Clickperks Review 6 Best Ways to Make Money at ClickPerks
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Clickperks Review | 6 Best Ways to Make Money at ClickPerks


There are many reward sites; we have this ClickPerks site among the reputed ones. Working on this site will reward you by doing various tasks.

So check out this complete ClickPerks review and see whether it is trusted and does it is worth your time or not.

So without any delay, let’s start;

What is Clickperks?

Clickperks is another Get Paid To a site where you must complete some tasks to get paid.

There are so many tasks available to complete and earn. Some are watching videos, completing paid offers, paid surveys, and so forth.

Clickperks was first established by React2Media, in New York City, a marketing research company that provides surveys and offers for its clients.

Getting Started.

Firstly, visit the site and register on the site. Click the sign-up button and then provide your details.

You must fill in your email address, contact number, address, password, and date of birth.

The site also offers you points when you complete your account. You will receive 3 points, to be exact.

How To Make Money With ClickPerks?

1. Make Money by Paid Surveys.

Like most survey sites, Clickperks partners with providers like Peanutlab and Offertory. Because you’ll be working with multiple survey providers, be aware that you’ll answer some basic questions repeatedly.

There’s the primary screening process to get you to the proper surveys. After finishing each study, the points will get credited to your Clickperks account. Survey points depend on the length, but mainly each survey can award below 10 points.

2. Make Money by Paid Offers.

Paid offers include downloading or buying stuff. It also contains signing up for free trials. Offers requiring you to pay for something to give more main points than free trials. Sometimes, though, you can end up spending more than you can gain.

It’s not a complete loss if you count the cost or buy an item or service you’ll use personally. If you’re already planning on buying something, getting some points is an excellent perk.

As for free trials, please keep track of the sign-up date, so you can cancel your subscription before they bill you (they’ll usually ask for your credit card info even though they offer something for free).

Other offers concern inviting you to join a contest. Most contest offers will require your email address and some additional personal information. Just be sure not to equip sensitive reports, which can make them swipe your identity.

Depending on the offer, you can gain around 5-100 points each.

3. Make Money by Paid Videos.

In most GPTs, paid videos have the most inferior point offer. After all, it’s straightforward to do. Often, videos reward 0.5 points each. If a video lasts 30 seconds, you can roughly get 30 points for watching different videos for an hour. That’s if they have at least 60 videos prepared for you to watch.

4. Make Money by Cashback.

If you’re a constant Target, Amazon, Starbucks, or Walmart buyer, Clickperks offers a good offer of getting points for shopping in these brands. Aside from the four brands I mentioned earlier, there are a thousand more brands they partner with and gain points from.

You can gain points for every dollar you pay when you shop using the Clickperks website. You can also get exclusive discounts from big brands.

5. Make Money by Playing Games.

If you love paying time playing games, you can earn points doing it in Clickperks. Sadly, they didn’t outline how many points you can make from doing it.

6. Make Money by Referral Program.

If you feel you don’t make enough points for tasks, you can also gain more by inviting others to sign up and do tasks.

Still, like playing games, Clickperks doesn’t mention how many points you can make for inviting someone.

How You Can Get Paid With Clickperks?

Clickperks pays in gift cards or cash. Clickperks partnered with over a thousand brands to offer a gift card. Some of these are Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and even airline companies like Delta Air Lines. Gift cards have a low minimum threshold. Having at least 30 points can allow you to redeem a $3 gift card on Amazon.

As I said before, Clickperks uses the point method. Ten points are like $1 in most cases. If you want to redeem your points in cash, you have at least 250 points to get $25 in PayPal.

How Much Money Can You Make With Clickperks?

How much you can earn will depend on the quantity of time you consume doing tasks and the tasks available for you to take. Surveys last 15-30 minutes and can award less than 10 points.

You can earn $25 in roughly 8 hours if there’s a steady stream of surveys.

Will you spend a whole day earning $25 by the end of it?!

If you want a survey site with far more profitable offers, you can also try Swagbucks.

ClickPerks doesn’t deliver a way to make a living, and you must spend some time figuring out the platform and accumulating points.

This platform is one of the higher-end sites, however, and it offers bonuses for tasks that you may be moving out of anyway. If you like reading newsletters, watching videos, receiving promotions, and shopping online, ClickPerks is an excellent way to expand your free time.


  1. Is Clickperks A Scam?

    Clickperks is not a scam, although the use of stock images and the lack of details are complete red flags. It also conveys your information to third-party websites, which can risk your data if accessed by scammers.

  2. Is Clickperks Worth Your Time?

    I know that reward sites pay little to their members. You just use them to earn some extra money for your pocket money.

  3. Who are ClickPerks’s main competitors?

    ClickPerks’s main competitors are Alabama One Rewards, Iconic gifts,, and Web Rewards.

  4. What is ClickPerks’s tech stack?

    The technologies that ClickPerks use are Mailgun and Sectigo.

  5. What is ClickPerks’s Revenue?

    ClickPerks’s revenue is <$5 Million.

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