Linkvertise Review Path to 100% Easy Passive Income Via Shared Links

Linkvertise Review: Path to 100% Easy Passive Income Via Shared Links


Linkvertise, a reputable link-shortening platform, provides an intriguing opportunity for users to earn income by sharing links. This legitimate platform allows individuals to customize the ads accompanying their shared links, distinguishing it from other similar services. However, success in earning from Linkvertise requires an established audience because of the minimum 1,000 impressions per link prerequisite. In this introduction, we’ll explore the platform’s unique features, such as its referral program and payment methods, while also delving into considerations regarding user experience and the potential for sustainable long-term earnings.

What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is a link-shortening platform that lets you earn by sharing links. And yes, it is legit because it pays you to share links.

Linkvertise: The Path to Passive Income via Shared Links

Before you do this, you need to understand how the site works so that you have a clear idea of how much time and effort is required to earn from it. And let me reveal right now that there are some important details that you need to consider.

Make Money By Sharing Link From Linkvertise

The main way to earn from this site is to share the links mentioned above. You can post it on your social media profiles or share it on your website. Then, when a person clicks on that link and fulfills all the conditions set by Linkvertise, they will count towards your visit.

Make money by Sharing link From Linkvertise

Now, the way Linkvertise calculates the number of impressions of your links (the number of visitors you get for your short links) is a bit complicated. They say they are using a performance-based revenue model. Later, I will explain what this means. But the main thing you need to remember is that you need to get minimum 1,000 impressions per link you share to earn.

The earning opportunity seems simple enough, but it involves quite a lot of work to be successful. Because you need to build the foundation, to get enough audience to increase your chances of getting clicks.

It cannot be done overnight. So, this type of earning opportunity is only for people who already have an established audience (like a social media influencer). If you are just a simple social media user, it will take a long time to meet the earning requirements from the links you share based on my experience.

Linvertise’s link shortener is somewhat unique because it allows you to customize the ads that appear when your links are clicked. So, this means that every time a person clicks on the link you share, they will be exposed to the ads you have chosen.

This is what makes Linkvertize quite different from all other link-shortening platforms. Now, whether this is a good thing is still up for debate. The bottom line, though, is that the person who clicks on your link will still encounter the ad So, it can still lead to mistrust, which can be problematic for you.

As you can see, the problem with these link-shortening platforms is that they don’t offer a good long-term method of earning. Of course, you can get people to click on your links initially. But when they see that your links contain ads (and, in many cases, spammy ads), they’ll start ignoring anything you share because they’ll think they’re just ads.

Hence, you won’t be able to get them to click on any of your links in the future, even if not from some link-shortening platforms. That’s why it’s not a great way to earn.

Now, Linkvertise says they only show ads that aren’t misleading or inappropriate ads containing adult content (as some other link-shortening platforms do). This sounds interesting, but again, the bottom line is that people will be bombarded with ads, which is quite an annoying experience.

And it’s very difficult for people to reach the destination page of the link you share, so there’s a big risk they’ll think you’re sharing nothing real, just ads.

Make Money With Linkvertise Referral Program

Linkvertise generates additional revenue through its referral program, referred to as their affiliate program. The idea is to invite people to join your site by sharing your invite link. When they click on the link and sign up as a member, they will become your referral.

Make money with Linkvertise Referral program

Another way to get referrals is to use advertising content provided by the site. These materials will contain links to your invitation, and you can embed them on your website, YouTube channel or online forum.

Then, every time your referral earns from the site, you will get a 5% commission as a reward. It’s a decent way to earn passively, but you must make sure that the people you invite are really interested in earning from Linkvertise. Otherwise, you won’t earn anything from this opportunity.

How Do You Get Paid From Linkvertise?

As explained earlier, you will earn every time your link receives at least 1,000 impressions. Your earnings will be reflected in your Linkvertise account balance.

Then, when you earn at least $10, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, direct bank transfer, Payoneer, and several other methods. You can also convert your earnings to an Amazon gift card or prepaid MasterCard.

To cash out, you must set up your payment method, which will require a 2-step verification process. This means you have to give your mobile number. Once this is set up, you will withdraw your earnings once you reach the payout threshold.
You have the option to configure Linkvertise for automatic monthly cashouts. Of course, you need to reach the site’s threshold to process the payment.

Overall, I’d say Linkvertise’s payment system is relatively straightforward. I love the fact that it provides convenient payment methods. If you are interested in more sites that offer a convenient payment method, I suggest you also check out Top Sites Paying Through PayPal.

How To Join Linkvertise?

The best thing about Linkvertise is that it’s available globally. So, you can sign up as a member wherever you are.

How to join Linkvertise?

All you need to do to start earning is to fill the registration form and log in to the member dashboard. However, I recommend that you set up your payment method after your initial login. So that you don’t have to do it later when you cash out.

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