Earnsanity Review 6 Best Ways To Make Money From Earnsanity
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Earnsanity Review | 6 Best Ways To Make Money From Earnsanity


Earnsanity is a reliable website to make money online. There are many Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites online that you can make money from in your extra time. However, you cannot depend on all of them.

This Earnsanity review will look at how you can earn from Earnsanity and consider whether it is legit.

What is Earnsanity?

When you first visit Earnsanity, it quickly becomes apparent that it is a GPT (get-paid-to site) where you supposedly can earn by taking surveys and doing other micro online tasks.

Sites like this can be a great way to make some extra cash. But I always look deeper into what each site offers because scams exist.

You rarely see the GPT site take feedback seriously and react quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised by this and this. So this indicates you can now visit the site was founded in September 2018. So it is still a rather new site.

You rarely see the GPT site take feedback seriously and react quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised by this and this. So this means you can now see the site was established in September 2018. So it is even a relatively new site.

How To Make Money From Earnsanity.

1. Make money by Paid surveys.

Paid surveys are one of the most useful methods to earn money from GPT websites. Earnsanity has a section with various survey routers. The great thing about survey routers is that they allow you to complete many surveys. Just note that you need to be patient on survey routers to find a survey you qualify for.

2. Make money by Watch videos.

Another opportunity you can make from GPT websites, like Earnsanity, is watching videos. I do not always recommend this option because its rewards are meager.

3. Make money by Referral.

You can also make money from Earnsanity by inviting friends and adored ones to join the site. You will earn a commission when you refer anyone and sign up on the platform.

4. Make money by Offer walls.

Like most other GPT Get-Paid-To sites, Earnsanity also has an offer wall division. This section will discover other surveys you can complete for extra money. There are a respectable amount of offer walls on the Earnsanity website, and more offer walls are being counted regularly.

However, the number of offer walls on the platform is less than that found on other GPT sites, like ClixSense.

However, if you like the available options on Earnsanity, you can check out the offer walls because they are a great way to increase your earnings if you stumble on the right offers.

5. Make money by Daily free reward.

Earnsanity offers a short, comfortable opportunity via which you can make a few free points every day. This option is known as the “Daily Reward.” To make these points, you need to click the “claim” button, and you will get your points. You can only do this onetime every day.

You will obtain 100 gems (Earnsanity’s currency) from this option. It may sound like a lot, but it is just about $0.01. So, you cannot get rich from this task. However, it brings just a few seconds to make these points. So if you discover yourself on the site, you can benefit from this opportunity to make free points.

6. Make money through Free contests.

Earnsanity operates contests that partners can participate in on their Twitter page. They run these contests for other products. The requirement for these competitions is to retweet and follow, tag one friend, and drop a review about the forum on TrustPilot.

If you complete these stages, you will be able to participate in a draw where you can win a prize. It explains why Earnsanity has a lot of reviews on Trustpilot. However, they do not compel you to leave a specific type of review. You can go to a review explaining your experience with them.

How to Register With Earnsainity?

Earnsanity is available worldwide and is free to join.

To become a member, you must sign up with your Google account, which is very straightforward.

Unfortunately, there is no different registration process apart from Google. So, if you utilize another email provider like Yahoo, I’m scared you won’t be able to log in.

By the way, don’t ignore reading the terms of service to be notified of the rules and other appropriate information.

How do you get paid on Earnsanity?

You can get paid in five other methods. Your payout strategy will select your minimum point. The different payout procedures include the following:

PayPal: Earnsanity plans to include this payment method in its system.

Cryptocurrencies: The website pays through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Lite Coin. The minimum threshold for these kinds of payment procedures is $2.

Amazon gift cards: You must make at least 50,000 gems (which can be transformed to $5) before ordering a payout via this payment method.

OPSkins: The minimum threshold for this payment strategy is $1, and they will transfer your payments to your account.

Kinguin gift cards: You can request your gift card when you have made at least $3.

Payment processing for these payment methods brings about 24 hours.


  1. Can you get support?

    Having access to support is very important on any online survey website. The website has an ‘About page which means you can contact them. Some reviews that I came across indicated that the site brings support especially.

  2. Are there alternatives to Earnsanity?

    Some options to Earnsanity contain Prizerebel, Offernation, and LifePonts. You can also click here for additional, more suitable alternative GPT and online survey sites.

  3. How long does the withdrawal process take?

    According to the details received from their website, the withdrawal procedure takes about 24 hours.

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