Ember Fund App Review 6 Easy Ways to Earn & Mine Bitcoin
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Ember Fund App Review: 6 Easy Ways to Earn & Mine Bitcoin


Do you want to know how to earn easy passive income with the Ember Fund app and if it’s worth it? Then this article is for you. In this Ember Fund review, I will tell you exactly how it works. I will also share with you how I earned from it.

What is Ember Fund?

Ember Fund is more than just a mining app. Ember Fund is a crypto portfolio management app with bitcoin mining features and other ways to earn bitcoins without investment. The mining feature was the only free way to make, but you can now earn in different ways.

Who Can Join At Ember Fund.

Let’s start by reviewing who can join Ember Fund, an app you can download for Android and iOS devices.

Who Can Join At Ember Fund.

Get this app is free, and you can join from many countries. There are certain countries it’s not allowed in a few countries, but it is less available worldwide. And if you do decide to join, you can get a bonus for your earnings there if you join through an invitation link.

1. Make Money By Mining Free Bitcoin At Ember Fund.

So, when you log into the Ember Fund app, there are several ways to earn here. You can also invest with the earnings. We’ll go over all that, but the easiest way is to use this mining option. Go to the Earn tab, and then all you need to do is click to start earning Bitcoin. That’s all you need to do. Just click it. Then, it will just take a little time. Then, an ad will play, and you will see that you will earn automatically.

But usually, the ad here is 10 to 30 seconds. So you’ll just be right back once the ad is over. So when the ad is over and just loading here a bit, you will see it will start counting in just a biting. Then you can see the Satoshis that you earn per hour, and that’s it.

1. Make Money By Mining Free Bitcoin At Ember Fund.

Now, you close down the app, and it will just run. You will earn in the background without doing anything else. It’s super easy, so just set a reminder for yourself; go in every 24 hours, click it, and then it will earn passively in the background. The standard rate here is that you will earn one set or one Satoshi, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. You are making real Bitcoin here that you can invest in to earn even more or take it out if you want to.

2. Make Money By Boosting Your Earnings From Ember Fund?

There are different ways where you can earn more and boost. One of the easiest ways is actually to join through an invitation link. I’ve got a unique invitation link that can give you a bonus of up to six times. So, you can get six instead of earning one as a base Satoshi per hour. But the exact boost you will get will vary from country to country.

So, in some countries, you will get one extra. So that will double the base rate. In others, it will be six Satoshi you earn per hour instead. So it will be a six-time what you usually get just from joining through an invitation link. The exact boost, as mentioned, will vary from country to country.

3. Make Money By Participating In Free Contests From Ember Fund.

Let’s go over other options called play and invest, where you can earn more. So, this play option is another excellent way to make or win potentially. You can see there are tournaments here at the top. We have different tournaments.  So your chances of winning are higher, the rewards are higher. You need to finish here in four hours there, and then it starts, and then you can see that you can get a balance, and then there’s a  prize pool here.

3. Make Money By Participating In Free Contests From Ember Fund.

Then, you enter the tournament and see that the best-performing portfolio by a specific date will win. So it’s where you can play that you’re investing because it’s not real money. It’s free to participate in. You watch an ad, and then you can join in this and get a chance to win real money by participating in all these. You can see the exact rules and all that, but it is something to check out also if you want to participate in some of the ones with an entry fee.

Furthermore, you can do that. I’ll leave that up to you to decide if you have the skills. That can also be a way to earn more. But of course, you also risk losing something. But there are many free tournaments where you watch some ads, and then you can participate and get a chance to win. So, it’s also a great option. 

Here is the play option. You can also go to tasks, and here you can find, for example, surveys where you can earn in Bitcoin. You can take out what you want, do with what you want, and invest in micro tasks, and that can also be a way to boost your earnings here actively.

4. Make Money Through Surveys And Micro Tasks From Ember Fund.

The surveys and the microtask work like any other surveys and microtask.

4. Make Money Through Surveys And Micro Tasks From Ember Fund.

You follow the instructions. For the surveys, you answer the qualifications questions. If you qualify, you get paid once you complete it. The micro-tasks are the same; you need to read the instructions and go through them, and then you will get paid. The rewards you get for it here are quite decent for your time compared to many other platforms where you can find earning options.

But there’s also one way to earn more if you want to invest a little bit. You don’t have to invest your own money. You can invest your earnings from here. We’ll talk about what else you can do with your earnings in just a bit. But let’s go over this action method where you can potentially grow your crypto holdings if you’re interested.

5. Make Money By Investing In Crypto From Ember Fund.

There is also an investment option. And this is where you can invest in different portfolios or coins. They also have top movers, so you can go through that and invest in different options. You can read all about it. They have different portfolios they have put together, and then if you want to invest something, you can do that, and you can potentially get gains. But this is like investing in crypto. You can also do it here. You can see it in single coins if you want to; this can be an interesting way to do it with a portfolio.

5. Make Money By Investing In Crypto From Ember Fund.

But of course, when it comes to crypto, if you invest in it, it is a volatile market. It is at your own risk if you decide to do it. So you know, I’m not a financial advisor; that’s something you need to decide for yourself. But now, you know, the option is here. The great thing is that you don’t have to put in your own money. You can transfer money here and use it if you want to. If you like it, you can start small and test it. If you like more, you can invest more. That’s up to you.

6. Make Money By Predictions From Ember Fund.

Ember Fund’s latest addition to its array of earning options is called “Predictions.” In this feature, users can attempt to forecast the outcome of current events by responding with a simple yes or no to specific statements. Winning predictions result in monetary rewards.

6. Make Money By Predictions From Ember Fund.

While engaging and entertaining, it’s important to note that participating in prediction games typically involves a nominal entry fee, usually around $0.01. Although the fee is relatively small, it introduces an element of risk, as unsuccessful predictions lead to the loss of the entry fee.

The potential winnings are not explicitly defined and depend on various factors, including the number of participants who correctly predict the outcome. It’s advisable to approach this feature with the understanding that the financial gains may be insignificant. Still, the experience can be enjoyable for those who appreciate the thrill of predictions, provided they are mindful of the associated entry fee and potential losses.

How Do You Get Paid From Ember Fund?

Once you’ve earned enough, you can redeem your rewards. You’ll wait, and then it will come into your wallet here. You can take it out. Furthermore, you can do what you want with it. So you can see it does pay. But how do you get it out if you don’t want to invest it? If you don’t want to have it inside the Ember Fund app? Let’s also talk about that. So you can go to your profile, and then you can see it here.

How Do You Get Paid From Ember Fund?

This is where you can deposit funds if you want to deposit more too, for example, invest. This is the wallet I have. This is where the earnings that you get here have been transferred. It’ll be transferred into this once you redeem, and you can click this wallet here if you want to transfer it from the Ember Fund app. And here, you can see where you can transfer it to an external wallet if you want to.

This is how you do it. You can take it out to any Bitcoin wallet you want to transfer into cash or whatever you want with it. That is completely up to you. But the most important thing is to know that you can see, you can get the Satoshis you earn there daily passively or more actively if you were to participate in some tournaments and all that. Then you can take it out if you decide to do that. 


So, as you know, the Ember Fund is a way to earn without any investment. And if you want to invest, you can also do that. It has some different options for that. But that is, of course, at your own risk if you decide to do that. You can also take the earnings you earn there and invest them if you want to get started with crypto that way. But no matter what, I think it’s a really easy way to earn some extra Bitcoin.

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