Testing Time Review - Earn More Than $60 Per Easy Test

Testing Time Review – Earn Up To $60 Per Easy Test


Is Testing Time a way to potentially earn more than $60 per test you do, or is it a waste of time? Therefore, I  decided to review this platform because it has potential. But it also has some limitations you need to consider to find out if this is the right opportunity for you.

What is Testing Time?

Testing Time is a user testing site that pays you to test apps, websites, products, gadgets, and more. You can participate in a guided usability test with the client in person or via Skype. Sometimes, you can earn by doing small surveys.

How To Join Testing Time?

So, let’s start by going over how to join and who can join. And you can participate from basically all countries. But as with all user testing sites, how many opportunities will vary from country to country? That’s just how it is.  But when you go to the Testing Time website, it’s also important to be aware that you cannot necessarily see a way to join right away. Because the main Testing Time website is for people looking to recruit people to participate in user tests, you need to scroll down if you want to earn by participating; they might change this.

How To Join Testing Time?

Sometimes, it might be at the top. Sometimes, you know, it might be somewhere else.  But as you can see, something here called sign up as a tester. So, you would need to click this to go to the section where you can apply to become a paid test user.

And it is free to sign up. But a few requirements, as mentioned, don’t need any specific background.  They also say this requires no particular work experience or education. They are mainly looking for two things. It would help if you were honest. They expect you to answer your questions truthfully and to share your opinion openly during testing.

And also you need to be reliable. Because often, the test they do here is where you must participate at a particular time. It can be an online interview.  It can also sometimes be an in-person interview or focus group, like some test. And if it is at a specific time, they expect you to be reliable.

So that is very important. If you cannot attend anyway, you need to make sure to cancel. If not, you will not get any more invitations. So these are the two important things. Because if you’re not honest, the research they do from this user testing is, in general, companies that want, for example, to have websites, products, and apps tested and need honest feedback.

And if you’re not genuine, it just shows the quality is not good. It’s useless for them to waste money; of course,  they’re not interested in continuing to pay you. So these are just the requirements to join.  Other than that, there are no additional requirements. So, let’s go over more about how you would earn if you join.

How Does Testing Time Work?

So when you join, you will first tell a little bit more about yourself because they need to ensure you get access to the proper tests. And then they will invite you. And you can, for example, go to the inside of the platform and see the available test. But you will also, in most cases, get an email invitation. But sometimes, it can be good to check the platform occasionally to ensure there’s no test you have missed. Applying as soon as possible is essential because there are traditionally limited spots.

And then, if you accept, they will see if you know, qualify, and all that. And then, if it’s a match, you will give the feedback and do the test. It can be testing apps, websites, physical projects, gadgets, food, etc. So, you can always read the exact description before deciding whether you want to join. You do not have to participate. You do not have to apply just because you get an invitation. That’s important to understand.

As mentioned, you will get an email or go inside; you can visit and see the available studies. There will be limited options. So that’s why it’s good to join several platforms: there’s a bigger chance that you will get more regular invitations. But also, it does depend on your profile. It does depend on your country.

How To Make Money From Testing Time?

1. Make Money By Usability Testing From Testing Time.

Testing Time offers one primary method of earning through usability testing, available in-person or online via Skype. Members receive test invites via email or may find opportunities on their Facebook page.

1. Make Money By Usability Testing From Testing Time.

Tests are on a first-come, first-served basis, stressing the importance of prompt responses. Once accepted, participants must select a suitable time, emphasizing the necessity of punctuality. Having a Skype account, webcam, microphone, and quiet room for testing is essential. Tests generally take 30 minutes to an hour.

1. Make Money By Usability Testing From Testing Time.

Companies seeking testers include well-known ones, and participants may occasionally be invited to in-person interviews. Timeliness is crucial for future job opportunities, and cancellations should be communicated promptly. Honest responses during the testing process are emphasized, with moderators guiding participants to articulate their thought processes. Paid surveys are also available, although they pay less than other opportunities. The full earning potential can be explored further as a member.

