SwingBux 3 easy steps and make money online by watching videos.

SwingBux Review: 3 Easy Steps & Earn Online By Watching Videos


Step one is to sign up for a free account at SwingBux, step two is to watch videos, and step three is to get paid. You probably already watched videos in your spare time. So why not make a decent amount of money online simply by watching videos? It is simple and easy for new beginners who have never made any money before, and it’s completely free.

Is Swingbux A Legitimate Site?

The best part is that it’s available worldwide. While these sites aren’t going to make you rich, they are legitimate side hustles that can earn you anywhere from $40 to $70 doing something you would typically do for free. It seems so easy, right, yet many people tend to make mistakes in these steps, but not you. Because we’ll go through these three crucial steps, you’ll need to pay attention. I’m going to be revealing more bonus steps and tips on how you can boost your earnings on this website. These simple tips and steps might not make you millions of dollars.

Device Requirement For SwingBux.

The best part is that you can perform these simple steps from any laptop or smartphone, so let’s get right into it.

How To Make Money By Watching The Video At SwingBux.

First, the website I’ll be revealing to you today where you can earn money by watching videos is called SwingBux and swingbux.com.

How to make money by watching the video at SwingBux.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit this website is that they have a variety of amazing videos and other activities through which you can explore and earn money. The earning possibilities on this website are endless.

How to make money by watching the video at SwingBux.

How you can earn every 15 seconds on this website by viewing ads? According to the website, you get three cents for every ad you click. You can also get paid by watching select YouTube videos, gathering points on every task you complete, and referring others to sign up as members on the site.

You could earn three cents for any Ad you click, two cents for each ad you sign up for, and up to twenty dollars for each successful referral you receive. but of all these activities, only one stands to earn you the most money for the least amount of effort. We’ll be revealing that one in a few moments, as well as bonus tracks that can even raise your chances of earning more money on this website.

How To Register And Create An Account At SwingBux.

Let’s go over the steps to earning on the site. Like I said, creating an account with swingBux is free. There are no hidden costs or fees, but how does one make an account? When you visit the swingBux website, you’ll see a button that says register on the home page. You want to click on that registration button, which will navigate you to another page, on which you will see a form outline.

How to register and create an account at SwingBux.

Remember, you can participate in this simple task on your mobile phone or laptop from anywhere in the world. Next, you need to fill in your name, username, email address and password; after that, you need to fill in your password confirmation. You must also fill in your payment account, where you will want to receive your earnings.

The next part of the registration process that you must undergo is the image or picture verification process. Now, that may seem not very easy, but it only involves ticking the reCAPTCHA button to confirm that you’re not a robot. After that, you’ll beat the tiny box below to agree to the terms of service and hit on the large blue button that says register, and that’s it. You have created your free SwingBux account and will be logged into it immediately.

SwingBux Payment Methods

The website offers the option of payment through perfect money pay year bitcoin, skrill or ATM, and if you don’t have accounts with any of these payment methods opening one shouldn’t be hard at all. I recommend a pay your bill, and once you get to log into that account, you can quickly receive and see your money after you have filled in all the empty boxes with the necessary information.

You will be competent to see various videos that you can watch and earn money online through these options. You will notice that there are a lot of companies on this website who supply it with new ads and videos frequently, which you can select from to view and earn.

How To Increase Your Earnings On SwingBux.

However, a common question and predicament most newbies face is which video ad to watch and focus on to earn the most. It takes us straight into those bonus tips I mentioned earlier. Now, the first tip to increasing your earnings on SwingBux is always to remember to focus on micro ads.

How to increase your earnings on SwingBux

Why does this particular set of videos allow you to make more money and do it faster than most others by watching 10-second ads? When you click on any micro ad, you will notice that it plays an ad for 10 seconds. It immediately switches to another video, after which it switches to another 10 seconds, and so on continuously until it’s a non-stop playback of videos and ads that are generating money for you as you watch incredible right.

Bonus Strategy To Increase Your Earnings At SwingBux.

Another bonus strategy to increase your earnings is one that most people are not privy to, so be careful while you’re still on the video. You can turn off the volume of the video, mute it and minimize it while it holds working in the background. and you can do other things like go on the net and text with your friends or open another browser and do other things. It is a particularly impressive trick.

Because it allows you to open more tabs and pages and watch more videos to earn even more money, imagine how much you can make in a day from viewing 10-second videos non-stop on multiple tabs. And over and over again as an endless loop such that. Once you finish watching another video ad, queues right in front of it make you so much more money than before you know it. You’re making an enormous amount of income like other professionals and online income earners.

Another useful specialty you should know is that the grid clone resets itself daily. It would be reset after midnight every day. All the grid clone boxes will refresh themselves; furthermore, you will notice the recent winners tilt on the top right of the display, where you can see how much money other people have won that day. You can repeat the same process again and again. It is just one of many ways to earn money on SwingBux.


These are only a few steps and tricks that most professionals around the world use. To not only make more money online but also to double or quadruple their income. That is how to make money online by watching videos at SwingBux.


  1. Is SwingBux a legitimate site?

    While these sites aren’t going to make you rich, they are legitimate side hustles that can earn you anywhere from $40 to $70 doing something you would typically do for free

  2. What is SwingBux Device requirement?

    The best part is that you can perform these simple steps from any laptop or smartphone, so let’s get right into it.

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been wanting to earn some extra money online without much effort, and SwingBux seems like the perfect solution. I’m excited to try it out and see if it really works. Thanks for sharing this review!

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