ClipClaps Application Review 6 Easy Ways to Earn Money

ClipClaps Application Review | 6 Easy Ways to Earn Money


You can use many mobile apps to make money if you are looking for a suitable way to make a bit of cash. One such app is called ClipClaps.ClipClaps is a GPT app that pays you for watching videos. If you are looking for fun ways to make money, ClipClaps can be an excellent choice.

What is the ClipClaps app?

ClipClaps is a free-to-join smartphone App available on Apple apps and the Google Play Store. From their website, Grand Channel Entertainment Limited reserves the right, thus confirming how this company is the one behind this earning application which is explained as Cash for Laughs. And indeed, it is a cash-for-laughs app since it lets you watch your favorite videos as you laugh while getting paid for every second you watch.

Once you download ClipcClaps for PC or install the mod Apk app on your smartphone, you can make your account using a Google or Facebook account. Choose your gender, pick a surname, upload your profile picture, and tap next to select the content you’re interested in.
You can also start making money by clicking the rewards button. As a new user, checking in day-to-day for the first 7 days guarantees up to$1.50 free money. You can also get the ClipClaps free for$40 and earn more using the redeem code.

But of course, how to make money fast in ClipClaps depends on how you operate the app. They include Rotating the wheel, a lucky roll, watching videos, playing games, playing raffle, referring others to join, and more. All these day-to-day tasks are created to allow you to make more and more money, which is why ClipClaps is one of the finest make-money apps.

Make money from ClipClaps Application

Make money by watching videos at ClipClaps Application.

The primary earning method offered by ClipClaps is by watching videos. When you install ClipClaps, you can watch a lot of comic videos. They highlight laughter because all you can see are funny videos.

It works when you watch videos. Your timer bar loads.
You will see the timer bar count towards your next reward as you watch a video.
The more videos you watch in a day, the more seconds you usually have to watch to reach the next prize chest.

After making a few prize chests, you will usually get on every 4 minutes of video you watch. So, it will bring some patience in the long run.

Once a timer bar is complete, a new one will appear with new time markers. You should watch videos until you hit the time markers on each timer bar. And the good thing is that ClipClaps won’t run out of videos to watch.

But if there aren’t any new videos, you can rewatch any video, and the bar will still load.

There’s a lid to the videos you can watch daily, though. Every day, you can only watch 1 hour’s value of videos.

Make money by voting for videos at ClipClaps Application.

You also have the chance to vote for recently updated videos.

This feature is, however, not available right away. Be an operative member for at least a day before you get access to this.

Once you access it, you can watch the newest videos and vote whether you think they are funny.

It decides which videos will display in the main feed.

You will also get treasure chests for doing this, earning them faster. But the rewards are not relatively as high as for watching regular videos.

But an excellent extra option to earn a bit, see the newest videos, and decide which it should feature which ones.

Make money by Play games at ClipClaps Application.

Another way to make money from ClipClaps is by playing games found inside the app. When you are in the ClipClaps app, you will provide access to a few games that will allow you to earn rewards.
The idea is straightforward. Just play any of the games listed. Each game allows you to earn ClipClaps coins (their currency). All you have to do is complete the requirement to get the cash.

However, you need to know that you will have to spend coins to play most games, which is more like gambling.

Make money by Upload videos at ClipClaps Application.

You can also submit your videos and earn from them. However, allow ClipClaps to review your video offer.

You can make money from it if they select to feature it. You will notice if the video you submitted will become featured.

Now, if it reaches featured, you will make coins for every view your video earns. Think of it as a passive method of making money. It is a good target because you can earn many coins from this opportunity, and it doesn’t take much time.

But you must be creative with your submitted videos because judges will rate them. You need to remember when uploading videos they should engage, positive, and fun to watch. That should be your policy if you want your videos to be featured.

Make money by Invite Friends at ClipClaps Application.

Another way to make money is by inviting your friends o join ClipClaps via Facebook, WhatsApp, or another social media network. You can also have your friends scan through QR Share.

For each friend that signs up to ClipClaps, you will earn a diamond chest.

Now, if your referral logs in 24 hours after sign-up, you will get an additional chest. You will gain one more diamond chest if they log in for a second week.

Depending on your country, you will earn cash rewards and fabulous gifts with a diamond chest.

The downside is that ClipClaps won’t tell you how much money you will find inside a diamond chest. But you should expect anywhere between $0.20 – $0.50.

ClipClaps Application Raffles

When you open the Silver and Gold trophy chests, you’ll collect raffle ticket pieces for a chance to win cash prizes and Clap Coins. To enter a specific raffle, you must calm an individual number of ticket pieces inside the chests. Once you reach the goal, you may select a card and scratch it.ClipClaps will display the prize amount on your card!

How Do You Get Paid?

You can change your Clap coins for cash via PayPal or mobile phone renewals by clicking on your wallet at the top.

You can fix your PayPal address by going to “Me–Your name–PayPal email.

The minimal payout threshold is$10, but it’s only accessible for prepaid refills. However, it says withdrawals are now under conservation if you try to cash out$10 via PayPal.

So, if you want to get paid via PayPal, the minimum is$ 15.

Before withdrawing the money, convert your Clap Coins to cash.


  1. Is ClipClaps legit in 2022?

    The app appears legit, but you can take part in technical issues and payment delays. I used ClipClaps before this year and accepted the revenue via PayPal without problems.

  2. Is the ClipClaps app still paying?

    You already understand apps like ClipClaps will never allow you to pay your bills. It feels excellent to make a few bucks to watch videos initially. But actually, it’s a waste of time and potential!

  3. How do I contact ClipClaps?

    Please e-mail us if you want to exercise any of your rights ([email protected]).

  4. How do I install Clipclaps on my PC?

    Download the LDPlayer on your computer from Clipclap’s official website. The installation is easy and fast. It will bring a few minutes. Download the app from the Google play store and enjoy using this app.

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