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FusionCash Reviews? Easy Earning By Watching & Listening


There are a lot of methods to make money online. One of the most valuable sites is FusionCash, and taking some time to do one task at a time to get paid.

FusionCash is ideal for those who have time to complete surveys. The user has to give a substantial amount of time to earn the minimum required amount for fun withdrawal. Signing up is for free.

What is FusionCash?

FusionCash is a get-paid to website. Fusion Cash was founded in 2005 and rewards and pays members for completing different tasks.

This company found in California, USA, but now serves users from different parts of the world.

You can watch videos on the Fusion Cash platform and earn cash. These videos are often short videos or adverts about products or services.

IS FusionCash Legit or Scam?

With the history of how long and legal their operation is, there should be no question about Fast Cash’s legitimacy. It indeed pays once you accomplish each task on the site.

Back in 2005, when FusionCash started, and until now, it has been a trusted site for people who like to make money online. Fusion cash, having been recorded in BBB with an A+ ranking, has already paid over three million dollars for over a decade of process. This little information on the site speaks of its fine reputation.

Ways to Make Money on FusionCash.

There are multiple methods to earn money on FusionCash. But now we will talk about how to Get paid to watch videos and Listen to the radio.

Make Money on FusionCash by Watching video.

Get paid to watch videos online! Unlike quick surveys and signing up, this type of task choice takes longer because it demands you to watch videos until the end. But will pay you per video you watch. Video Streaming is a sound deal because other sites suggest you make money by watching videos in bulk. For example, watch ten videos to get produced. Here in Fusion Cash, you get paid per video you watch.

Invest more time in this kind of task. Not all the time, you’ll get paid for watching online videos and spending hours surfing the internet for videos that will consume your leisure time. By watching videos on this site, your income will add up small by small, like $0.1 to $0.2 per video.

The good thing is you do not have to focus on it the entire time. Because you can always do other tasks on the side while watching videos, time is always flexible, especially for Fusion Cash users.

Make Money by Listening to the Radio

Fusion Cash offers a $5 sing-up reward for you to listen to music! If, for example, you listen to music the whole day at the office, then you’ll pay on this site. Again, this takes time, but you can do other jobs and even have passive earnings as you keep yourself active with another source of profits. Through RadioLoyalty, this type of offer provides you $0.03 every 30 minutes of listening.

FusionCash Payment Method.

FusionCash offers different payment methods: PayPal, check, and direct deposit. Especially, PayPal is the first choice of users since it is fuss-free, and it’s a win-win condition on both sides because there are no costs. There is a monthly payment strategy when every 20th, you will get paid after you request a payment withdrawal.

FusionCash Payout Threshold.

The minimum cash-out amount is $25, and $15 should come from your earnings from accomplished tasks and surveys, not from referrals. Once your request gets approved, wait 1–5 days for processing, and later, you will receive the payment. Most Fusion Cash users get paid on the 23rd.

How to Register With FusionCash?

To register with FusionCash is simple. You must first meet the eligibility requirement. You will automatically qualify to use this platform if you are from the United States or Canada. You can start your registration process by filling in your details. You should fill in your email address, zip code, and other personal data. A verification link will send to your inbox, where you can confirm your email. After verifying your email, you are good to go to the next stage.

The next stage of the registration process will demand you complete more information about yourself, your preferred payout method, and other details. After completing your registration, you will earn a $5 bonus, and you are now officially a member of FusionCash.


  1. How does FusionCash work?

    Simple! Register (for free) and pick your favorite way of earning cash. We have paid surveys, paid videos, paid radio, paid to click, paid tasks, cashback shopping, spent to search, and more. Then, after meeting account and balance requirements, you request a “cash out” of your credit and get paid by your preferred method.

  2. How can you afford FusionCash?

    Advertisers and survey providers pay us to send potential customers and survey takers. This form of marketing is much more effective than traditional advertising because they pay only for fully gained customers. There is no wasted advertising money in conventional advertising, such as TV or radio spots.

  3. How much money do I need in my account to cash out?

    The minimum balance for cashing out is $25. At least $1 of your balance must come from non-bonus credits; the rest can be bonuses (but don’t need to be

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