2. Make Money By Testing Time Referral Program.

Another potential earning opportunity on Testing Time is through their referral program. While not immediately visible on the Testing Time website, once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email, you’ll find a link to share with others to invite them to join.

2. Make Money By Testing Time Referral Program.

By inviting people to join the platform, you have the chance to increase your earnings. If someone you invite successfully joins and completes their first test, you’ll earn a 5€ bonus. It’s important to note that you only receive this bonus when the person you’ve invited completes an actual trial, not just by signing up.

If you have connections in areas where Testing Time offers a wide range of options, leveraging the referral program can supplement your earnings.

How Do You Get Paid From Testing Time?

So, when you’re logged in, you can find your payment details. And this is where you can choose your payout option. The exact threshold you need to reach before you can take out your earnings can vary from country to country because the FAQ section says if we have a payout threshold, you know you need to reach it to take out. So, I’m assuming that it might mean that it doesn’t have a payout threshold in some countries. So we can figure out what they mean when they say this.  It’s kind of a strange payout threshold, kind of a high one, also.

The good thing about user testing platforms is that they usually pay well. So, usually, one test would be enough anyway to get it in many cases. But the payout options then are IBAN or PayPal. So, IBAN is abank transfer. PayPal, you know you can also get paid in cash. So I like that they have two different ways to get paid. Just be aware they explain that quite clearly. I do like that they’re so clear about that. They say that if they wire money to a country outside Switzerland, there might be additional transfer charges.

So, that depends on your bank and your account type. So if they transfer, say, $50 or 50 Euros, your bank may have some transfer fee, who knows, 5 Euros or 10 Euros. That all depends on your bank, right? So they say they cannot influence that. But they make you aware of that.  I think that’s great. But they say they cover all the transfer costs if you use PayPal.

So that’s, you know, something you can consider PayPal then. It doesn’t always have the best exchange rates, and they have other fees for all these things, but that’s just something to be aware of.  But these are the payout options. I like that they have bank transfers and PayPal so that you can choose yourself.

How Much You Can Earn From Testing Time?

But let’s now talk a little bit more about how much you can earn per test and how much you can earn overall. So when it comes to the earning potential, then, of course, it varies on many different things. They no longer say an exact amount. They used to say that you could earn more than 50 euros or so per test. But I assume they removed that because people expect they could make it from every test.

But there’s no guarantee how much you will earn. But you can always see before you participate. In my experience, the majority of tests you’re invited to are between  10 and 50 EUR. But I have also seen higher. The more involved the tests are, the more you will get paid. But as they also say, you can earn some money, but it’s not enough to make a living. That is very important to be aware of with the user testing platform, and they also very clearly say that you will be invited irregularly. So they cannot express how often you will get to participate.

They even say on the Testing Time website you should not expect to get a lot of tests. But if you get invited. Again, if you participate in anything like this, remember to cancel. And it would help if you remembered to do that. If not, you will not receive any further invitations, and you should not expect to receive any further invitations. So respect their time, and also, if you have to cancel, it’s best not to cancel because that gives you the best opportunities, in my experience. These are the kinds of things you can expect there. It’s a little less if it’s just online surveys.

In general, they pay within ten days after you request a payout. That’s important to be aware of. But you also see for this particular one here that there was an in-person, in-house test there. But this is just one example. I have seen other examples like that also, you know, where it’s anywhere from $10, $20, $30, sometimes $50, $60 for a test. So overall, it does pay decently. But you should not expect to get invitations very often.


So, to sum it all up, Testing Time is a legit user testing platform. If you want to test different products, participating in, for example, for branches, as you can see on the Testing Time website, some of the examples here can be a fun way to earn a bit extra. And when you do qualify, it pays pretty well. And it does pay out in cash, but you need to know you will not usually get that many invitations. That’s why I always recommend joining many different platforms if you want to do a user test. Then you will get more regular invitations because each has other partners.

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