BuzzBreak App Review 5 Easy Tricks To Make Money

BuzzBreak App Review | 5 Easy Tricks To Make Money


If you are looking for easy ways to earn extra cash, there’s an app called BuzzBreak.
BuzzBreak is a GPT app that will pay you for watching videos and reading articles. It offers a straightforward way to earn. Is it a convenient and easy way to make money, suitable? This BuzzBreak review will tell you all you need to know exactly what to expect from it before you even download the app. That way, you can sufficiently determine if it is an app worth using or not.

What Is BuzzBreak App?

BuzzBreak is an app that you can download on Google PlayStore. As they mention, you can read news from well-known websites and earn points. Later, you can redeem these points for cash. There are over 300k downloads and some payment proofs. Most user reviews of BuzzBreak are positive. It’s easy to install and use the app to work for most users.

How To Make Money With BuzzBreak App?

To understand how well you can earn from this app, we must look closely at its earning opportunities.

1. Make Money by Reading articles at BuzzBreak App.

One method you can make money from this app is by reading articles. So, what they are claiming on their homepage is true. You get paid to read the news.

It works because when you click on an article, it will take you to the site that hosts it. You will then visit a Gift icon on the right side of your screen.

You will see it loading, stopping at a certain point. To continue the loading procedure, it will request you to scroll down the article.

You have to follow the instructions of the gift icon. You don’t even have to read the article.

You can watch the gift icon to see if it is loading. It will ask you to scroll down to claim your reward when fully loaded.

Once you do that, a message will pop up showing that you’ve earned points – the exact number of issues can vary from article to article and country.
But overall, that’s how comfortable it is to do.

2. Make Money by Watching videos at BuzzBreak App.

The process for earning while watching videos is the same as reading articles. Just pick a video to manage and monitor the gift icon.

When the icon completes loading, you will get a specific number of points. You can stop watching the video and move on to the next.

Again, you don’t have to pay attention to the video because if you want to earn, you must check the gift icon.

But I think some of their videos are funny and interesting. So, it’s a fantastic method to pass the time and entertain.

3. Make Money by Periodic gifts at BuzzBreak App.

When you log in to the app, you can claim points periodically by clicking the gift icon on the right side of your screen.

Every 30 seconds, the app will allow you to claim points without doing anything.

So basically, you can sit there for 25 minutes (because you can only claim points 50 times a day), click the gift icon every 30 seconds, and claim 150 points.

However, from what I have been able to find out, it does not seem like the gift every 30-seconds is available in all countries, but they are not clear about which countries it is available in.

There’s also another gift you can swear every hour. It is worth more than the 30-second one; you will discover another gift icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. It doesn’t have the same loading animation as the 30-second one.

But you will see a timer showing when you will assert the gift. Click the icon when it offers the gift icon and not a timer.

It will then play a video ad that you have to watch. Wait for the ad to quit playing, and you will gain points.

4. Make Money by Daily check-in + Spin and win at BuzzBreak App.

You will also receive additional rewards for logging in to the app daily.

This gift can claim once a day, and it will happen during your first log in for the day. You don’t have to do anything special to avail yourself of this reward.

You can also play their Spin and Win game every day. Every day, you bring two free options to spin the spin.

Inviting other people to join the site can give you more chances to spin.

You will wind up to $10 in this game. So, if you plan to use this app, make sure not to forget to play it every day.

5. Make Money by Referral program at BuzzBreak App.

Like most GPT sites and apps, BuzzBreak has a referral program you can use. Invite someone to join the app utilising your invite code.

Once they download and install the app, they must enter your invite code. Remind them of this because this is the best method you will accept the referral reward.

When they sign up as a member, they will then receive a referral bonus in the currency’s form of the country they live in.

How do you get paid at BuzzBreak App?

BuzzBreak uses a point system for its rewards. You can transform the points you’ve made into cash via PayPal. In some countries, PayPal is not available, but there will be different alternatives you can select from.

One thousand points are worth $0.01 (this does, however, seem to vary from country to country). The threshold you require withdrawing your profits is only $5. That’s a shallow threshold.

I believe the app has a very suitable payment method in place. I especially like that it pays via PayPal the most convenient method available today.

How Much Can You Earn from BuzzBreak App?

Well, you can make as many points as you want. But then also it is very cheap.

Earning your first 30000 points will bring you from 3 days to 5 days.

But the trick is that you can invite your friends or share a buzz break and earn as big as, 45000 points. Sounds good, right?


  1. Does BuzzBreak have a limit?

    The thing with BuzzBreak is, that indeed though you’re suitable to earn rewards actually easily, it actually sets a daily limitation for every user. So, you will not be qualified to earn a lot from it. They do not say this in their app but you’ll just be able to claim rewards 50 times a day.

  2. How much can you earn in BuzzBreak per day?

    Buzzbreak will offer you points that you can convert to cash via PayPal or Gcash. Unlike utmost reward apps, it has a really low minimum cash out of just$0.02. You can also cash out$0.10 (,000 points) or$0.50 (,000 points).

  3. Is BuzzBreak available in PC?

    BlueStacks approves you to run thousands of Android apps and games on Windows and macOS computers with no difficulties. BuzzBreak is one of these applications You can review all the gave content on big monitors, and make your browsing experience much more useful and soft by using your keyboard and mouse.

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