Lucky Dice App Review Gaming for Cash A Genuine Platform Or Scam

Lucky Dice App Review: Gaming for Cash A Genuine Platform Or Scam?


Welcome to my concise Lucky Dice App Review. In the realm of online money-making, Lucky Dice App stands out by offering users the chance to earn money while playing a board game. This app allows users to accumulate virtual cash, points, and coins through gaming, which can be exchanged for real money.

In this review, we’ll explore what the Lucky Dice App is, its impact on users, joining, methods of earning, redemption of earnings, available payment methods, and ultimately, whether it’s worth your time. Let’s uncover the truth behind the Lucky Dice App.

What Is Lucky Dice App?

The Lucky Dice app is an online platform where you can make money just by playing games. You will make virtual coins and cash by tapping the dice to stop the mark on the game board.This simple yet engaging process forms the basis of how users can generate earnings within the app. By participating in this interactive gaming experience, individuals have the potential to accrue virtual rewards that can later be converted into real-world currency.

What is Lucky Dice App?

How To Join Lucky Dice App?

You can download the Lucky Dice app on your mobile device. It only supports Android platform, so you cannot find it in the app store. This app is not yet released on iOS platform.

Therefore, Android users can easily access and download the app from the Play Store. It’s noteworthy that providing your real ID is not a requirement for joining this platform. You can create your own separate username to play this game. But to redeem your earnings, you must have your PayPal account.

So, if you are interested in earning money by joining this app, you can create a PayPal account.

How To Make Money By Playing Lucky Dice App Game?

To play this game, you just need to touch the dice. It’s like a casino. Once you touch the dice, it helps the pointer to move around the board and reach the cash spots.

If it reaches the cash spot, you will earn cash or coins, but if it does not reach that spot you win nothing. You do not need to gamble your earned cash or coins to win more.

Once you reach $8, it becomes difficult to reach the limit. Your minimum withdrawal limit is $10. Therefore, you could be stuck below $10 for several months before reaching the limit.

Your pointer will miss the location of the cash many times, which will leave you frustrated. This app also offers daily gifts and rewards to its users and a chance to win big if you are lucky enough.

There are various mini-games in this app. You can play any games of your choice and earn cash and coins from them. There is no payment in the game, so you can play any game for free.

How Do You Get Paid From Lucky Dice App?

You need to reach the $10 threshold to get paid. You can then cash out your earnings via PayPal. But most of the complaints are regarding withdrawal of their earnings.

People claim that they could not redeem their earnings. Only people from USA, UK, and Canada may be eligible to receive the payment.


Despite a high Play Store rating of 4.4/5, user comments reveal numerous complaints about the Lucky Dice App, including excessive ads and unredeemed earnings. Through personal research and consultation with various sources, it appears the app is a scam, making false promises about earning through gaming. The possibility of inflated ratings, possibly influenced by the company, adds to the skepticism. It’s advisable to avoid this app, as it seems to be a fraudulent venture. For genuine money-making opportunities, users are encouraged to explore alternative avenues. Check our Paid Game Player review for insights into earning through ad-watching or gaming.

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