Loop11 Usability Testing Platform Review Earn Easy Money

Loop11 Usability Testing Platform Review: Earn Easy Money


Loop11 usability testing platform is a platform that allows you to make money testing the usability of various websites and mobile applications. And yes, the Loop11 usability testing platform is legit, as you will get paid to complete user testing projects.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s worth your time. To know if you should register as a member, you must first understand how the site works. The best way to do this is to check the income opportunities it offers to get a clear idea of how much time and effort is required to earn from it.

How To Make Money By User Testing Projects?

The only way to make money with the Loop11 usability testing platform is to participate in user testing projects. Once you become a Loop11 user tester, you will be invited to participate in user testing projects from time to time. You will receive invitations via email, so be sure to check your inbox regularly.

How to make money by User testing projects?

The email will contain instructions that you must follow to complete the test project. It also contains the link you need to click to start the test Apart from that, the email will also tell you how much you will earn for completing it.

How to make money by User testing projects?

To take the test, you must install the Loop11 usability testing platform browser extension, which is only available for Google Chrome. So if you want to try, you should use Google Chrome. What the browser extension does is record your screen while you visit the site.

Most of the time, a test project requires the use of a microphone and sometimes even a webcam. This means that you must speak your mind while performing the tasks of the test project. This means you should work in a quiet room while you take the test.

Most tests are relatively easy to perform. For example, you may be asked to add an item to a shopping cart on an e-commerce website. And while you’re at it, you should tell us what you think about the entire experience of adding the item to the shopping cart.

These are the general types of testing you should perform in the Loop11 usability testing platform. That means it won’t take long to complete the testing project. One thing to note about this opportunity is that you will not be offered many projects.

Therefore, it is not something you can make money from regularly. You can consider yourself lucky if you are invited to test projects more than twice a month.

How Do You Get Paid From The Loop11 Usability Testing Platform?

The site is vague about how it pays its testers to complete a test project. And I can’t tell you personally because I never got any invitations while checking the site. But in my experience, user testing sites often use convenient payment methods such as PayPal or direct bank transfer when paying testers.

So expect the same with the Loop11 usability testing platform. However, one thing I can say is that you don’t have to reach a certain threshold to win. Loop11 does not have a member panel to log in like other user testing sites.

In my experience, when there is no dashboard for reviewers, it means no payment threshold, since there is no way to track how much reviewers have earned. Overall, you’d expect Loop11’s payment system to be relatively simple.

Who Can Join Loop11?

The site doesn’t tell you exactly which countries, it’s available in, but from what I can see, it’s more or less available worldwide. Therefore, you should be able to apply to be an appraiser wherever you are.

Who can join Loop11?

To apply as a tester, you must go through the registration process, which involves taking a mock test. During this step, you will be asked to install the browser extension. You will also be asked to use a microphone.

There are three tasks in the mock test that you must complete. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll need to answer a few questions to complete your profile. Once you have completed this step, you can submit your application.

Returns from the Loop11 usability testing platform can take up to 48 hours, so please be patient. You will receive an email if you are accepted as a tester, so check your email inbox to see if you have received an email from Loop11.

If you are accepted as a test user, all you have to do is wait for an invitation to participate in test projects.


Loop11 is a legitimate user testing site that will let you earn money doing usability tests. It has several decent features, but it has some drawbacks that you should consider.

In my opinion, the Loop11 usability testing platform is not a bad website for user testing. However, it is not very good. It doesn’t offer many opportunities to earn money, so you can’t earn much from it. Also, it will take some time for you to start earning, so if you want to make money right away, this site is not for you.

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