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Followfast Review: Get Paid To Watch Videos 100% Easy Process


Grab your phone, hit “play” to watch a video on FollowFast, and make money with real money in your account. How awesome can you receive $100 directly into your bank account? It is free and requires no money, which is great news for new starters who have made no money before. It is available globally in all nations of the world. Make sure you pay close attention because I’ll be showing you everything here, including how to sign up for a free account and other additional tips that can help you earn up to thrice as much money online.

The Website Allows You To Make Money Online Just By Watching Videos.

First, visit the FollowFast website, which allows you to make money online by watching videos. Once you get onto the home page of, I was hoping you could click on this join button over here.

The website allows you to make money online just by watching videos.

It will take you to a page where you can register for free and create an account, spending no money.

How To Sign Up For Free At Followfast?

How to sign up for free at FollowFast?

You must first enter your username, email address, password, and password confirmation. Don’t worry about location because it will automatically determine your location here. The good thing is that it allows people from around the world, so it won’t be a problem if you’re from any location. Now enter the captcha here.

How to sign up for free at FollowFast?

The captcha over here is just typing the digits on the screen. Once you’ve entered all your information, click on this blue “join” button here. When you log into your account, see something similar. Don’t worry. You can do this on your phone and computer as well.

How To Confirm Your Followfast Account?

Now I want you to look at this at the top, where it says, “Your account is not yet confirmed. Confirm your email to cash out your points.” Please click on this link at the top, so you can go to the page where you must confirm your email address. Type the captcha here, and click the confirm button. You only need that to set up your account completely.

How To Start Watching Youtube Videos And Start Earning Money?

As soon as you get on your dashboard’s main page, could you click on the YouTube icon? You’ll notice “plays,” “likes,” “dislikes,” and “subs” here.

How to start watching YouTube videos and start earning money?

Then, I was hoping you could click on this red Play button, which you can see when you enter this page.

How to start watching YouTube videos and start earning money?

You can watch YouTube videos and start earning money online by scrolling down below.

The first tip I want to tell you is that you must watch the videos for at least 35 seconds to gain points. Once you have earned points, you can exchange them for real money. If you watch this video, you’ll get 12 points,

How to start watching YouTube videos and start earning money?

So all you have to do is click this blue play button. It will take you to the YouTube videos, and when you return to the FollowFast website, you’ll see that they’ve already started counting down for 35 seconds. You’ll get points for watching the video when that countdown reaches zero seconds. You can pause the video on the FollowFast website without watching it; wait until the countdown to 35 seconds is complete, and you’ll receive points for completing this simple trick.

It is easy, and you can watch as many YouTube videos as possible. They’ll keep refreshing the next videos for you repeatedly.

FollowFast Payment Method.

Finally, if you want to withdraw your money, click the “cash out.” it will take you to a page where you can select a payment method.

FollowFast Payment Method.

For example, you can withdraw using PayPal, Perfect Money, or Bitcoin. If you don’t have this payment option, don’t worry; you can withdraw using many other payment methods. They accept people from all over the world and a variety of payment methods, so basically, this is how it works:

FollowFast Payout Threshold.

Once you earn points by watching videos, you can convert those points into money by cashing them out for as much as $2 is the minimum payout system. Meaning that once you earn $2, you can receive and withdraw money from your account. Simple, you must wait three to five business days to collect your money.


  1. Is FollowFast com legit?

    Followfast in a legit website, most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

  2. How will we earn from FollowFast?

    1. Facebook page like Photo like, Share, Follow.
    2. YouTube video play, like, dislike, share, Subscribe.
    3. Twitter Follow, Photo like Tweet, Re-tweet.
    4. Google Vote Etc.

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