Rewards1 Review is legit 5 Easy Ways to Make Money

Rewards1 Review is legit ? 5 Easy Ways to Make Money


GPT sites are the bread and butter of making money online. Countless GPT sites claim to be high-paying and legit.

One of them is Rewards1, and in this Rewards1 Review, we will find out the most important aspect of earning money online.

What is Rewards1?

Rewards1 is an online forum that rewards users for taking online surveys, accepting offers, and watching videos.

You can also make money when you refer people to Rewards1 by your referral link.

With Rewards1, you achieve points you can cash out for PayPal, many gift cards, and even custom orders.

How can you make money from Rewards1?

There are various ways of making money in Rewards1, and these contain the below activities:

1. Make money by Paid surveys

Paid surveys are the earning method with the most opportunities on Rewards1.

On the platform, you can access several survey routers that offer a decent amount of paid surveys.

These survey routers are legit, and they are used on many other GPT sites as well.

The way a survey router performs is that It bring you to another page to complete the survey, and often they check for a unique survey if you do not allow for the initial survey.

It means you will typically find a good amount of surveys, but it can also take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

Once you have finished a survey, you will earn the reward in your Rewards1 account.

The rewards for the time spent on Rewards1 are more or less the same as some top-paying sites like Swagbucks and PrizeRebel.

So it presents a decent amount of survey options.

2. Make money by Paid offer walls

On Rewards1, you can discover several paid offer walls. These are sections with offers from their members.

It can be to sign up for free trials, download games, sign up for contests, and more. You can also constantly find more paid surveys in these sections.

Rewards1 has quite a few offer walls and members. It does not offer quite as many as a site like ySense, but it provides a perfect amount and many ways to earn here.
Taking the time to find reasonable offers can be a great way to boost your earnings. With paid offers like this, you always have to read the conditions for each offer.

Some have excellent conditions and high rewards, while others are not so great. So know what type of offer you are bearing and what it needs you to do to bring the reward.

3. Make money by Watch videos

You can find videos on many topics, you can earn by watching on Rewards1.
This section might not be easy to find as there is no section called anything with video. To see this option, you must go to the “earn” tab in the main menu and click “offers”.

The videos are a straightforward way to make money as it does not require much effort. But the rewards for videos like this on all GPT sites are meager.

That is why I always say that it can be entertaining, so if you want to watch the videos and want to entertain, then why not earn a bit simultaneously? But if you do it to make money, there are more effective ways on Rewards1.

4. Make money by Play games

There are various games you can play on Rewards1. Some of them can give you some stunning good returns if you are lucky (or good).

You can play some games for free or bet an amount.

To win anything in the games, you do, however, have to bet some of your earnings.

So not to make money unless you are lucky or good at the games. But if you like gambling or betting, there is a possibility of getting some extra winnings.

5. Make money by Invite friends to join

You can also make money by inviting friends to join Rewards1.

If you invite a friend to join, you will earn a commission every time that person deserves. It will NOT take from your friend, who will make the same amount.

They pay it out of the pockets of Rewards1 to thank you for telling others about the platform. If you know people that could be interested in joining, it can be an excellent way to earn a little extra.

You used to get a 40% commission, but Rewards1 has changed this, so it is now only 20%. It is still a reasonably decent commission, but it is just disappointing that they made this change without making their current members aware.

That is not great to make essential changes without notice, so that gives a minus because I am worried about what other important things they might suddenly change without letting us members know.

Payment method

You can redeem your points for PayPal, Amazon, and other gift cards. The minimum you require to cash out is 500 points worth $5.

If you want to redeem your points at another online vendor, you can send a custom request, and they will try to fulfil this order. The minimum is also $5.

Remember that your points must cover the price of the item plus shipping costs.

Standard requests are processed within 24 hours, while custom directions bring up to 5 days.


  1. How can I be sure Rewards1 is real?

    See what our members say in our Testimonial Hall of Fame or Forums. For more proof, Google YouTube or us for “Rewards1 proof” you’ll find thousands of blogs, videos, and forum posts made by members past and present, all sharing their positive experiences.
    Rewards1 has been providing away free rewards since 2007, and you don’t have to look far to see a happy member!

  2. What can I earn from Rewards1?

    You can earn points from completing surveys, and offers may redeem for almost anything! Choose from brand-name gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, Netflix and more, or opt for money through PayPal, cryptocurrency or by check. E-rewards like Gift Cards and PayPal are sent directly when redeemed.
    If you don’t see what you want, place a Custom Order, and we’ll get it for you. Shop at your favourite online store with points!
    Points may also be exchanged with others or presented to a charitable cause.

  3. How do I start?

    Sign up and verify your account by connecting the activation link in the email shipped after registration.
    Start earning points through the Earn menu once your free account has been activated. Don’t forget to engage our familiar community and analyse our forum knowledge base to get the most out of your Rewards1 experience!

  4. How does this all work?

    Rewards1 gives out cash and rewards to partners for doing surveys and trying out offers. Participation is free, and market research companies and companies looking to promote their product or service paid for all rewards.

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