Tellwut Surveys Reviews 6 Easy Ways To Earn Form Online
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Tellwut Surveys Reviews: 6 Easy Ways To Earn Form Online


Welcome to Tellwut, the dynamic market research rewards platform where your opinions count! Tellwut, short for “Tell us what you think,” offers a unique blend of community engagement and earning potential. As a member, you’ll can share your thoughts on various topics through surveys, polls, and discussions, earning valuable points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. From socializing with other members to creating your own surveys, Tellwut provides a vibrant and interactive space for individuals to contribute, connect, and earn. Join us on this journey as we explore the features, earning methods, and exciting possibilities that Tellwut has to offer. Your opinions matter here, and we’re excited to have you as part of our community!

What is Tellwut?

Tellwut “Tell us what you think” is a market research rewards platform with a very tight community. Here, members (aka voters) can earn rewards for their opinions and community contributions while companies can conduct surveys and gather consumer insights.

Tellwut Survey Platform

you can join as a member and earn money by sharing your opinion.Tellwut started in 2010, and let me reveal right now that Tellwut is legit, and you can actually earn as a member. However, it is a legitimate company and is known to pay and keep its promises to its customers, however, that does not mean that it will be a good option for you.

1. Make Money By Answering Tellwut Surveys From Other Members.

Tellwut has an option that I haven’t seen on many other sites. One of the few other sites I’ve tested that offers something similar is Toluna Influencers This is quite an interesting option.

1. Make money by Answering Tellwut surveys from other members.

It gives you the possibility to answer surveys from other Tellwut surveys members and is an easy way to earn some money. All members can create surveys, and most of them are very short and will usually take you less than a few minutes to answer. But sometimes there will be surveys that are longer.

Some of them are quite interesting and have funny or interesting pictures or short videos. Others are a bit more annoying, but at least they are often very small and work quickly:

Surveys are mostly like small polls and can be about anything It could be an opinion about a certain advertisement or mascot, a certain beauty trend, lifestyle, favorite food, etc. Since there are many members, there will also be different types of polls created by them. But you can always decide whether you want to participate or move on to the next one.

These short polls or surveys are often available, so you can, in most cases, do a few a day. They are very short and hence won’t give you much rewards, but I will go into the details of the rewards later. If you scroll down to the bottom of the survey, you’ll be able to see how many points you’ve earned before you decide to take the survey.

2. Make Money By Creating Surveys Yourself From Tellwut.

As well as answering surveys from other members, you can also create short surveys yourself. If you create an approved survey, you will be paid a small amount.

2. Make money by Creating surveys yourself From Tellwut.

You can be very creative with the questions you want to ask in a survey, and you can even include short videos or images. But there are some limits.

If the content is inappropriate or offensive, it won’t be approved, and you won’t get paid for creating that survey. Other reasons your survey may not be approved are that the question has been asked before or is too similar to a question asked before.

I think it has an approval process, because I can imagine how it would be the same questions being posted all the time, and it would definitely be more interesting to participate if there was some variety in the questions. You can only create 2 surveys per week. If you create more, they will not be approved, so it will be a waste of time. So it’s obviously not a way to make big money, but it can be a fun way to participate.

3. Make Money By Answering Tellwut External Surveys

External surveys are surveys that are not created by Tailwatt or Tailwatt members. It comes, for example, from companies or organizations.

You probably know this type of survey from other survey sites. They can be a bit longer, but the longer an external survey, the higher the reward. You can find them by clicking on “Earn Rewards Live” in the menu once you log in, or you can have them emailed to you.

The most lucrative earning method on Tellwut is subject to limitations based on the number of opportunities available, which vary depending on your location and demographic profile. But to have the best chance of getting surveys, it’s a good idea to take the time to fill out the profile inside the members’ area.

4. Make Money By Interact With Other Members From Tellwut.

One thing that makes Telwat different from many other survey sites is that it is a survey site like a social media or community.

It emphasizes community, and so a large part of what you can do there, is create your own surveys or answer other members’ surveys. Every time you answer a survey from other members, you can also see statistics on the percentage of times you answered.

Below all member surveys, discussions are ongoing, and you can leave comments and answers. This community aspect can be beautiful and interesting, but it can also be very time consuming.

But it depends on why you joined Tellwut. This is great if you want to be social and participate in small surveys and discussions, but if your main goal is to earn a little extra money, this aspect can be very confusing and take up your time. So you have to prioritize your time according to your goals.

5. Make Money By Refer Friends From Tellwut

Many paid survey sites have options to refer friends and get extra rewards for it. I think it’s a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra money.

Some top paying survey sites have really good rewards when you invite someone to join. Tellwut has the option to get additional rewards if you invite friends, but these are very low rewards. In fact, it’s one of the lowest rewards for a referral program I’ve ever seen, and it almost doesn’t make sense to use it to earn money.

When someone joins via your invite, you get 25 points – the equivalent of about 6 cents – so very little reward and no way to make money on Telout. But if you think it’s a fun platform, why not invite friends you think will like it too?

6. Make Money By Weekly Draw From Tellwut.

The newest earning opportunity on Tellwut is a weekly draw. Every time you try a survey (whether you’re eligible for it or not), you’ll be entered into this draw. If you are lucky, you can win 4000 points ($10). Not something you can count on as it’s purely based on luck, but still a great extra chance to be aware.

How Do You Get Paid From Tellwut?

Before joining any survey site, it is very important to know how you can pay. Engaging in activities on Tellwut involves utilizing points as the currency for transactions.

How do you get paid From Tellwut?

For instance, you have the option to redeem your earnings as gift cards for popular retailers such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks, movie vouchers, or even opt for a prepaid Visa card with rewards.
Recently, when Tellwut did a big update, they finally introduced PayPal as a reward, so now you can get cash as well, which is a great addition to the site. If you prefer to pay for surveys via PayPal, this is now an option.

When a survey site uses points, figuring out exactly how much you earn by taking a survey can be a bit confusing. But you only have to figure it out once, and then it’s easy to see if an activity is right for you.

At Tellwut, though, it’s not as simple as the value of your points depending on the reward you want.

The fastest reward you can get after earning 4,000 points is a $10 Amazon gift card. Here, this means that 100 points are worth $0.25. You, for example, get about 200 points as a joining bonus, which would be worth 50 cents.

However, if you want a $10 Tango card, you’ll need to spend 4,500 points to get it. So it is not so easy to find out the exact value of the points. But you can think of it as an approximation because 100 points are worth $0.25, which makes it easy to see what you’ll get for different surveys.

How To Join Tellwut?

To register on Tellwut, individuals must be at least 18 years old, reside in the United States or Canada, and are limited to one account per household.

How to join Tellwut?

To begin the sign-up process, visit and click on “Create Account” located in the bubble at the top right of the homepage.

You have the option to sign up either through Facebook, offering a quicker process, or by manually entering your information. Upon creating an email and password, a 100-point signup bonus is awarded, and additional points (150) can be earned by providing more personal information during the registration process.

After completing the sign-up, the total bonus stands at 250 points, allowing you to commence participating in surveys to accumulate rewards.

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