Bananatic Review | 5 Ways to Make Money from Bananatic

Bananatic Review | 5 Ways to Make Money from Bananatic


Bananatic is a legit option if you want to earn extra by playing games and watching videos. There are always offers available, but the downside is that the rewards are pretty low. But if you like playing games and watching videos, this site can be a decent option.
But is Bananatic legit and fun to earn by playing games or wasting time?

Let me reveal that Bananatic is a legit GPT site that will pay you for playing games and watching videos.

What is Bananatic, and what does it offer?

As already said above, Bananatic is a GPT website that will reward you for playing games. Usually, GPT sites will invite you to complete offers that involve responding to surveys and other small tasks.

But Bananatic is a bit more unique. Rather than those kinds of offers, it will invite you to play games. They also have other ways for you to earn rewards by watching videos.

To understand the potential of this GPT site, let’s inspect how you can earn rewards from this site by playing games and watching videos.

Make money by playing games at Bananatic.

The preliminary way you can make money is by playing games.

Once you finish the registration, you can log in to the site and view all the games you can play.
Each game has an affiliated reward. To receive the bonus, complete a specific requirement. Most requirements will ask you to achieve a certain level or finish a quest.

If you are into games, you will probably enjoy making money from this site. It is their equivalent of paid offers. Instead of signing up for a place or answering a survey, they will ask you to play games.

Once you meet the game’s requirements, the reward will be credited to your Bananatic account.

Make money by watching videos at Bananatic.

Bananatic also lets you make money by watching videos.

When you reach the Watch Videos section of Bananatic, you must click the play button and start watching the video. You will then notice a timer in the video.

The timer will describe the number of bananas you have earned from watching videos. Every moment you spend watching a video will let the timer run.

The longer you watch videos, the more bananas you will make. I think it will take quite a long time to get a banana. Spend roughly 1000 seconds to make one banana.

So, it isn’t a very efficient way to make money on the site. You will be more suitable for spending your time playing games or completing offers on their offer walls.

Bananatic Referral Program

You can also refer friends and others to the site to earn rewards.
Their referral program is pretty simple. You can make €1 for each person you refer and register to become a member. They have to earn at least 500 bananas before accepting the €1.

It’s a pretty simple process. All you have to do to refer a friend is give them your referral link. You can also invite people to join Bananatic via Facebook and Twitter.

Bananatic Cashback Offers

Bananatic also offers cash back rewards that allow you to be rewarded with bananas (the currency they use, hence the name).

Most offers will let you get a specific number of bananas per Euro you spend on buying from their partner store.


As a member of Bananatic, you even make money by adding entries to their Bananapedia. You can do that by writing an article or making a video.

If you decide to make a video, upload the video via YouTube and link your YouTube account to Bananatic. You will earn 100 bananas per article if you are an immediate member.

If you are a premium partner, you will receive 200 bananas. And if you are a master member, you will accept 500 bananas. Apart from the bananas, you will receive experience points to boost your account.

How Can You Get Started With Bananatic?

Getting started with Bananatic brings a few minutes at most.

You can start by hitting the big “Join Now” button on the front page.

Then you can register an account with your email or log in with your Facebook or Google account, as you can see below.

How Much Can You Earn With Bananatic?

As with another GPT site, the more you take part, the more money you make. If you’re into gaming, you won’t need a lot of motivation to keep you on the site. However, if gaming isn’t your thing, earning opportunities will be limited.

The site is mainly for gamers, and it’s, therefore, gamers who are more likely to earn the most.

You cannot make a full-time income with this site or any other GPT site. However, a considerable time commitment could provide you with a reasonable second income for activities you enjoy.

The best way to come to this site would be to enjoy the activities and see the income reached as a nice bonus,

Cashing Out With Bananatic

The minimum withdrawal limit is $5 (2,500 bananas). You can exchange your bananas for gift cards, digital keys, a steam wallet, computer merchandise, or PayPal cash rewards.

You may even cash out in terms of game money, which you can use to make in game-purchases. Supported gift card options include Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify, among many others.


  1. Is Bananatic a scam?

    Bananatic is not a fraud, but a legit website that rewards.

  2. Is Bananatic safe?

    Yes. Bananatic does not share or sell your confidential info to third parties without your permission.

  3. How can I get in touch with Bananatic customer service?

    If you have any problems with your Bananatic account, you can send them a message via the contact form.

  4. How do I add a topic to the Bananatic forum?

    Go to the “forum” section and choose one category that catches your attention. You can contact other users via the forum if you have more queries.

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