Rewarding Ways Review 4 Easy Ways To make money From Rewarding Ways
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Rewarding Ways Review | 4 Easy Ways To make money From Rewarding Ways


Rewarding Ways claims to be the best GPT site to work and make money online. Rewarding Ways has many options to earn and a shallow payout threshold. And the number of positive reviews on is imposing!

What is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is a GPT (get paid to) website that rewards users for taking online surveys and completing is owned by 99 Ventures, a UK-based company that offers worldwide online advertising and owns and runs several Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites.

Rewarding Ways offers several ways to make money, and it is, thus, seen as a GPT site (get-paid-to). So let’s begin with what Rewarding Ways offers.

How Do Rewarding Ways Work?

  • Signing up is 100% free, and you will earn $0.20 just for signing up.
  • You must provide your name, username, email, address, and email linked to your payment processor.
  • Most opportunities to make money with Rewarding Ways are online surveys and offers.
  • However, getting paid for watching videos, downloading apps, and clicking on ads is also possible.
  • They also have an affiliate program that rewards users for requesting more people to the platform.
  • It’s important to note that rewarding ways will pay you in cash or points, depending on the advertiser.
  • One hundred points equal $1, and you can exchange points for cash rewards.

4 Easy Ways To make money From Rewarding Ways

1. Make money by Taking Online Surveys.

If you like doing paid surveys, Rewarding Ways offers many offers. It is one of the best ways to earn on the platform.

All the surveys are offered through third-party providers, meaning that you will be offered surveys through several Rewarding Ways partners and not the site itself. It is also acceptable; many sites use third-party providers and offer many different offers.
Rewarding Ways give some pretty good rewards for the surveys you take compared to many other sites, so it is an excellent way to earn there.

2. Make money by Watching videos.

You can watch short videos and make a small reward by accomplishing this on Rewarding Ways. It can be all kinds of different small entertaining videos or ads, many of which are available.

If you want to watch amusing short videos, getting a little money for it simultaneously can be fun. And the benefit is that it has more useful or fewer total videos you can watch, and you can make it this way no matter where you live.

3. Make money by Taking offers

If you have used a GPT or survey site before, you will know that many have an offer wall.

It is where you can take other online offers. It can, for example, be to sign up for a test for growth or website, sign up for newsletters, download an app, and more.

The rewards for the offers will be the same no matter which of these sites you are taking them on. So which site is the best to take them depends on which you prefer overall and which site has the payout methods you prefer.

But the offer walls are worth checking out. You can make great rewards if you read the requirements and find the right offers. Often you can also find extra paid surveys on the offer walls.

4. Make money by using an Affiliate Program.

A great way to make money with Rewarding Ways is to invite others to join through your affiliate link.

Their affiliate program pays 25% of all your referral earnings for life. That means for every $10 they earn. You earn $2.50 without lifting a finger.

You can share your link on social media, but more is needed to earn you a decent income.

How do you get paid?

As you do surveys, tasks, watch videos, etc., on Rewarding Ways, you will make money in dollars that you can mainly visit your Rewarding Ways account directly. Some options will earn you points instead. You can convert the points into cash.

Your money can pay out via Skrill, PayPal, or bitcoin. Your points can be delivered as Amazon gift cards or other gift cards (the exact gift cards depend on the country you live in) or converted into cash.

Payout threshold

Rewarding Ways has an external payout threshold, which indicates you do not have to create a lot of cash before you can order a payout. How much you require earning depends on the payout method you like to use.
For PayPal and Skrill, the payout threshold is only $1, which is very low compared to numerous other comparable sites. For Bitcoin, you require a minimum of $30 to withdraw.


  1. Can you use Rewarding Ways on mobile?

    There is no Rewarding Ways app you can download to make on the go. Many sites do not have that but have a website optimized for mobile gadgets, so it is always comfortable to use on a phone or tablet.

  2. Who can join Rewarding Ways?

    Anyone can join and register for Rewarding Ways if you are 18 years old. So it does not matter where do you live in.

  3. Can you get support from Rewarding Ways?

    You can submit a support ticket if you need help when logged in.
    Rewarding Ways displays the help will get back to you within 24 hours. And in my adventure with the organization after the site, you can anticipate an exactly quicker response.

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