Minersy Mining App Review Easy Path to Earn Up to $856 Monthly
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Minersy Mining App Review: Easy Path to Earn Up to $856 Monthly


Is the Minersy Mining app the way to earn up to $856 passively per month from your phone as it looks inside the app, or is it a waste of time? In this Minersy review, I’ll give you an inside look, and then you can decide whether this is the right opportunity for you.

What is Minersy Mining App?

Minersy Mining App says here that it’s a free cloud mining platform. So you can join and start earning.
The idea behind that is that you can see cloud mining done with equipment from the Minersy Mining App. So you don’t have to have any equipment because traditionally, participating in mining would be very expensive.

And in this case, they don’t take advantage of your computer power, device power from your phone or anything like that. But supposedly, they have the equipment, and you get a share of that. But the challenge in general with cloud mining is how to check that they have the equipment and how it works. When we look at the Minersy Mining App, we can also see that the business model seems slightly different.

Make Money by Mining Cryptocurrency.

So when you log into the Minersy Mining App, it is easy because when you just join here, you can see You can scroll down here, and then there’s a big start button.

Make Money by Mining Cryptocurrency.

Then you can see here the rate you will be earning with this can be increased. So you can make quite a bit more. But for now, all you need to do is go and click the start button.

Then it would help if you waited, and then you would start earning. But first, you have to see an ad, and that is, you know how they make a lot of money here by getting us to watch ads. Because every time you click, they will show an ad. So you will just be right back when this ad is over. After that, you can see there is a timer. And that means in 30 minutes.  

Then, you need to click again. And another ad will play. But then you will also keep earning. And it says that your choice is Bitcoin. But you can also scroll here and see other cryptocurrencies you can make here if you prefer some other cryptocurrencies. So, I do like that they can choose between different cryptocurrencies. That’s always good.

Make Money by Mining Cryptocurrency.

They have a couple of other ways to make money here than from the actual mining equipment because they want us to watch ads. But not necessarily every half an hour because how often you will have to click here will depend on the package you get. This is a free package so that you can earn it for free. But you would need to click and watch an ad every 30 minutes, which can be pretty annoying and not something that will make you a lot, to be honest, with this free package. You go over the other packages, how typically you need to click, and all that in just a few seconds.

Make Money By Gift Box From Minersy Mining App.

Let’s first talk about one more way they have to earn here. So, as you can see at the top, they also have something called a gift box.

Make Money By Gift Box From Minersy Mining App.

And this is also something you can click, and then you can get access to earning a little extra. You can get a daily box for free here and potentially earn up to $10. But you know, of course, it can also be USDT. So it’s the same value as US dollars. But it can also be as little as 0.00001 USDT.

There are other gift boxes. But here, you need to buy them. So you need to pay $5. But you might only win $2 or USDT. You can win up to 200. So this is a bit of a gamble, and of course, you have to be lucky to win anything.

So it is risky. But you can also choose the free one here. The daily box you can do once per day. They’re for free, and then you need to approve, and an ad comes up again. There are a lot of ads like that. So you’ll just be right back when the ad is over again. So, the ad is now over, and they added something to your balance. 

Make Money By Watching Ads From Minersy Mining App.

Another business model is to earn a lot by watching ads. You have to watch ads for everything you do, plus the packages. The system they made where you need to click and watch ads often also means pushing back the money you invest is challenging. But it does seem that you can get paid if you reach the $25 payout threshold, which is also a little bit high. So you shouldn’t expect to go this just with the free option.

How Will You Be Paid From Minersy Mining App?

As explained above, you will earn crypto from the Minersy Mining App. So, if you want to earn cash, this is not for you. As for how you get paid, you can withdraw mined crypto to your crypto wallet.

However, before doing so, you must purchase at least one of their subscription packages. If you fail, you must buy a $50 gift box and at least one package to withdraw your winnings. So, while Minersy Mining App offers a free way to mine cryptocurrencies, you have to spend money if you want to withdraw your earnings, which makes the free option meaningless.

Who Can Join At Minersy Mining App?

Minersy is a website and an app. You can join it on the website and participate from basically all countries.

Who Can Join At Minersy Mining App?

But if you want to earn by using this mining option where you can make it for free, you do need the app. The app is only available for Android devices.

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