How to make money with Adviev by viewing ads

Adviev Review | How To Earn By Viewing Ads In 2024

What is Adviev?

Adviev is an advertisement forum that provides functionality for advertisers, investors, and ordinary web users. The new generation platform offers excellent opportunities to attract real customers to any project. The advertisers get only quality traffic. A unique monitoring system designed to eliminate the use of bots and real automated people, the target audience interested in your products will carry scripts out only.

How To Make Money With Adviev Platform

The Adviev platform gives its users to invest and make passive income. Become an investor and get your share of the platform’s total revenue. They provide users of the Adviev platform with vast opportunities to make money by viewing ads, buying packages, attracting other users, etc. Start earning today.

Adviev Basic Information

Members countbetween 10 000 and 100 000
Average referral rate10%
Payment within0
Profit per click$0.007
Clicks per day4
Payment solutionsPerfect Money
LanguageEnglish, Russian
Monitored since789 days
Payments reported on NBR   $488,03
Accepted countriesAll
Payment TypeInstant
Company TypeManual (up to 96 hours)
Email SupportN/A
LocationUnited States 
I.P Address104.26.4.20
Payment AcceptedPerfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Basic Information of

How Does Adviev Platform Work?

The Adviev platform provides its users to invest and earn passive income. Become an investor and get your share of the platform’s total revenue. Since they are trying to collect the investor audience (solvent audience) on the forum, they offer the functionality for investors. For many , the investor audience is of interest. We can sell such traffic for a higher price, bringing more profit to the platform and our investors.

Adviev offers favorable investment terms since it generated profit from 3 different sources: advertising sales, trading on the cryptocurrency market, and investment activities. As a result, investors can earn up to 125% by buying packages. However, income from boxes shall not fix, depending on the platform’s total revenue.

Having a BAP–you get the right to collect paid ads. When you accept paid ads, these ads consume your BAP. So, for every $0.01 paid ads you’ve viewed, 20 BAP deduct from your account. So, for example, if you receive paid advertising in the amount of $1, then 2000 BAP will remove from your BAP balance after viewing the ads.

Adviev Payment Method

The withdrawal limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw. The withdrawal limit (ROI) can increase with the help of deposits, purchases of BAPs, and packages using payment systems. By making deposits, and buying BAPs and packages using payment systems, your available withdrawal limit (ROI) will increase by 150%.

The Main Advantages Of

View of advertisement

Get high payment per view of advertisement. Earn up to $3.55 per click.

Welcome Bonus

Be a customer without investment. Get a welcome bonus of $0.5 + 2600 BAP and start getting cash ads today.

BAP system

Buy BAP points and earn up to 122%. The more BAP points you have on your account, the more valuable ads you will get.

Referral Program

Be on partner and profit at the expense of attracted customers: 4% of purchases by referrals, 3% of the amount they had received by them for the view of advertisement.


Buy packages and automatically get passive income. Earn up to 125% from each purchased package.


Users of the Adviev platform are provided with vast opportunities to earn money.


Buy traffic at a reasonable price. 1000 views-only from $0.60. Advertising your business through the Adviev platform guarantees an inflow of view clients and popularization of your product.


They offer only high-rank traffic-the observing system eliminates the use of bots. Real people will only view your advertisement.

Crypto Audience

Here you will find many users using cryptocurrency every day. So, using the Adviev platform, you will attract users to all kinds of cryptocurrency projects: exchanges, wallets, games, ICO / STO / IEO, gambling, and many other businesses related to cryptocurrency.


Suppose you focus on attracting investors to develop your business. In that case, you will find creditworthy partners among users interested in the profitable placement of their capital in your industry.

Active audience

The audience precisely follows the growth of new projects on the Adviev platform and actively takes part in all partner programs. Therefore, do not miss the possibility to offer your project to the platform audience.

 Get Paid For Watching Videos On Youtube At Adviev

To get paid for watching a YouTube video – you need to confirm this ad with a 4-digit code from the video. The code will show in the middle of the video or at the end of the video. The confirmation form will open after the timer parts on the ad you clicked. These ads will open in a new tab. Check your tabs. The tab cannot be closed before the timer runs out.

Only Adviev Disadvantage

In the browser, Opera Mini may have problems viewing this ad. Hence, use whatever another browser to view these ads. It is best to use the Google Chrome browser.


  1. What is BAP?

    BAP is the intimate currency with a fixed rate. Your BAPs will exchange to money when you view ads. The further BAP you hold on your balance, the more expensive ads you’ll receive.

  2. What’s your referral program?

    You’ll receive 4 of purchases(Baps, packages) by your referrals, as well as 3 of the amount they make by viewing ads.They add commissions to reinvest balance.

  3. How to get an income from packages?

    Earnings from packages accrued automatically. They added profit from packages to your balances every day. To benefit from packages, you don’t require doing anything. Profit from bundles accrued automatically. It added profit from packages to your balances every day. To benefit from packages, you don’t require doing anything.

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