Chainflix review 2 Easy Ways to Make Money on Chainflix

Chainflix review | 2 Easy Ways to Make Money on Chainflix


Do you discover yourself spending hours and hours watching videos on the internet?
If so, there’s a site you might be interested in called Chainflix. This site declares you can gain cryptocurrency for watching videos.

So, if you pay a lot of time watching videos on the internet, why not make money? Before you go ahead and sign up, I recommend you read this Chainflix review first, since I will be sharing an honest look at what this site offers.

What is Chainflix?

ChainFlix is a powerful blockchain-based P2P video streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their content, time, and steps.

ChainFlix plans to solve the problems in the present video streaming industry via a revolutionary process.

What is the Chainflix Ecosystem?

Chainflix is a user-centric P2P video-sharing platform. Other ecosystem players can contribute to the Chainflix platform for CFX bonuses. The ecosystem has viewers, content enhancers, content creators, storage providers, and advertisers. Chainflix is starting a new realm of communicating economy by reducing working costs via our novel platform architecture.

How to make money on Chainflix?

1. Make money by Watching videos

As mentioned earlier, one way to earn from Chainflix is to watch videos on the platform. However, before you can make money from this platform, you will have to complete the KYC process on the site.

If you don’t already know, KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a process of verifying your identity typically used by entities in the investment industry or websites with their cryptocurrency. It usually involves filling out a form and providing a photo of your selected document.
You can use your passport, driver’s license, or residency visa to conclude the KYC procedure.

When you select an option, you will have to take a photo of the document you choose and upload it to the site. There will be guidelines you need to follow when taking an image of the paper. Make sure you observe all the teachings provided.

Once you’ve submitted all the requirements, you must wait for Chainflix to approve your submission. It often brings a day or two for your application to be approved. Once approved, you can start making CFXT, the name of the cryptocurrency Chainflix is using.

To earn CFXT, decide any videos posted on the site or their app (I will talk more about the app later). When you click a video, you will instantly see the coins presented for watching the video on the right side of the title. However, you won’t precisely earn all the coins displayed because a portion will go to the owner of the video.

You see, 55% of the coins offered will be sent to the video owner, while you will earn 45%. So, for example, if a video displays it is worth 1 CFXT when you watch it, you will accept 0.45 CFXT, and the remaining 0.55 will go to the video proprietor.

That’s how their compensation works. The number of CFXT presented per video will depend on the video size. The longer it is, the more profitable CFXT you will produce. You have to watch the video to make the CFXT fully.

If for some cause, you forgot that you’ve already watched a video, you will instantly know it by only looking at the section for the CFXT coins made for watching it. If it says 0 CFXT, that means you’ve already watched the video and won’t make anything if you watch it again.

That’s all you need to know about how to earn from watching videos.

2. Make money by Becoming a Fixer

A Fixer is a term the site uses for someone who uploads videos on the platform. As explained earlier, video owners will earn 55% of the coins offered when a member watches it.

It is a great way to earn passive income on the platform. However, making money from this opportunity isn’t as easy as you think. As you already know, you will only earn if someone watches your video. If nobody cares about it, you won’t get compensated.

The strategy for this earning method is the one YouTuber’s use: upload interesting videos or videos related to any trending topic.

Before becoming a Flixer, you must apply for the position. And to do that, you must go through the KYC process first. When all that is done, you have to follow the instructions provided during the application process.

I didn’t try this feature out since I did not plan to become a Flixer because this kind of opportunity takes a lot of time to become profitable, and I prefer posting videos on my YouTube channel. So, I can’t tell you the exact details about becoming a Fixer. That said, Chainflix does a good job guiding people on what to do. So, you shouldn’t encounter any issues when applying to become a Fixer.

How do you get paid?

As I’ve said earlier, you will only make cryptocurrency on Chainflix. So, if you like to make cash, this is not for you.

Before signing up on Chainflix, you should first make sure you have a crypto wallet that can support CFXT. Once you have that, you will now be able to withdraw your earnings from Chainflix anytime you want, since they don’t have a payout threshold you need to reach to withdraw your earnings.

That’s the good thing about this site. You can withdraw your earnings quickly. If you are interested in more sites that pay in cryptocurrency and will also allow you to withdraw your earnings rapidly, I recommend you check out the top places to earn Bitcoin for free.

How much money can you make?

Your earnings from Chainflix will depend on how much time you invest in it. As explained, the easiest way to make money from this site is to watch videos, which will take a lot of time.

Plus, the amount of CFXT you can earn will depend on the video length you watch. But since it will reward you with cryptocurrency, it will be hard to figure out how much you can earn since the monetary value of CFXT will change regularly.

Overall though, I would say it doesn’t have a high earning potential and isn’t the most efficient way to earn. The time-to-money ratio isn’t that good. That’s why I would only recommend you join this site if you like watching videos.

There are better options if you are purely looking for ways to earn extra cash.

Who can join Chainflix?

In my opinion, the best thing about Chainflix is that it is available globally. You can register as a member yet of where you live. You simply have to be at least 15 years of age to register.

But, as explained earlier, you will need to go through the KYC process to get paid. And for that, you will require your passport or driver’s license.

Signing up is also very easy. As shown in the photo above, you can sign up using your Google, Facebook, Naver, or Kakao accounts. Alternatively, you can use your email address and password to sign up.

After registering, I highly recommend you complete the KYC first to start earning as soon as possible.


Chainflix is a legit app that pays you for watching videos. There is no earning boundary, but you must be ready to watch videos for 20 to 21 hours to declare $1. You can play the videos in the background of your computer, making things comfortable.

Overall, it’s a proper app to make a few extra dollars as a side payment. I’ll suggest using the platform if you fit the requirements noted above.


  1. Is the ChainFlix app legit?

    Chainflix is a Peer-to-Peer blockchain-based video streaming platform that lets you make money by watching videos. It is a legit platform since you can make it from watching videos.

  2. Where does the ChainFlix app work?

    ChainFlix app works all over the world.

  3. Is Chainflix worth using?

    That depends on you. If you check yes for the options below, then Chainflix is worth using.

    You must use a computer all day to play videos in the background.

    Must have an active Wi-Fi connection, or you will be at a considerable loss.

    You must share your passport for KYC and be helpful to take the annoyance of withdrawing.

    Playing a further video every 15-20 minutes shouldn’t annoy you.

    It works for me because I write for 12 to 14 hours daily. It might work for you as well.

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