Opinion Edge Review Share Your Opinion & Make 100% Real Money
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Opinion Edge Review: Share Your Opinion & Make 100% Real Money


I have just come across a new great paid survey site that allows you to earn some extra money on the side quite quickly. And in this review, I will share all about it. So, in this Opinion Edge review, I’ll give you an inside look at how it works. And then you can decide for yourself whether this is the right opportunity for you or not.

What is Opinion Edge?

Opinion Edge is a recently established survey platform where users can earn rewards by participating in surveys. It’s a legitimate site, compensating users for their opinions and survey answers.

How To Make Money By Paid Surveys From Opinion Edge?

So you have now logged into Opinion Edge. You can go to the My Survey section, and then you can see all the available ones.

How To Make Money By Paid Surveys From Opinion Edge?

How many are available will vary depending on the country you live in, the time of the day, the time of the month, the time of the year, and all that. New surveys are added regularly, and from my experience, it offers many paid surveys compared to many other sites. Just make sure to go to the profile questions first. There are a few questions that build your profile, and that will help you get access to more surveys. So do that as one of the first things when you join at Opinion Edge.

And then, other than that, you can go and see the information immediately. You can see how many points you will get. The point balance here is what that is worth in cash, how to take it out, and all that later. But that’s what you can see. You can see what devices are available. I like that they make it so easy. So you can use all devices, tablets, phones, and computers.

Any of the surveys can. So that’s great. And then down here, this is the time estimate. So you see some pay well for your time, others pay average. But overall, from what I have seen, it delivers pretty well compared to many other survey sites. So you do get, in general, good value for your time. Of course, some surveys pay better than others. But just be aware that it’s not always good to go for only the highest-paying ones because sometimes they are harder to qualify. And you will, of course, not qualify for all. That’s just how it is with paid survey sites.

You can also do that, and then you can take the surveys, the ones you qualify for, and you will earn. But one unique thing here is that even if you do not qualify, because you will sometimes not qualify for the surveys, you get points for it. And this is something that not many paid survey sites offer. You get somewhere between two and 10 points for the survey, which depends on when you were told you did not qualify during the survey.

Opinion Edge is unique because a few sites offer points when you do not allow them, but usually, it’s, for example, two points or something, no matter if you have taken 5 minutes of the survey. You can get up to 10 points,  equivalent to 10 cents when you do not qualify. Those are some of the highest rewards I have seen for not preparing on a survey site. And I like this because it also shows they value our time. And I appreciate that, of course, you can do that. At least here, you still get something out of it, even for the surveys you do not qualify for. So that’s great.

Make Money By Referral Program From Opinion Edge.

So, Opinion Edge also has a referral program. That’s very normal with a survey site and a survey app. That means that you can go here, find a link, and invite friends to join, and if they enter, you can see you can earn 20 points per sign-up. So it doesn’t say precisely what the requirements are, but usually, how it works is that the person joins like it’s not enough for them to join; they also need to be active.

Make Money By Referral Program From Opinion Edge.

So once they’ve completed a survey or something like that or verified their email, you will get these points. So it’s not like it is on many platforms where you get a certain percentage or will get these 20 points per sign-up. So if you like it and want to tell other people about it, this can be a way to earn a bit extra. But let’s talk about how you can get paid, what the points are worth and all that. You can also see that because the payout options are, of course, always essential to consider before you choose to join a paid survey site.

How Do You Get Paid From Opinion Edge?

So I’ll now jump to the redeem my points section, where you can withdraw. There are different membership levels; when you can start will depend on your membership level.

How Do You Get Paid From Opinion Edge?

When you first join at Opinion Edge, you will be at level one, but then you can move up, and it’s not that there are no specific requirements right now. This is based on, for example, the number of services completed, the overall quality of the answers you give, and other different aspects. So they don’t have exact requirements like that. This is something there. They will automatically move you up. So here you can choose the reward option. Right now, It offers a Tango card.

How Do You Get Paid From Opinion Edge?

But I have asked them, and they also say that they will soon start offering PayPal. So you can also get paid in cash. But this reward itself is actually kind of almost as good as cash. Of course, it depends on your personal preferences. But if you go to, for example, a Tango card, that is where you get it. You can see the reward catalogue.

You can see some options, like many other gift cards. Likewise, you know, for example, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, etc. Of course, this will depend on your exact country and which of the gift cards you can get. But it gives a vast amount of different options. And as mentioned, it seems to be a matter of time before you can get paid in cash. They will already offer PayPal. So, it can also find here some quite good payout options. And you would then need to choose the amount you can see here that you can choose.

Who Can Join Opinion Edge?

Opinion Edge is a website you can go to and sign up for. But you can also download the app. You can use it both through Google Play or the App Store. So, I think both IOS and Android devices are excellent. So, no matter your device, you can find the surveys there.

Who Can Join Opinion Edge?

Taking it from your mobile is always good because it increases your chances of generally earning from paid surveys. Regarding the countries you can join from then on, as of recording this video, it is available in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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