to sign up for, but it’s a little bit unusual because the signup process is not just to give your email and then confirm your email. Then you will be inside. You actually need to share a link to your LinkedIn profile, and you cannot become a member if you do not have a LinkedIn profile. So it would help if you had that to be able to join. In addition to that, during the signup process, you need to give your regular email address, but you also need to give a work email.

How To Get Started at Wynter?

And that cannot be a Gmail or something like that. It needs to be an official domain name-based email address that you need to give. Because you need to use that also to confirm your account, you need to confirm your account on two different email addresses, one work email, and one private email.

So it’s a little bit more complicated than that, and it shows that they are interested in people who are like what you can call professionals and who have a LinkedIn profile, all these things of that. If you think that sounds like too much, well, then this is not for you. That is the requirement to join, but since it is a little bit more complicated to join,

How Wynter Works?

So when you log into Wynter, the platform itself is quite easy to use because there’s not a lot you can see inside.  You can go to the test, you see your test, you can fill out your profile, and that’s something you need to do, and then there’s a help center.

How Wynter Works?

That’s all there is to it. What type of task can you then find? You can see here they say that you can take surveys, but this is not a regular survey. However, it’s not the surveys you can also find on other platforms. It’s more direct feedback from different companies and bigger companies, and it takes between 1 and 15 minutes. It can be quite interesting to participate in. So, it can be a good way to try to take some different types of surveys. +They also pay quite decently, as we’ll talk about in just a few seconds here.  But just be aware that there are limited options available.

Wynter Payment Methods

But let’s now talk about the earning potential and how you can get paid. So before joining any earning platform. You need to know how you can get paid because it’s always important that you can get your earnings in the method that you prefer, as you can see in the FAQ section.

Wynter Payment Methods

They say that they send out the payout within five days after completing a test. The wait is not too long, So I like that. Then, you can see that you can choose between different options, for example, gift cards, Visa, PayPal, or charity.

Wynter Payment Methods

So, some good payout options, whether you prefer cash or PayPal, Visa card, gift card, or donate, are also an option. So there’s no such payout threshold. Once you’ve done a test, you will be paid within five days for the method that you have chosen.

How Much Can You Earn From Wynter?

But how much can you then earn from this? So when it comes to getting paid, they do pay quite well per task. You can see that after every survey, this is not a regular survey. Just be aware of that; I already talked about this, but they are a little different.

They can be quite interesting, but you get between $10 to $100. However, if you look a bit further up there, they say between $10 and $200. So sometimes that can also happen. They even say that it would be between $90 to $800 per hour, but this hourly rate, you know, is always you can’t calculate an hourly rate on a platform where maybe I get one test a month. Possibly once a week for 10 minutes. You can’t say an hourly; for me, that doesn’t make sense.

But anyway, if you could do it as an hourly job where you could earn unlimited or find unlimited tasks, yes, it would pay well. But overall, you shouldn’t count on these $200 there, mostly if you look, you should go for these like $100, potentially up to $100. But be aware that is usually up to $100, which will require quite a bit of effort. You will be required to have a specific profile to qualify for these.

So don’t expect that you will get this for every task. But anyway, even if it’s $10, you can get a 10-minute survey that’s still very good for something like this. But sometimes you also need to, for example, record some videos and things like that. It does take a bit more than just clicking, as it frequently does in the regular surveys from other survey platforms.

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