Dice Go – Make 100% Easy Money By Playing Android Games

Dice Go – Make 100% Easy Money By Playing Android Games


Discover Dice Go, a thrilling free-to-play Android game crafted with Unity. Roll the dice, navigate the colorful board, and collect virtual dollars. Reach $450 to cash out real money via popular payment platforms. Unlock exciting features like the lucky scratch and lucky wheel. Win dazzling prizes in the gift center by gathering puzzle pieces. Ger Dice Go now for an immersive gaming experience with rewards and adventures.

What is Dice Go?

Dice Go is an Android game available for free on the Google Play Store. Developed using the powerful Unity platform, it offers a straightforward, engaging gameplay experience.

In Dice Go, players tap the screen to roll a pair of virtual dice, sending their character on an exciting journey across a vibrant game board. Each square on the board presents different opportunities for players to collect virtual dollars, adding a unique twist to the classic board game concept.

What sets Dice Go apart is its intriguing claim that players can cash out real money once they accumulate $450 in their in-game balance. This feature provides an exciting incentive for players to continue their gameplay, as they can choose from various payment options such as PayPal, Cash App, PayTm, and more to receive their earnings.

Dice Go also includes a gift center where players can earn dazzling prizes through gaming. This adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards for dedicated players.

Overall, Dice Go combines simple gameplay mechanics with the potential for real-money rewards and enticing prizes, making it an engaging and enjoyable mobile gaming experience for Android users.

How Does Dice Go Work?

Dice Go is available for download worldwide on the Google Play Store, making it accessible to Android users across the globe. It can be easily installed on any compatible Android device.

One of the notable features of Dice Go is that it does not have any in-app purchases or registration requirements. This means that once you have downloaded and installed the game, you can immediately jump into the gameplay without any additional steps. After accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you’re ready to start playing.

To prioritize user privacy and security, the developer of Dice Go assures players that data encryption measures are in place. This helps protect the personal information and gameplay data of users. Additionally, the game allows users to delete their data if they choose to, giving players control over their personal information and the ability to manage their data as they see fit.

These aspects contribute to creating a user-friendly and privacy-conscious experience for players of Dice Go.

How to Play Dice Go and Earn?

In Dice Go, the gameplay revolves around a vibrant game board where your character embarks on an adventure based on the roll of two dice. You roll the dice and move your character by simply tapping the screen.

How to Play Dice Go and Earn?

Landing on the banknote symbol rewards you with cash in the game. Other locations on the board also trigger exciting features such as the lucky scratch, lucky wheel, or slots, which can lead to even bigger wins.

One notable aspect of Dice Go is that the dice rolls appear to be genuinely random, giving the game a fair and unbiased feel. Unlike some similar games, there is no indication that the dice rolls are rigged.

To further entice players, the game offers a “claim” button that allows you to double your winnings by watching advertisements. This clever strategy maximizes video views for the developer, resulting in increased revenue from advertisements.

Occasionally, players may hit a “Big Win,” which presents them with a jackpot that includes cash, tokens, and even puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces can be collected to unlock prizes in the gift center, ranging from coveted items like a PS5, an iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy devices, Bitcoin, and even the latest iPhone models such as the iPhone 13.

These enticing prizes add an extra layer of excitement and motivation for players to continue playing and collecting puzzle pieces to claim their desired rewards in the game’s gift center.

Dice Go Withdrawing Funds.

In Dice Go, the ultimate goal is to accumulate a minimum balance of $450 to cash out your earnings. Once you reach this threshold, you can access the cash wallet within the game.

Dice Go Withdrawing Funds.

To cash out, enter the cash wallet and select your preferred payment method from the available options. Common payment methods like PayPal, Cash App, PayTm, and others are supported. After selecting your payment method, you must provide the necessary account details as requested. You can submit your cash-out request once you have filled in the required information.

Regarding the prizes in the gift section, players must collect at least 50 fragments corresponding to each specific award. These fragments can be earned through gameplay, such as landing on certain squares on the game board or achieving certain milestones. Once you have gathered enough fragments, you can redeem them to claim the corresponding prize in the gift section.

By accumulating a sufficient balance for cashing out and collecting the required number of fragments for prizes, Dice Go offers players the opportunity to convert their in-game success into real-world rewards and winnings.


  1. Is Dice Go available on iOS devices?

    Dice Go is currently available only for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

  2. Does Dice require any in-app purchases?

    No, Dice Go does not have any in-app purchases. The game can be downloaded and played for free without additional purchases.

  3. How can I cash out my earnings in Dice Go?

    To cash out your earnings in Dice Go, you must accumulate a balance of at least $450. Once you reach this amount, you can enter the cash wallet within the game, select your preferred payment method (such as PayPal, Cash App, or PayTm), input your account details, and submit your cash-out request.

  4. Are the dice rolls in Dice Go random?

    Yes, the dice rolls in Dice Go are designed to be genuinely random. Unlike some similar games, rigged dice rolls are not indicated, providing a fair and unbiased gaming experience.

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